WaniKani Bulk Add Kanji User Synonyms

Automatically adds user synonyms to all your unlocked kanji using meaning synonyms collected from Jim Breen's WWWJDIC database.

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// @name        WaniKani Bulk Add Kanji User Synonyms
// @namespace   normful
// @description Automatically adds user synonyms to all your unlocked kanji using meaning synonyms collected from Jim Breen's WWWJDIC database.
// @version     1.0.6
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// @copyright   2018+, Norman Sue
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window.__wanikani_bulk_add_kanji_user_synonyms = {};

// These synonyms were downloaded from http://nihongo.monash.edu/cgi-bin/wwwjdic
window.__wanikani_bulk_add_kanji_user_synonyms.SYNONYMS = {
  一: ['one'],
  二: ['two'],
  九: ['nine'],
  七: ['seven'],
  人: ['person'],
  入: ['enter', 'insert'],
  八: ['eight'],
  力: ['power', 'strength', 'strong', 'strain', 'bear up', 'exert'],
  十: ['ten'],
  三: ['three'],
  上: ['above', 'up'],
  下: ['below', 'down', 'descend', 'give', 'low', 'inferior'],
  口: ['mouth'],
  大: ['large', 'big'],
  女: ['woman', 'female'],
  山: ['mountain'],
  川: ['stream', 'river'],
  工: ['craft', 'construction'],
  刀: ['sword', 'saber', 'knife'],
  土: ['soil', 'earth', 'ground', 'Turkey'],
  千: ['thousand'],
  夕: ['evening'],
  子: ['child', 'sign of the rat', '11PM-1AM', 'first sign of Chinese zodiac'],
  小: ['little', 'small'],
  丁: [
    'counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something',
    'even number',
    '4th calendar sign',
  了: ['complete', 'finish'],
  又: ['or again', 'furthermore', 'on the other hand'],
  丸: [
    'full (month)',
    'make round',
    'roll up',
    'curl up',
    'explain away',
  才: ['genius', 'years old', 'cubic shaku'],
  中: ['in', 'inside', 'middle', 'mean', 'center'],
  五: ['five'],
  六: ['six'],
  円: ['circle', 'yen', 'round'],
  天: ['heavens', 'sky', 'imperial'],
  手: ['hand'],
  文: [
  日: ['day', 'sun', 'Japan', 'counter for days'],
  月: ['month', 'moon'],
  木: ['tree', 'wood'],
  水: ['water'],
  火: ['fire'],
  犬: ['dog'],
  王: ['king', 'rule', 'magnate'],
  出: ['exit', 'leave', 'go out', 'come out', 'put out', 'protrude'],
  右: ['right'],
  四: ['four'],
  左: ['left'],
  本: [
    'counter for long cylindrical things',
  正: ['correct', 'justice', 'righteous', '10**40'],
  玉: ['jewel', 'ball'],
  田: ['rice field', 'rice paddy'],
  白: ['white'],
  目: ['eye', 'class', 'look', 'insight', 'experience', 'care', 'favor'],
  石: ['stone'],
  立: ['stand up', 'rise', 'set up', 'erect'],
  万: ['ten thousand', '10,000'],
  久: ['long time', 'old story'],
  今: ['now'],
  元: ['beginning', 'former time', 'origin'],
  公: ['public', 'prince', 'official', 'governmental'],
  内: ['inside', 'within', 'between', 'among', 'house', 'home'],
  分: [
    'minute of time',
    "one's lot",
  切: ['cut', 'cutoff', 'be sharp'],
  午: [
    'sign of the horse',
    'seventh sign of Chinese zodiac',
  友: ['friend'],
  太: ['plump', 'thick', 'big around'],
  少: ['few', 'little'],
  引: ['pull', 'tug', 'jerk', 'admit', 'install', 'quote', 'refer to'],
  心: ['heart', 'mind', 'spirit'],
  戸: ['door', 'counter for houses'],
  方: ['direction', 'person', 'alternative'],
  牛: ['cow'],
  父: ['father'],
  毛: ['fur', 'hair', 'feather', 'down'],
  止: ['stop', 'halt'],
  兄: ['elder brother', 'big brother'],
  冬: ['winter'],
  北: ['north'],
  半: ['half', 'middle', 'odd number', 'semi-', 'part-'],
  古: ['old'],
  台: ['pedestal', 'a stand', 'counter for machines and vehicles'],
  外: ['outside'],
  市: ['market', 'city', 'town'],
  広: ['wide', 'broad', 'spacious'],
  母: ['mother'],
  用: ['utilize', 'business', 'service', 'use', 'employ'],
  矢: ['dart', 'arrow'],
  世: ['generation', 'world', 'society', 'public'],
  主: ['lord', 'chief', 'master', 'main thing', 'principal'],
  他: ['other', 'another', 'the others'],
  代: [
    'counter for decades of ages, eras, etc.',
  写: ['copy', 'be photographed', 'describe'],
  去: ['gone', 'past', 'quit', 'leave', 'elapse', 'eliminate', 'divorce'],
  号: ['nickname', 'number', 'item', 'title', 'pseudonym', 'name', 'call'],
  央: ['center', 'middle'],
  平: ['even', 'flat', 'peace'],
  打: ['strike', 'hit', 'knock', 'pound', 'dozen'],
  氷: ['icicle', 'ice', 'hail', 'freeze', 'congeal'],
  申: [
    'have the honor to',
    'sign of the monkey',
    'ninth sign of Chinese zodiac',
  皮: ['pelt', 'skin', 'hide', 'leather'],
  皿: ['dish', 'a helping', 'plate'],
  礼: ['salute', 'bow', 'ceremony', 'thanks', 'remuneration'],
  休: ['rest', 'day off', 'retire', 'sleep'],
  先: ['before', 'ahead', 'previous', 'future', 'precedence'],
  名: ['name', 'noted', 'distinguished', 'reputation'],
  字: ['character', 'letter', 'word', 'section of village'],
  年: ['year', 'counter for years'],
  早: ['early', 'fast'],
  気: ['spirit', 'mind', 'air', 'atmosphere', 'mood'],
  百: ['hundred'],
  竹: ['bamboo'],
  糸: ['thread'],
  耳: ['ear'],
  虫: ['insect', 'bug', 'temper'],
  村: ['village', 'town'],
  男: ['male'],
  町: ['town', 'village', 'block', 'street'],
  花: ['flower'],
  見: ['see', 'hopes', 'chances', 'idea', 'opinion', 'look at', 'visible'],
  貝: ['shellfish'],
  赤: ['red'],
  足: ['leg', 'foot', 'be sufficient', 'counter for pairs of footwear'],
