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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-10-06

As long as i thought it was not working anymore, i change to another script for the Youtube Music fix volume ratio, but after more tests running...

I found that THAT's BECAUSE of RUNNING multiple instance of EQs etc. which made the volume ratios become weird+BAD setting of Windows own volume!!
SO, here is a simple diagnosis guild to "correct" mistakes...?
1/ Make sure ur input works even when it is having very extreme numbers esp. in the lower regions!
2/ Testing with .x5 inputs are a must! Left the digit at least with d.pts!
3/ Don't be lazy, change the volume oven if u encounter shutters esp. on low-ended setups! (try some of the scroll to change scripts and freewares ;))
4/ Prepare for bursting exp., lower the system volmune finaaly lol
PS Prepare another ear burst when u turn all EQs on :P, rerun again...

Posted: 2021-10-06

PPS it should be adding 0.5 for this script

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