SoldBy - Reveal Sellers on Amazon

Shows name, country of origin and ratings for third party sellers on Amazon (and highlights Chinese sellers)

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2022-06-20
Edited: 2022-06-20

This script runs well. One suggestion I have is adding support officially. I was able to get the script running on after adding "// @match*" on line 33 but some other users who would want to use this extension on but don't know how to would be less inclined to use the script.

Tad WohlrappAuthor
Posted: 2022-06-21

Hey @dsadas dasdsa, great feedback!

I checked out and noticed that it shows the seller's name and ratings, but not their business address. On the other hand some CA sellers also have a US profile, where the address/country is displayed, but the ratings differ between the two marketplaces.

An example is here (same seller on and (Canada, 224 ratings, no business address) (USA, 1284 ratings, business address listed)

A first quick workaround would be to enable the script for, but omit fetching the country for third party sellers. I guess that's better than nothing.

In a later version maybe we could cross check to get the country but preserve the Canadian rating score. I'll have to think about the best solution to that.

Thanks again for your valuable input!


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