  車: ['car'],
  不: ['negative', 'non-', 'bad', 'ugly', 'clumsy'],
  仕: ['attend', 'doing', 'official', 'serve'],
  交: ['mingle', 'mixing', 'association', 'coming and going'],
  会: ['meeting', 'meet', 'party', 'association', 'interview', 'join'],
  光: ['ray', 'light'],
  同: ['same', 'agree', 'equal'],
  回: ['-times', 'round', 'game', 'revolve', 'counter for occurrences'],
  多: ['many', 'frequent', 'much'],
  当: ['hit', 'right', 'appropriate', 'himself'],
  毎: ['every'],
  池: ['pond', 'cistern', 'pool', 'reservoir'],
  米: ['rice', 'USA', 'metre'],
  羽: ['feathers', 'counter for birds, rabbits'],
  考: ['consider', 'think over'],
  肉: ['meat'],
  自: ['oneself'],
  色: ['color'],
  行: [
    'carry out',
  西: ['west', 'Spain'],
  何: ['what'],
  体: ['body', 'substance', 'object', 'reality', 'counter for images'],
  作: ['make', 'production', 'prepare', 'build'],
  図: ['map', 'drawing', 'plan', 'extraordinary', 'audacious'],
  声: ['voice'],
  売: ['sell'],
  弟: ['younger brother', 'faithful service to elders'],
  形: ['shape', 'form', 'style'],
  来: ['come', 'due', 'next', 'cause', 'become'],
  社: ['company', 'firm', 'office', 'association', 'shrine'],
  角: ['angle', 'corner', 'square', 'horn', 'antlers'],
  言: ['say', 'word'],
  谷: ['valley'],
  走: ['run'],
  近: ['near', 'early', 'akin', 'tantamount'],
  里: ['ri', 'village', "parent's home", 'league'],
  麦: ['barley', 'wheat'],
  学: ['study', 'learning', 'science'],
  林: ['grove', 'forest'],
  空: ['empty', 'sky', 'void', 'vacant', 'vacuum'],
  金: ['gold'],
  雨: ['rain'],
  青: ['blue', 'green'],
  草: ['grass', 'weeds', 'herbs', 'pasture', 'write', 'draft'],
  音: ['sound', 'noise'],
  化: [
    'take the form of',
  地: ['ground', 'earth'],
  両: [
    'old Japanese coin',
    'counter for carriages (e.g., in a train)',
  全: ['whole', 'entire', 'all', 'complete', 'fulfill'],
  向: [
    'tend toward',
  安: ['relax', 'cheap', 'low', 'quiet', 'rested', 'contented', 'peaceful'],
  州: ['state', 'province'],
  曲: [
  有: ['possess', 'have', 'exist', 'happen', 'occur', 'approx'],
  次: ['next', 'order', 'sequence'],
  死: ['death', 'die'],
  羊: ['sheep'],
  血: ['blood'],
  京: ['capital', '10**16'],
  国: ['country'],
  夜: ['night', 'evening'],
  妹: ['younger sister'],
  姉: ['elder sister'],
  店: ['store', 'shop'],
  明: ['bright', 'light'],
  東: ['east'],
  歩: ['walk', 'counter for steps'],
  画: ['brush-stroke', 'picture'],
  直: ['straightaway', 'honesty', 'frankness', 'fix', 'repair'],
  知: ['know', 'wisdom'],
  長: ['long', 'leader', 'superior', 'senior'],
  前: ['in front', 'before'],
  南: ['south'],
  室: ['room', 'apartment', 'chamber', 'greenhouse', 'cellar'],
  後: ['behind', 'back', 'later'],
  思: ['think'],
  星: ['star', 'spot', 'dot', 'mark'],
  活: ['lively', 'resuscitation', 'being helped', 'living'],
  海: ['sea', 'ocean'],
  点: ['spot', 'point', 'mark', 'speck', 'decimal point'],
  科: ['department', 'course', 'section'],
  茶: ['tea'],
  食: ['eat', 'food'],
  首: ['neck', 'counter for songs and poems'],
  欠: ['lack', 'gap', 'fail'],
  氏: ['family name', 'surname', 'clan'],
  由: ['wherefore', 'a reason'],
  札: ['tag', 'paper money', 'counter for bonds', 'placard', 'bid'],
  民: ['people', 'nation', 'subjects'],
  辺: ['environs', 'boundary', 'border', 'vicinity'],
  付: ['adhere', 'attach', 'refer to', 'append'],
  以: ['by means of', 'because', 'in view of', 'compared with'],
  失: ['lose', 'error', 'fault', 'disadvantage', 'loss'],
  必: ['invariably', 'certain', 'inevitable'],
  未: [
    'not yet',
    'even now',
    'sign of the ram',
    'eighth sign of Chinese zodiac',
  末: ['end', 'close', 'tip', 'powder', 'posterity'],
  校: ['exam', 'school', 'printing', 'proof', 'correction'],
  夏: ['summer'],
  家: ['house', 'home', 'family', 'professional', 'expert', 'performer'],
  弱: ['weak', 'frail'],
  時: ['time', 'hour'],
  紙: ['paper'],
  記: ['scribe', 'account', 'narrative'],
  通: [
    'pass through',
    'counter for letters, notes, documents, etc.',
  高: ['tall', 'high', 'expensive'],
  強: ['strong'],
  教: ['teach', 'faith', 'doctrine'],
  理: ['logic', 'arrangement', 'reason', 'justice', 'truth'],
  組: [
  船: ['ship', 'boat'],
  週: ['week'],
  雪: ['snow'],
  魚: ['fish'],
  鳥: ['bird', 'chicken'],
  黄: ['yellow'],
  黒: ['black'],
  支: ['branch', 'support', 'sustain'],
  住: ['dwell', 'reside', 'live', 'inhabit'],
  助: ['help', 'rescue', 'assist'],
  医: ['doctor', 'medicine'],
  君: ['mister', 'you', 'ruler', 'male name suffix'],
  対: ['vis-a-vis', 'opposite', 'even', 'equal', 'versus', 'anti-', 'compare'],
  局: [
    'court lady',
    'her apartment',
  役: ['duty', 'war', 'campaign', 'drafted labor', 'office', 'service', 'role'],
  投: [
    'launch into',
    'invest in',
    'give up',
    'sell at a loss',
  決: ['decide', 'fix', 'agree upon', 'appoint'],
  究: ['research', 'study'],
  身: ['somebody', 'person', "one's station in life"],
  者: ['someone', 'person'],
  研: ['polish', 'study of', 'sharpen'],
  馬: ['horse'],
  森: ['forest', 'woods'],
  場: ['location', 'place'],
  朝: ['morning', 'dynasty', 'regime', 'epoch', 'period', '(North) Korea'],
  番: ['turn', 'number in a series'],
  答: ['solution', 'answer'],
  絵: ['picture', 'drawing', 'painting', 'sketch'],
  買: ['buy'],
  道: [
  間: ['interval', 'space'],
