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FreeBitCoin AI auto roll - RP bonus 100-1000% - multiply - lottery - works with low & high balance -


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As you can see from the code, lot of work has been done behind this script, and lot of work has to come in the future.
Future implementtions will include Reverse Martingale, D'Alembert, Fibonacci, Labouchere, Hollanders, Oscar's grind and Whittaker strategies for multiply, that, combined, can masquerade script usage and provide lot of benefits in multiply.

It's one of the most advanced scripts in tampermonkey, and will be free forever, so supports the work!

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Script uses cookies, so some infos are saved on your local computer.
Also, script configuration and your public wallet key are sent to webserver to get advanced configurations, stats, panels, calculators and for referral program advanced panels.
Anyway, no personal datas or any confidential information are sent out by the script. Just the above specified details: config and public wallet key.
Using the script, you accept this. You can contact @danyveneno on telegram, to get more infos about this.

Auto Roll

Random wait to roll during the day, slower during the night, faster when promos are active, with a complicate system to calculate when play, to looks like a human. In low balances, captcha avoidance, paying RP, and roll.

Autonomous, tested for months. You can leave it running forever. Randomly play multiply game, Buy bonuses, Buy lottery tickets, create a status panel in the home page with all the useful infos.

It simulate a human playing, without risking loosing your account and your wallet and letting you increase your balance with multiply game.

You can also roll manually if you don't want to wait, the script will understand that
It was made in 2018 for private use. Published in 2020 with lots of hours work on it
ENG Here a video with a short desc of the script

Edit Config

ENG Here a video about changing the basic script configuration
ENG Here a video about all configuration variables explained in detail *new*
ENG Here a page with configuration explained in details, with every single variable

Specific Details

During the day, rolls waiting random times betwen 0 and 60 minutes, with more chances 0-10 minutes, few 30-60 minutes. During the night, script is slower (configurable), till 2 hours. When some promo is active, script is generally faster (configurable). You can also activate slow mode, will be really slow in rolls, but always active. You can roll manually when script is active, it will understand that.

It buys random numbers of lottery tickets, with a max configurable number, just 7% of the times, waiting random times.

It buys promo bonus, could be 1000% btc promo, or 100 RP promo. But it waits when roll is near, to avoid to lose one hour increasing bonus effectiveness a 2-5%. And it can wait N hours to buy next bonus, to avoid to have bonus always active (configurable)

It can play with low balance, when a captcha is required. But not resolving captcha (generally just expensive APIs are available, so will not implement this till something free and good come out in the market). It pays RP to play without captcha solving. Anyway, I suggest to deposit 30000 sat (5USD) on te website. It avoid captcha, and activate 4% interest on your sat

Use cookies to save infos about executions number, script winnings, RP spent, multiply winnings, etc.

It randomly close popups to simulate human interactions. Click rewards button before buy bonus, clicks lottery button before buy lottery, clicks multiply before buy multiply, etc.

Mantain a Status Panel on the homepage to update all infos about script: executions, config, winning, losings, promos RP, multiply, etc.

Log lot infos in console. You can see it with right click on the page -> inspect -> console. And configure loglevel.

Play multiply, with a high winning rating. Martingale is actually proposed (double bet on lose). Simulate auto play and simulate manual play. Play after roll, randomly. You need at least 0.0005 btc to have some chance to win in multiply.

Wait time between one game and other one (because website it's all but probably fair). If you play a lot, website decrease your winning rates. So not overcharge, patience will win. Will give you some more details on that on some future youtube video.

It has a protection against the first losing strike
generally freebitcoin punish you when you play a lot, with long losing strikes, like 15 losing in a row.
The script is capable to play after those losing strikes, to protect your wallet.
Presentation Video

Multiply conf examples can be:
base_bet = 0.0001024,
---max_bet 0.00262143 with 12 bets every 6 hours (you need at least 0.00524288 to cover 8 consecutive loses).
---max_bet 0.01048575 with 50 bets every 8 hours (you need at least 0.021 to cover 10 consecutive loses)
---max_bet 0.04194304 with 200 bets every 10 hours (12 consecutive lost covered)
>> Covering 15 consecutive losses and more, you can play 1000 bets every 24 hours generally no problem.
If you play more then 100 Max_bets,
suggested to use MARTINGALE_AUTO = true, cause doesn't have waiting times between bets.

You can ask for some playing method you'd like to implement, can see in comments I alreaddy done it for a user. if it makes sense, I'll develope and integrate it.


-A account. If you don't have one you can use this referreal:
-Tampermonkey, download the one for your browser.
-A Web Browser (tested on Chrome and Firefox)

Install HowTo

ENG Here a video with the install instructions for the script

  • Click on the "Install this Script" Button, on the top of this page (image)

  • Go to freebitcoin and create an account (if you don't have one)
  • Click on TamperMonkey Icon, and enable the script, (image)

  • Refresh the page
  • If the installation was OK, you'll see this new status box in the page (image)

  • Now leave tab open, and come back in some hours
  • On the status panel, you can see configuration, status, delays for next roll, etc

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If you need an extra feature, apart captcha solving, ask in comments