Add non-MFC figure

Track preordered non-MFC items on collection screen

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2.4 2024-01-30

    Fixed selector for the relocated item count causing script to fail

  • v2.3 2024-01-16

    Update collection URL matcher

  • v2.2 2023-07-08

    Update sidebar append code to not rely on :last-child due to inconsistent behaviour for some people

  • v2.1 2023-05-02

    Remove pips from added figures box

  • v2.0 2023-05-02

    * Partial rewrite to remove jQuery
    * Add support for paid/shipped markers

  • v1.10 2023-04-07

    Fixed broken grouping on date views, updated style names to match renamed styles

  • v1.9 2023-04-06

    Fix changed styles with MFC update

  • v1.8 2022-10-19

    Fix for MFC changing their code (grouping is now a separate parameter to sorting)

  • v1.7 2021-10-14

    Now updates the item count when on the preorder page to include the non-MFC items in the count

  • v1.6 2021-07-19

    Added an "edit" function, so you can edit an already-added figure.
    Layout of the "Added non MFC figures" box has been changed to accommodate the extra edit functionality.

  • v1.5 2021-03-08

    Fix issue where a non-MFC figure(s) with dates furthest in the past would not get appended when ordering by date.

  • v1.4 2021-01-08 Updates to the page recognition code
  • v1.3 2020-07-28 Shouldn't apply to /collection url
  • v1.2 2020-07-19 Added the /collection/ url so that the basic collection URL will show non-MFC stuff too
  • v1.1 2020-07-19 Now only shows your additions on your own userpage when logged in, fixed bug where script would break with no sort set
  • v1.0 2020-07-16 Add licence
  • v1.0 2020-07-16