  雲: ['cloud'],
  数: ['number', 'strength', 'fate', 'law', 'figures'],
  楽: ['music', 'comfort', 'ease'],
  話: ['tale', 'talk'],
  電: ['electricity'],
  所: ['place', 'extent'],
  事: ['matter', 'thing', 'fact', 'business', 'reason', 'possibly'],
  使: [
    'send on a mission',
  具: [
    'counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture',
  受: [
    'answer (phone)',
  和: ['harmony', 'Japanese style', 'peace', 'soften', 'Japan'],
  始: ['commence', 'begin'],
  定: ['determine', 'fix', 'establish', 'decide'],
  実: ['reality', 'truth'],
  服: ['clothing', 'admit', 'obey', 'discharge'],
  泳: ['swim'],
  物: ['thing', 'object', 'matter'],
  苦: ['suffering', 'trial', 'worry', 'hardship', 'feel bitter', 'scowl'],
  表: ['surface', 'table', 'chart', 'diagram'],
  部: [
    'counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine',
  乗: [
    'counter for vehicles',
  客: ['guest', 'visitor', 'customer', 'client'],
  屋: ['roof', 'house', 'shop', 'dealer', 'seller'],
  度: [
    'counter for occurrences',
  待: ['wait', 'depend on'],
  持: ['hold', 'have'],
  界: ['world', 'boundary'],
  発: [
    'start from',
    'counter for gunshots',
  相: [
    'each other',
    'minister of state',
  県: ['prefecture'],
  美: ['beauty', 'beautiful'],
  負: [
    'assume a responsibility',
  送: ['escort', 'send'],
  重: [
    'heap up',
    'pile up',
    'nest of boxes',
  談: ['discuss', 'talk'],
  要: ['need', 'main point', 'essence', 'pivot', 'key to'],
  勝: ['victory', 'win', 'prevail', 'excel'],
  仮: ['sham', 'temporary', 'interim', 'assumed (name)', 'informal'],
  起: ['rouse', 'wake up', 'get up'],
  速: ['quick', 'fast'],
  配: ['distribute', 'spouse', 'exile', 'rationing'],
  酒: ['sake', 'alcohol'],
  院: ['Inst.', 'institution', 'temple', 'mansion', 'school'],
  終: ['end', 'finish'],
  習: ['learn'],
  転: ['revolve', 'turn around', 'change'],
  進: ['advance', 'proceed', 'progress', 'promote'],
  落: ['fall', 'drop', 'come down', 'village', 'hamlet'],
  葉: [
    'counter for flat things',
  軽: ['lightly', 'trifling', 'unimportant'],
  運: [
  開: ['open', 'unfold', 'unseal'],
  集: ['gather', 'meet', 'congregate', 'swarm', 'flock'],
  飲: ['drink', 'smoke', 'take'],
  業: ['business', 'vocation', 'arts', 'performance'],
  漢: ['Sino-', 'China'],
  路: ['path', 'route', 'road', 'distance'],
  農: ['agriculture', 'farmers'],
  鉄: ['iron'],
  歌: ['song', 'sing'],
  算: ['calculate', 'divining', 'number', 'abacus', 'probability'],
  聞: ['hear', 'ask', 'listen'],
  語: ['word', 'speech', 'language'],
  読: ['read'],
  鳴: ['chirp', 'cry', 'bark', 'sound', 'ring', 'echo', 'honk'],
  線: ['line', 'track'],
  横: [
  調: [
    'key (music)',
    'writing style',
  親: ['parent', 'intimacy', 'relative', 'familiarity', 'dealer (cards)'],
  頭: ['head', 'counter for large animals'],
  顔: ['face', 'expression'],
  病: ['ill', 'sick'],
  最: ['utmost', 'most', 'extreme'],
  争: ['contend', 'dispute', 'argue'],
  仲: ['go-between', 'relationship'],
  伝: [
    'go along',
    'walk along',
  共: ['together', 'both', 'neither', 'all', 'and', 'alike', 'with'],
  好: ['fond', 'pleasing', 'like something'],
  成: ['turn into', 'become', 'get', 'grow', 'elapse', 'reach'],
  老: ['old man', 'old age', 'grow old'],
  位: ['rank', 'grade', 'throne', 'crown', 'about', 'some'],
  低: ['lower', 'short', 'humble'],
  初: ['first time', 'beginning'],
  別: [
    'branch off',
  利: ['profit', 'advantage', 'benefit'],
  努: ['toil', 'diligent', 'as much as possible'],
  労: ['labor', 'thank for', 'reward for', 'toil', 'trouble'],
  命: ['fate', 'command', 'decree', 'destiny', 'life', 'appoint'],
  岸: ['beach'],
  放: ['set free', 'release', 'fire', 'shoot', 'emit', 'banish', 'liberate'],
  昔: ['once upon a time', 'antiquity', 'old times'],
  波: ['waves', 'billows', 'Poland'],
  注: [
    'shed (tears)',
    'flow into',
    'concentrate on',
  育: ['bring up', 'grow up', 'raise', 'rear'],
  拾: ['pick up', 'gather', 'find', 'go on foot', 'ten'],
  指: [
    'point to',
    'put into',
    'play (chess)',
    'measure (ruler)',
  洋: ['ocean', 'sea', 'foreign', 'Western style'],
  神: ['gods', 'mind', 'soul'],
  秒: ['second (1/60 minute)'],
  級: ['class', 'rank', 'grade'],
  追: ['chase', 'drive away', 'follow', 'pursue', 'meanwhile'],
  戦: ['war', 'battle', 'match'],
  競: [
    'compete with',
    'sell at auction',
  良: ['good', 'pleasing', 'skilled'],
  功: ['achievement', 'merits', 'success', 'honor', 'credit'],
  特: ['special'],
  便: ['convenience', 'facility', 'excrement', 'feces', 'letter', 'chance'],
  働: ['work', '(kokuji)'],
  令: ['orders', 'ancient laws', 'command', 'decree'],
  意: ['idea', 'mind', 'heart', 'taste', 'thought', 'desire', 'care', 'liking'],
  味: ['flavor', 'taste'],
  勉: [
    'make effort',
  庭: ['courtyard', 'garden', 'yard'],
  息: ['breath', 'respiration', 'son', 'interest (on money)'],
  旅: ['trip', 'travel'],
  根: ['root', 'radical', 'head (pimple)'],
  流: ['current', 'a sink', 'flow', 'forfeit'],
  消: ['extinguish', 'blow out', 'turn off', 'neutralize', 'cancel'],
  倍: ['double', 'twice', 'times', 'fold'],
  員: ['employee', 'member', 'number', 'the one in charge'],
  島: ['island'],
  祭: ['ritual', 'offer prayers', 'celebrate', 'deify', 'enshrine', 'worship'],
