Youtube Music fix volume ratio

Makes the YouTube music volume slider exponential so it's easier to select lower volumes.

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  • v0.4 2021-09-04

    just improved the source code documentation.

  • v0.4 2021-09-04

    - Use another method to get rid of calculation inaccuracy so the volume bar does not jitter.
    - Increase default exponent to the same value that pulseaudio uses as by feedback of Barteks2x.

  • v0.3 2021-06-20

    YouTube changed the volume slider a bit again and the manipulation broke the volume slider when dragging it. In this new version, I manipulate the low level Browser API instead of YouTubes API, so this script could work on every website that uses HTML audio/video. There still seem to be some rounding errors when dragging the volume slider, but it mostly works.

  • v0.2 2021-03-25

    I manipulated the api a little more consistently which has the following effects:
    - The volume slider now works with the mouse wheel again
    - The volume seems to be correctly stored between session now
    - The lowest volume setting (5%) now manipulates to 1%, not 0%

  • v0.1 2020-03-10