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Cyberpunk Neon theme for Discord, transparent version (custom background allowed)

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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 2022-01-11

I love this great addon for discord, makes it more lively :D
Unfortunately from just today I have encountered a problem where the background isn't loading properly as it's only just the dark turquoise color; no mountains. I have tried reinstalling this script on Tampermonkey and Stylus multiple times but it's no use. It would be great to have the background back to normal as it looked SICK!

I also have a similar problem, please let me know if there's a fix on this. Thanks in advance!

Posted: 2022-01-20

I've pushed an update that should fix the transparent version. Please update the style and refresh the cache if it isn't working after that.

Regards, Roboron.

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