  章: ['badge', 'chapter', 'composition', 'poem', 'design'],
  第: ['No.', 'residence'],
  都: ['metropolis', 'capital', 'all', 'everything'],
  動: ['move', 'motion', 'change', 'confusion', 'shift', 'shake'],
  商: ['make a deal', 'selling', 'dealing in', 'merchant'],
  悪: ['bad', 'vice', 'rascal', 'false', 'evil', 'wrong'],
  族: ['tribe', 'family'],
  深: ['deep', 'heighten', 'intensify', 'strengthen'],
  球: ['ball', 'sphere'],
  童: ['juvenile', 'child'],
  陽: ['sunshine', 'yang principle', 'positive', 'male', 'heaven', 'daytime'],
  階: ['storey', 'stair', 'counter for storeys of a building'],
  寒: ['cold'],
  悲: ['grieve', 'sad', 'deplore', 'regret'],
  暑: ['sultry', 'hot', 'summer heat'],
  期: ['period', 'time', 'date', 'term'],
  植: ['plant'],
  歯: ['tooth', 'cog'],
  温: ['warm'],
  港: ['harbor'],
  湯: ['hot water', 'bath', 'hot spring'],
  登: ['ascend', 'climb up'],
  着: ['don', 'arrive', 'wear', 'counter for suits of clothing'],
  短: ['short', 'brevity', 'fault', 'defect', 'weak point'],
  野: ['plains', 'field', 'rustic', 'civilian life'],
  泉: ['spring', 'fountain'],
  生: ['life', 'genuine', 'birth'],
  亡: ['deceased', 'the late', 'dying', 'perish'],
  合: ['fit', 'suit', 'join', '0.1'],
  風: ['wind', 'air', 'style', 'manner'],
  予: ['beforehand', 'previous', 'myself', 'I'],
  反: ['anti-'],
  々: [],
  新: ['new'],
  返: ['return', 'answer', 'fade', 'repay'],
  問: ['question', 'ask', 'problem'],
  宿: [
    'relay station',
    'be pregnant',
  想: ['concept', 'think', 'idea', 'thought'],
  感: ['emotion', 'feeling', 'sensation'],
  整: ['organize', 'arranging', 'tune', 'tone', 'meter', 'key (music)'],
  暗: ['darkness', 'disappear', 'shade', 'informal', 'grow dark', 'be blinded'],
  様: ['Esq.', 'way', 'manner', 'situation', 'polite suffix'],
  橋: ['bridge'],
  福: ['blessing', 'fortune', 'luck', 'wealth'],
  緑: ['green'],
  練: ['practice', 'gloss', 'train', 'drill', 'polish', 'refine'],
  詩: ['poem', 'poetry'],
  銀: ['silver'],
  題: ['topic', 'subject'],
  館: ['building', 'mansion', 'large building', 'palace'],
  駅: ['station'],
  億: ['hundred million', '10**8'],
  器: [
  士: ['gentleman', 'scholar', 'samurai'],
  料: ['fee', 'materials'],
  標: [
  殺: [
    'slice off',
  然: ['sort of thing', 'so', 'if so', 'in that case', 'well'],
  熱: ['heat', 'temperature', 'fever', 'mania', 'passion'],
  課: [
    'counter for chapters (of a book)',
  賞: ['prize', 'reward', 'praise'],
  輪: [
    'counter for wheels and flowers',
  選: ['elect', 'select', 'choose', 'prefer'],
  鏡: ['mirror', 'speculum', 'barrel-head', 'round rice-cake offering'],
  願: ['petition', 'request', 'vow', 'wish', 'hope'],
  養: ['foster', 'bring up', 'rear', 'develop', 'nurture'],
  像: ['statue', 'picture', 'image', 'figure', 'portrait'],
  情: ['feelings', 'emotion', 'passion', 'sympathy', 'circumstances', 'facts'],
  謝: ['apologize', 'thank', 'refuse'],
  映: ['reflect', 'reflection', 'projection'],
  疑: ['doubt', 'distrust', 'be suspicious', 'question'],
  皆: ['all', 'everything'],
  例: ['example', 'custom', 'usage', 'precedent'],
  卒: ['graduate', 'soldier', 'private', 'die'],
  協: ['co-', 'cooperation'],
  参: [
    'three (in documents)',
    'be defeated',
    'be madly in love',
    'take part in',
  周: ['circumference', 'circuit', 'lap'],
  囲: [
  固: ['harden', 'set', 'clot', 'curdle'],
  季: ['seasons'],
  完: ['perfect', 'completion', 'end'],
  希: [
    'dilute (acid)',
  念: ['wish', 'sense', 'idea', 'thought', 'feeling', 'desire', 'attention'],
  折: ['fold', 'break', 'fracture', 'bend', 'yield', 'submit'],
  望: ['ambition', 'full moon', 'hope', 'desire', 'aspire to', 'expect'],
  材: ['lumber', 'log', 'timber', 'wood', 'materials', 'ingredients', 'talent'],
  束: [
    'tie in bundles',
  松: ['pine tree'],
  残: ['remainder', 'leftover', 'balance'],
  求: ['request', 'want', 'wish for', 'require', 'demand'],
  的: ["bull's eye", 'mark', 'target', 'object', 'adjective ending'],
  約: ['promise', 'approximately', 'shrink'],
  芸: ['technique', 'art', 'craft', 'performance', 'acting', 'trick', 'stunt'],
  基: ['fundamentals', 'radical (chem)', 'counter for machines', 'foundation'],
  性: ['sex', 'gender', 'nature'],
  技: [
  格: ['status', 'rank', 'capacity', 'character', 'case (law, grammar)'],
  能: ['ability', 'talent', 'skill', 'capacity'],
  術: ['art', 'technique', 'skill', 'means', 'trick', 'resources', 'magic'],
  私: ['private', 'I', 'me'],
  骨: ['skeleton', 'bone', 'remains', 'frame'],
  妥: ['gentle', 'peace', 'depravity'],
  雰: ['atmosphere', 'fog'],
  頑: ['stubborn', 'foolish', 'firmly'],
  寺: ['Buddhist temple'],
  岩: ['boulder', 'rock', 'cliff'],
  帰: ['homecoming', 'arrive at', 'lead to', 'result in'],
  春: ['springtime', 'spring (season)'],
  昼: ['daytime', 'noon'],
  晴: ['clear up'],
  秋: ['autumn'],
  計: ['plot', 'plan', 'scheme', 'measure'],
  列: ['file', 'row', 'rank', 'tier', 'column'],
  区: ['ward', 'district'],
  坂: ['slope', 'incline', 'hill'],
  式: [
  信: ['faith', 'truth', 'fidelity', 'trust'],
  勇: ['courage', 'cheer up', 'be in high spirits', 'bravery', 'heroism'],
  単: ['simple', 'one', 'single', 'merely'],
  司: ['director', 'official', 'govt office', 'rule', 'administer'],
  変: ['unusual', 'change', 'strange'],
  夫: ['husband', 'man'],
  建: ['build'],
  昨: ['yesterday', 'previous'],
