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Mturk PandaPush; Pushbullet/Telegram for Panda Crazy

As of 2020-10-07 05:20:49 UTC. See the latest version.

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A script that add Pushbullet/Telegram notifications to Panda Crazy accepted HIT queue

Script URL:

Run the script after opening Panda Crazy

The script allows you to receive push notifications whenever a HIT has been accepted.


For Pushbullet all you have to do is get your API Key.

To get your API Key go to the Pushbullet settings, more details here:

Insert your Pushbullet APi key and save.

Pushbullet has a limit of 500 push per month


For telegram it is necessary to create a personal bot that will be used to send messages.

To create a telegram bot you need to speak to @Botfather and follow the instructions.

Once you have created a bot you will get an API key to insert in PandaPush.

The next step is to get your chat_id, that is the ID of the chat with your newly created bot.

How to get your Telegram Chat ID:

  1. Start a chat with your newly created bot and send him some messages.
  2. Go to following url: replace XXX:YYYY with your bot token
  3. Look for “chat”:{“id”:zzzzzzzzzz}.., zzzzzzzzzz is your chat id.
  4. Insert your chat_id in PandaPush

After the first push it will be necessary to accept the connection to the telegram API through a screen of your extension that will appear, I use tampermonkey

The enable button allows you to enable or disable the notifications.

This is my first script and I wrote it quickly, be free to report bugs or problems, Enjoy!


  • 0.1: Initial version
  • 0.2: Telegram support!
  • 0.3: Small fix