Diep.io Party link Copier (Outdated)

(Outdated) [ Press Ctrl + C to copy link ] Gets and logs the party link to the console, this script is mostly a heavily modified and stripped down version of DiepTool

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Unfortunately, diep has changed its protocol in a way that is not impossible to reverse engineer, but will be difficult to do so.

The server sends data to the client in form of packets, which contents have been shuffled in the recent diep update to prevent malicious packet editing and parsing scripts to work.

This script intercepts specific packets that diep sends to you that contains the party link, and stores it.

Due to the shuffling, the script does not know which is the party packet, and what data it contains.

I have no plans to fix this.

Diep.io in-game party link copier

You can (hopefully, if the script works) now get the party link without needing to die now..

Just press Ctrl+C while you are in game to copy the link

This script's base is heavily based off DiepTool's code by Cazka

Also contains fragments of code from Diepssect by CX


This may not work with other scripts that hijack the websocket

Most of this script is from other sources, which are marked

My own code is minimal, as I said MOST of the script is from other people's work

This is mostly just reusing other people's code and changing/simplifying it for another purpose