  毒: ['poison', 'virus', 'venom', 'germ', 'harm', 'injury', 'spite'],
  法: ['method', 'law', 'rule', 'principle', 'model', 'system'],
  泣: ['cry', 'weep', 'moan'],
  浅: ['shallow', 'superficial', 'frivolous', 'wretched', 'shameful'],
  紀: [
    'geologic period',
  英: ['England', 'English', 'hero', 'outstanding', 'calyx'],
  軍: ['army', 'force', 'troops', 'war', 'battle'],
  飯: ['meal', 'boiled rice'],
  仏: ['Buddha', 'the dead', 'France'],
  築: ['fabricate', 'build', 'construct'],
  晩: ['nightfall', 'night'],
  猫: ['cat'],
  園: ['park', 'garden', 'yard', 'farm'],
  曜: ['weekday'],
  書: ['write'],
  遠: ['distant', 'far'],
  門: ['gate', 'counter for cannons'],
  係: ['person in charge', 'connection', 'duty', 'concern oneself'],
  取: ['take', 'fetch', 'take up'],
  品: ['goods', 'refinement', 'dignity', 'article', 'counter for meal courses'],
  守: ['guard', 'protect', 'defend', 'obey'],
  幸: ['happiness', 'blessing', 'fortune'],
  急: ['hurry', 'emergency', 'sudden', 'steep'],
  真: ['true', 'reality', 'Buddhist sect'],
  箱: ['box', 'chest', 'case', 'bin', 'railway car'],
  荷: [
    'shoulder-pole load',
    'bear (a burden)',
    'shoulder (a gun)',
  面: ['mask', 'face', 'features', 'surface'],
  典: ['code', 'ceremony', 'law', 'rule'],
  喜: ['rejoice', 'take pleasure in'],
  府: [
    'urban prefecture',
    'govt office',
    'representative body',
  治: [
    'be at peace',
    'calm down',
  浴: ['bathe', 'be favored with', 'bask in'],
  笑: ['laugh'],
  辞: ['resign', 'word', 'term', 'expression'],
  関: ['connection', 'barrier', 'gateway', 'involve', 'concerning'],
  保: ['protect', 'guarantee', 'keep', 'preserve', 'sustain', 'support'],
  弁: [
    'dispose of',
    'conical cap',
  政: ['politics', 'government'],
  留: ['detain', 'fasten', 'halt', 'stop'],
  証: ['evidence', 'proof', 'certificate'],
  険: [
    'inaccessible place',
    'impregnable position',
    'steep place',
    'sharp eyes',
  危: ['dangerous', 'fear', 'uneasy'],
  存: ['exist', 'suppose', 'be aware of', 'believe', 'feel'],
  専: ['specialty', 'exclusive', 'mainly', 'solely'],
  冒: ['risk', 'face', 'defy', 'dare', 'damage', 'assume (a name)'],
  冗: ['superfluous', 'uselessness'],
  阪: ['heights', 'slope'],
  原: [
  細: [
    'get thin',
  薬: ['medicine', 'chemical', 'enamel', 'gunpowder', 'benefit'],
  鼻: ['nose', 'snout'],
  側: ['side', 'lean', 'oppose', 'regret'],
  兵: [
  堂: ['public chamber', 'hall'],
  塩: ['salt'],
  席: ['seat', 'mat', 'occasion', 'place'],
  敗: ['failure', 'defeat', 'reversal'],
  果: [
    'carry out',
  栄: ['flourish', 'prosperity', 'honor', 'glory', 'splendor'],
  梅: ['plum'],
  無: ['nothingness', 'none', "ain't", 'nothing', 'nil', 'not'],
  結: ['tie', 'bind', 'contract', 'join', 'organize', 'do up hair', 'fasten'],
  因: ['cause', 'factor', 'be associated with', 'depend on', 'be limited to'],
  常: [
  識: ['discriminating', 'know', 'write'],
  非: ['un-', 'mistake', 'negative', 'injustice', 'non-'],
  干: ['dry', 'parch', 'ebb', 'recede', 'interfere', 'intercede'],
  是: ['just so', 'this', 'right', 'justice'],
  渉: ['ford', 'go cross', 'transit', 'ferry', 'import', 'involve'],
  虚: ['void', 'emptiness', 'unpreparedness', 'crack', 'fissure', 'untruth'],
  官: ['bureaucrat', 'the government', 'organ'],
  察: ['guess', 'presume', 'surmise', 'judge', 'understand'],
  底: ['bottom', 'sole', 'depth', 'bottom price', 'base', 'kind', 'sort'],
  愛: ['love', 'affection', 'favourite'],
  署: ['signature', 'govt office', 'police station'],
  警: ['admonish', 'commandment'],
  恋: ['romance', 'in love', 'yearn for', 'miss', 'darling'],
  覚: ['memorize', 'learn', 'remember', 'awake', 'sober up'],
  説: ['opinion', 'theory', 'explanation', 'rumor'],
  幻: ['phantasm', 'vision', 'dream', 'illusion', 'apparition'],
  訓: ['instruction', 'Japanese character reading', 'explanation', 'read'],
  試: ['test', 'try', 'attempt', 'experiment', 'ordeal'],
  弓: ['bow', 'bow (archery, violin)'],
  告: ['revelation', 'tell', 'inform', 'announce'],
  種: ['species', 'kind', 'class', 'variety', 'seed'],
  達: ['accomplished', 'reach', 'arrive', 'attain'],
  類: ['sort', 'kind', 'variety', 'class', 'genus'],
  報: ['report', 'news', 'reward', 'retribution'],
  祈: ['pray', 'wish'],
  等: ['etc.', 'and so forth', 'class (first)', 'quality', 'equal', 'similar'],
  汽: ['vapor', 'steam'],
  借: ['borrow', 'rent'],
  焼: ['bake', 'burning'],
  座: ['squat', 'seat', 'cushion', 'gathering', 'sit'],
  忘: ['forget'],
  洗: ['wash', 'inquire into', 'probe'],
  胸: ['bosom', 'breast', 'chest', 'heart', 'feelings'],
  脳: ['brain', 'memory'],
  僧: ['Buddhist priest', 'monk'],
  禅: ['Zen', 'silent meditation'],
  験: ['verification', 'effect', 'testing'],
  可: ['can', 'passable', "mustn't", 'should not', 'do not'],
  許: ['permit', 'approve'],
  枚: ['sheet of...', 'counter for flat thin objects or sheets'],
  静: ['quiet'],
  句: [
    'counter for haiku',
  禁: ['prohibition', 'ban', 'forbid'],
  喫: ['consume', 'eat', 'drink', 'smoke', 'receive (a blow)'],
  煙: ['smoke'],
  加: ['add', 'addition', 'increase', 'join', 'include', 'Canada'],
  節: [
  減: ['dwindle', 'decrease', 'reduce', 'decline', 'curtail', 'get hungry'],
  順: ['obey', 'order', 'turn', 'right', 'docility', 'occasion'],
  容: ['contain', 'form', 'looks'],
  布: ['linen', 'cloth', 'spread', 'distribute'],
