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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 2020-07-20
Edited: 2020-07-20

Hello ! I use your script on

First of all, thank you for this theme inspired by the theme "Discord" I find it really pretty.
I detected several issues and wanted to know if you have the solution.

I have attached screenshots to illustrate the situation

- First capture: when a user types the term "@" the list of people present does not appear above: do you have a solution to make it reappear?
- Second capture: When a "thread" is used in a room, the user can see the content, but the bar at the top remains white
- Third capture: when someone writes in a living room, the pseudonym is the same color as the background: we cannot read the content

thank you in advance for the job!

Posted: 2020-07-23

RocketChat seems to have had an update, I'll see what I can do to fix some of the issues

Posted: 2020-07-23


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