Twitter - Bring the Reply Counter Back (OBSOLETE)

Shows an accurate count of replies, retweets, and likes for the currently selected tweet.

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This stylesheet no longer works. Twitter blocked the way it got its information.

Old information below...

This stylesheet makes the reply count visible for the currently active Tweet. Now you can easily see if you or someone is being ratioed and by how much. This only needs Stylus to work and it doesn't involve tampermonkey or injecting javascript. (If you do want something that adds the reply counter using javascript, then check out this userscript here.)

If you have retweeted or liked the tweet, then you'll also see "Liked" or "Retweeted" spelled out along with the counts. I can't do anything about that since this is just a simple CSS stylesheet. It's not a bug you have to tell me about, nor is it something I can fix. The text is all coming from the website itself, made to be read aloud by accessibility software for the visually impaired, and I'm just using a simple trick to make it appear on the screen. For the same reason, I can't do anything about the "0" that appears when there's no activity on a Tweet.

NOTE: You may see scary looking "syntax errors" appear when installing/editing with Stylus, but I swear everything's fine. I think it's just an issue with that extension's built-in editor. (If you just type a space or something into the main text box, the errors all go away.)