  易: ['easy', 'ready to', 'simple', 'fortune-telling', 'divination'],
  財: ['property', 'money', 'wealth', 'assets'],
  若: ['young', 'if', 'perhaps', 'possibly', 'low number', 'immature'],
  詞: ['part of speech', 'words', 'poetry'],
  昆: ['descendants', 'elder brother', 'insect'],
  閥: ['clique', 'lineage', 'pedigree', 'faction', 'clan'],
  歴: ['curriculum', 'continuation', 'passage of time'],
  舌: ['tongue', 'reed', 'clapper'],
  冊: ['tome', 'counter for books', 'volume'],
  宇: ['eaves', 'roof', 'house', 'heaven'],
  宙: ['mid-air', 'air', 'space', 'sky', 'memorization', 'interval of time'],
  忙: ['busy', 'occupied', 'restless'],
  履: [
    'put on (the feet)',
  団: ['group', 'association'],
  暴: ['outburst', 'rave', 'fret', 'force', 'violence', 'cruelty', 'outrage'],
  混: ['mix', 'blend', 'confuse'],
  乱: ['riot', 'war', 'disorder', 'disturb'],
  徒: [
    'on foot',
    'ephemeral thing',
  得: [
    'able to',
  改: [
  続: ['continue', 'series', 'sequel'],
  連: ['take along', 'lead', 'join', 'connect', 'party', 'gang', 'clique'],
  善: ['virtuous', 'good', 'goodness'],
  困: ['quandary', 'become distressed', 'annoyed'],
  絡: ['entwine', 'coil around', 'get caught in'],
  比: ['compare', 'race', 'ratio', 'Philippines'],
  災: ['disaster', 'calamity', 'woe', 'curse', 'evil'],
  機: [
  率: [
  飛: ['fly', 'skip (pages)', 'scatter'],
  害: ['harm', 'injury'],
  余: ['too much', 'myself', 'surplus', 'other', 'remainder'],
  難: ['difficult', 'impossible', 'trouble', 'accident', 'defect'],
  妨: ['disturb', 'prevent', 'hamper', 'obstruct'],
  被: [
    'brood over',
    'put on',
    'be exposed (film)',
  裕: ['abundant', 'rich', 'fertile'],
  震: ['quake', 'shake', 'tremble', 'quiver', 'shiver'],
  尻: ['buttocks', 'hips', 'butt', 'rear'],
  尾: ['tail', 'end', 'counter for fish', 'lower slope of mountain'],
  械: ['contraption', 'fetter', 'machine', 'instrument'],
  確: [
  嫌: ['dislike', 'detest', 'hate'],
  個: ['individual', 'counter for articles'],
  圧: ['pressure', 'push', 'overwhelm', 'oppress', 'dominate'],
  在: ['exist', 'outskirts', 'suburbs', 'located in'],
  夢: ['dream', 'vision', 'illusion'],
  産: [
    'give birth',
  倒: ['overthrow', 'fall', 'collapse', 'drop', 'break down'],
  臭: [
    'suspicious looking',
    'be fragrant',
    'be bright',
  厚: ['thick', 'heavy', 'rich', 'kind', 'cordial', 'brazen', 'shameless'],
  妻: ['wife', 'spouse'],
  議: ['deliberation', 'consultation', 'debate', 'consideration'],
  犯: ['crime', 'sin', 'offense'],
  罪: ['guilt', 'sin', 'crime', 'fault', 'blame', 'offense'],
  防: ['ward off', 'defend', 'protect', 'resist'],
  穴: ['hole', 'aperture', 'slit', 'cave', 'den'],
  論: ['argument', 'discourse'],
  経: ['sutra', 'longitude', 'pass thru', 'expire', 'warp'],
  笛: ['flute', 'clarinet', 'pipe', 'whistle', 'bagpipe', 'piccolo'],
  史: ['history', 'chronicle'],
  敵: ['enemy', 'foe', 'opponent'],
  済: [
    'settle (debt, etc.)',
    'relieve (burden)',
    'come to an end',
    'need not',
  委: ['committee', 'entrust to', 'leave to', 'devote', 'discard'],
  挙: ['raise', 'plan', 'project', 'behavior', 'actions'],
  判: ['judgement', 'signature', 'stamp', 'seal'],
  制: ['system', 'law', 'rule'],
  務: ['task', 'duties'],
  査: ['investigate'],
  総: ['general', 'whole', 'all', 'full', 'total'],
  設: ['establishment', 'provision', 'prepare'],
  資: [
    'be conducive to',
    'contribute to',
  権: ['authority', 'power', 'rights'],
  件: ['affair', 'case', 'matter', 'item'],
  派: ['faction', 'group', 'party', 'clique', 'sect', 'school'],
  岡: ['mount', 'hill', 'knoll'],
  素: ['elementary', 'principle', 'naked', 'uncovered'],
  断: [
  評: ['evaluate', 'criticism', 'comment'],
  批: ['criticism', 'strike'],
  任: ['responsibility', 'duty', 'term', 'entrust to', 'appoint'],
  検: ['examination', 'investigate'],
  審: ['hearing', 'judge', 'trial'],
  条: ['article', 'clause', 'item', 'stripe', 'streak'],
  責: ['blame', 'condemn', 'censure'],
  省: ['focus', 'government ministry', 'conserve'],
  増: ['increase', 'add', 'augment', 'gain', 'promote'],
  税: ['tax', 'duty'],
  解: [
  際: [
  認: [
  企: ['undertake', 'scheme', 'design', 'attempt', 'plan'],
  義: ['righteousness', 'justice', 'morality', 'honor', 'loyalty', 'meaning'],
  罰: ['penalty', 'punishment'],
  誕: ['nativity', 'be born', 'declension', 'lie', 'be arbitrary'],
  脱: [
    'escape from',
    'get rid of',
    'be left out',
    'take off',
  過: ['overdo', 'exceed', 'go beyond', 'error'],
  坊: ['boy', "priest's residence", 'priest'],
  寝: ['lie down', 'sleep', 'rest', 'bed', 'remain unsold'],
  宮: ['Shinto shrine', 'constellations', 'palace', 'princess'],
  各: ['each', 'every', 'either'],
  案: [
  置: [
    'leave behind',
  費: ['expense', 'cost', 'spend', 'consume', 'waste'],
  価: ['value', 'price'],
  勢: ['forces', 'energy', 'military strength'],
  営: ['occupation', 'camp', 'perform', 'build', 'conduct (business)'],
  示: ['show', 'indicate', 'point out', 'express', 'display'],
  統: ['overall', 'relationship', 'ruling', 'governing'],
  領: ['jurisdiction', 'dominion', 'territory', 'fief', 'reign'],
  策: ['scheme', 'plan', 'policy', 'step', 'means'],
  藤: ['wisteria'],
  副: ['vice-', 'assistant', 'aide', 'duplicate', 'copy'],
  観: ['outlook', 'look', 'appearance', 'condition', 'view'],
