HTML5 video player enhanced script (EN)

Translated from Chinese to English!

Vlad imir
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4.2.0 (3.3.10)
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Many people do not understand Chinese, and any of you would like to see everything in English. I translated for you and did it in English language!
Default language is RUSSIAN.
Added keyboard shortcut list

UPDATED: Added settings for script

About script
I started translating from the original Chinese into English and Russian script "HTML5 video player enhanced script" of the author "ankvps" on 2020-04-23.
The original script written by the author: ankvps.
Script link:

How to change to english?
1. - After instalation, go to menu "Script settings"
2. - Change to "English", save it
3. - That's all

  • Widely compatible, all webpages with video tags are supported, even if embedded in iframe, shadowdom
  • Support cross-domain control, the shortcut keys under the cross-domain restricted page can be seamlessly connected
  • Support multiple instances (such as: twitter, compatible under instagram)
  • Support playback progress record
  • Support playback speed record
  • Support video zoom
  • Support picture-in-picture function
  • Support cross-tab control picture-in-picture
  • Support video screenshot function
  • Support configuration to add custom function
Support links
Supported all sites that use HTML5 technology for video playback
Shortcut key list
Whether the shortcut key is available on all web pages, default true
Disable / Enable the playback plugin
Forward 5 seconds
Back 5 seconds
Forward 30 seconds
Back 30 seconds
Volume up 10
Volume down 10
Volume up 20
Volume down 20
Speed Play +0.1
Slow Play -0.1
Normal speed playback
Enlarge video screen +10%
Reduce video screen -10%
Restore video frame
Enter or exit PIP function
Screenshot, take the current picture and save it
Enable or disable automatic resume progress function
The screen moves 10px to the right
The screen moves 10px to the left
The screen moves up 10px
The screen moves down 10px
Enter full screen
Enter webpage full screen
Next / episode video (only supported by some websites)
Previous frame (fine-tune when taking a screenshot to find the best frame)
Next frame (netflix is not supported because of shortcut key conflict)
Brightness increase %
Brightness reduction %
Increased contrast %
Reduction in contrast %
Increase in saturation %
Reduction in saturation %
Hue increased by 1 degree
Hue reduced by 1 degree
Blur increased by 1 px
Blur reduction 1 px
Image reset
Screen rotation 90 degrees