  値: ['price', 'cost', 'value'],
  吸: ['suck', 'imbibe', 'inhale', 'sip'],
  域: ['range', 'region', 'limits', 'stage', 'level'],
  姿: ['figure', 'form', 'shape'],
  応: ['apply', 'answer', 'yes', 'OK', 'reply', 'accept'],
  提: ['propose', 'take along', 'carry in hand'],
  援: ['abet', 'help', 'save'],
  状: ['status quo', 'conditions', 'circumstances', 'form', 'appearance'],
  態: ['attitude', 'condition', 'figure', 'appearance', 'voice (of verbs)'],
  賀: ['congratulations', 'joy'],
  収: ['income', 'obtain', 'reap', 'pay', 'supply', 'store'],
  停: ['halt', 'stopping'],
  革: ['leather', 'skin', 'reform', 'become serious'],
  職: ['post', 'employment', 'work'],
  鬼: ['ghost', 'devil'],
  規: ['standard', 'measure'],
  護: ['safeguard', 'protect'],
  割: ['proportion', 'comparatively', 'divide', 'cut', 'separate', 'split'],
  裁: ['tailor', 'judge', 'decision', 'cut out (pattern)'],
  崎: ['promontory', 'cape', 'spit'],
  演: ['performance', 'act', 'play', 'render', 'stage'],
  律: ['rhythm', 'law', 'regulation', 'gauge', 'control'],
  師: [
    'army (incl. counter)',
  看: ['watch over', 'see'],
  準: ['semi-', 'correspond to', 'proportionate to', 'conform', 'imitate'],
  則: ['rule', 'follow', 'based on', 'model after'],
  備: ['equip', 'provision', 'preparation'],
  導: ['guidance', 'leading', 'conduct', 'usher'],
  幹: ['tree trunk', 'main part', 'talent', 'capability'],
  張: [
    'counter for bows and stringed instruments',
    'put up (tent)',
  優: ['tenderness', 'excel', 'surpass', 'actor', 'superiority', 'gentleness'],
  宅: ['home', 'house', 'residence', 'our house', 'my husband'],
  沢: ['swamp', 'marsh', 'brilliance', 'grace'],
  贅: ['luxury'],
  施: ['give', 'bestow', 'perform', 'alms'],
  現: ['present', 'existing', 'actual'],
  乳: ['milk', 'breasts'],
  呼: ['call', 'call out to', 'invite'],
  城: ['castle'],
  俳: ['haiku', 'actor'],
  秀: ['excel', 'excellence', 'beauty', 'surpass'],
  担: ['shouldering', 'carry', 'raise', 'bear'],
  額: [
    'framed picture',
  製: ['made in...', 'manufacture'],
  違: ['difference', 'differ'],
  輸: ['transport', 'send', 'be inferior'],
  燃: ['burn', 'blaze', 'glow'],
  祝: ['celebrate', 'congratulate'],
  届: ['deliver', 'reach', 'arrive', 'report', 'notify', 'forward'],
  狭: ['cramped', 'narrow', 'contract', 'tight'],
  肩: ['shoulder'],
  腕: ['arm', 'ability', 'talent'],
  腰: ['loins', 'hips', 'waist', 'low wainscoting'],
  触: ['contact', 'touch', 'feel', 'hit', 'proclaim', 'announce', 'conflict'],
  載: [
    'get on',
  層: ['stratum', 'social class', 'layer', 'story', 'floor'],
  型: ['mould', 'type', 'model'],
  庁: ['government office'],
  視: ['inspection', 'regard as', 'see', 'look at'],
  差: [
  管: [
    'wind instrument',
    'drunken talk',
  象: [
    'pattern after',
    'sign (of the times)',
  量: [
  境: ['boundary', 'border', 'region'],
  環: ['ring', 'circle', 'link', 'wheel'],
  武: ['warrior', 'military', 'chivalry', 'arms'],
  質: ['substance', 'quality', 'matter', 'temperament'],
  述: ['mention', 'state', 'speak', 'relate'],
  供: ['submit', 'offer', 'present', 'serve (meal)', 'accompany'],
  展: ['unfold', 'expand'],
  販: ['marketing', 'sell', 'trade'],
  株: ['stocks', 'stump', 'shares', 'stock', 'counter for small plants'],
  限: ['limit', 'restrict', 'to best of ability'],
  与: [
    'participate in',
  含: [
    'hold in the mouth',
    'bear in mind',
  影: ['shadow', 'silhouette', 'phantom'],
  況: ['condition', 'situation'],
  渡: [
  響: ['echo', 'sound', 'resound', 'ring', 'vibrate'],
  票: ['ballot', 'label', 'ticket', 'sign'],
  景: ['scenery', 'view'],
  抜: ['slip out', 'extract', 'pull out', 'pilfer', 'quote', 'remove', 'omit'],
  訴: ['accusation', 'sue', 'complain of pain', 'appeal to'],
  訟: ['sue', 'accuse'],
  逮: ['apprehend', 'chase'],
  補: [
    'make good',
  候: ['climate', 'season', 'weather', 'wait for', 'expect'],
  構: ['posture', 'build', 'pretend'],
  模: ['imitation', 'copy', 'mock'],
  捕: ['catch', 'capture'],
  鮮: ['fresh', 'vivid', 'clear', 'brilliant', 'Korea'],
  効: ['merit', 'efficacy', 'efficiency', 'benefit'],
  属: ['belong', 'genus', 'subordinate official', 'affiliated'],
  慣: ['accustomed', 'get used to', 'become experienced'],
  豊: ['bountiful', 'excellent', 'rich'],
  満: ['full', 'fullness', 'enough', 'satisfy'],
  肥: ['fertilizer', 'get fat', 'fertile', 'manure', 'pamper'],
  巻: [
    'roll up',
    'wind up',
    'counter for texts (or book scrolls)',
  捜: ['search', 'look for', 'locate'],
  絞: ['strangle', 'constrict', 'wring'],
  輩: ['comrade', 'fellow', 'people', 'companions'],
  隠: ['conceal', 'hide', 'cover'],
  掛: ['hang', 'suspend', 'depend', 'arrive at', 'tax', 'pour'],
  替: ['exchange', 'spare', 'substitute', 'per-'],
  居: ['reside', 'to be', 'exist', 'live with'],
  造: ['create', 'make', 'structure', 'physique'],
  授: ['impart', 'instruct', 'grant', 'confer'],
  印: [
  創: ['genesis', 'wound', 'injury', 'hurt', 'start', 'originate'],
  復: ['restore', 'return to', 'revert', 'resume'],
  往: [
    'chase away',
    'let go',
  較: ['contrast', 'compare'],
  筆: ['writing brush', 'writing', 'painting brush', 'handwriting'],
  鉛: ['lead'],
  貯: ['savings', 'store', 'lay in', 'keep', 'wear mustache'],
  故: [
    'the late',
  障: ['hinder', 'hurt', 'harm'],
  従: [
    'submit to',
  我: ['ego', 'I', 'selfish', 'our', 'oneself'],
  激: ['violent', 'get excited', 'enraged', 'chafe', 'incite'],
  刺: ['thorn', 'pierce', 'stab', 'prick', 'sting', 'calling card'],
  励: ['encourage', 'be diligent', 'inspire'],
  討: ['chastise', 'attack', 'defeat', 'destroy', 'conquer'],
  郵: ['mail', 'stagecoach stop'],
  針: ['needle', 'pin', 'staple', 'stinger'],
  徴: [
    'refer to',
  怪: ['suspicious', 'mystery', 'apparition'],
  獣: ['animal', 'beast'],
  突: [
  菓: ['candy', 'cakes', 'fruit'],
  河: ['river'],
  振: ['shake', 'wave', 'wag', 'swing'],
  汗: ['sweat', 'perspire'],
  豚: ['pork', 'pig'],
  再: ['again', 'twice', 'second time'],
  接: ['touch', 'contact', 'adjoin', 'piece together'],
  独: ['single', 'alone', 'spontaneously', 'Germany'],
  占: [
  招: ['beckon', 'invite', 'summon', 'engage'],
  段: ['grade', 'steps', 'stairs'],
  胃: ['stomach', 'paunch', 'crop', 'craw'],
  腹: ['abdomen', 'belly', 'stomach'],
  痛: ['pain', 'hurt', 'damage', 'bruise'],
  退: ['retreat', 'withdraw', 'retire', 'resign', 'repel', 'expel', 'reject'],
  屈: ['yield', 'bend', 'flinch', 'submit'],
  悩: ['trouble', 'worry', 'in pain', 'distress', 'illness'],
  暇: ['spare time', 'rest', 'leisure', 'time', 'leave of absence'],
  織: ['weave', 'fabric'],
  貸: ['lend'],
  迷: ['astray', 'be perplexed', 'in doubt', 'lost', 'err', 'illusion'],
  惑: ['beguile', 'delusion', 'perplexity'],
  誘: [
    'call for',
  就: ['concerning', 'settle', 'take position', 'depart', 'study', 'per'],
  訪: ['call on', 'visit', 'look up', 'offer sympathy'],
  怒: ['angry', 'be offended'],
  昇: ['rise up'],
  眠: ['sleep', 'die', 'sleepy'],
  睡: ['drowsy', 'sleep', 'die'],
  症: ['symptoms', 'illness'],
  締: ['tighten', 'tie', 'shut', 'lock', 'fasten'],
  迫: ['urge', 'force', 'imminent', 'spur on'],
  靴: ['shoes'],
  濃: ['concentrated', 'thick', 'dark', 'undiluted'],
  端: ['edge', 'origin', 'end', 'point', 'border', 'verge', 'cape'],
  極: [
    'highest rank',
    'electric poles',
  途: ['route', 'way', 'road'],
  健: ['healthy', 'health', 'strength', 'persistence'],
  康: ['ease', 'peace'],
  郎: ['son', 'counter for sons'],
  給: ['salary', 'wage', 'gift', 'allow', 'grant', 'bestow on'],
  逆: ['inverted', 'reverse', 'opposite', 'wicked'],
  巨: ['gigantic', 'big', 'large', 'great'],
  庫: ['warehouse', 'storehouse'],
  児: ['newborn babe', 'child', 'young of animals'],
  冷: ['cool', 'cold (beer, person)', 'chill'],
  凍: ['frozen', 'congeal', 'refrigerate'],
  幼: ['infancy', 'childhood'],
  稚: ['immature', 'young'],
  処: [
    'deal with',
  博: [
    'win acclaim',
  清: ['pure', 'purify', 'cleanse', 'exorcise', 'Manchu dynasty'],
  潔: ['undefiled', 'pure', 'clean', 'righteous', 'gallant'],
  録: ['record'],
  隊: ['regiment', 'party', 'company', 'squad'],
  修: ['discipline', 'conduct oneself well', 'study', 'master'],
  券: ['ticket'],
  婦: ['lady', 'woman', 'wife', 'bride'],
  奇: ['strange', 'strangeness', 'curiosity'],
  妙: [
  麗: ['lovely', 'beautiful', 'graceful', 'resplendent'],
  微: ['delicate', 'minuteness', 'insignificance'],
  益: ['benefit', 'gain', 'profit', 'advantage'],
  移: ['shift', 'move', 'change', 'drift', 'catch (cold, fire)', 'pass into'],
  程: ['extent', 'degree', 'law', 'formula', 'distance', 'limits', 'amount'],
  精: [
  絶: [
    'cut off',
  並: [
    'as well as',
    'line up',
    'rank with',
  憲: ['constitution', 'law'],
  衆: ['masses', 'great numbers', 'multitude', 'populace'],
  傘: ['umbrella'],
  浜: ['seacoast', 'beach', 'seashore'],
  撃: ['beat', 'attack', 'defeat', 'conquer'],
  攻: ['aggression', 'attack', 'criticize', 'polish'],
  監: ['oversee', 'official', 'govt office', 'rule', 'administer'],
  杯: ['counter for cupfuls', 'wine glass', 'glass', 'toast'],
  乾: ['drought', 'dry', 'dessicate', 'drink up', 'heaven', 'emperor'],
  催: ['sponsor', 'hold (a meeting)', 'give (a dinner)'],
  促: ['stimulate', 'urge', 'press', 'demand', 'incite'],
  欧: ['Europe'],
  江: ['creek', 'inlet', 'bay'],
  請: ['solicit', 'invite', 'ask'],
  雄: ['masculine', 'male', 'hero', 'leader', 'superiority', 'excellence'],
  韓: ['Korea'],
  壊: ['demolition', 'break', 'destroy'],
  診: ['checkup', 'seeing', 'diagnose', 'examine'],
  閣: ['tower', 'tall building', 'palace'],
  僚: ['colleague', 'official', 'companion'],
  積: [
    'product (x*y)',
    'pile up',
  督: ['coach', 'command', 'urge', 'lead', 'supervise'],
  臣: ['retainer', 'subject'],
  略: ['abbreviation', 'omission', 'outline', 'shorten', 'capture', 'plunder'],
  航: ['navigate', 'sail', 'cruise', 'fly'],
  寄: [
    'draw near',
    'stop in',
    'bring near',
  板: ['plank', 'board', 'plate', 'stage'],
  街: ['boulevard', 'street', 'town'],
  宗: ['religion', 'sect', 'denomination', 'main point', 'origin', 'essence'],
  緊: ['tense', 'solid', 'hard', 'reliable', 'tight'],
  娘: ['daughter', 'girl'],
  宴: ['banquet', 'feast', 'party'],
  怖: ['dreadful', 'be frightened', 'fearful'],
  恐: ['fear', 'dread', 'awe'],
  添: [
  猛: ['fierce', 'rave', 'rush', 'become furious', 'wildness', 'strength'],
  烈: ['ardent', 'violent', 'vehement', 'furious', 'severe', 'extreme'],
  索: ['cord', 'rope', 'searching', 'inquiring'],
  詰: ['packed', 'close', 'pressed', 'reprove', 'rebuke', 'blame'],
  詳: ['detailed', 'full', 'minute', 'accurate', 'well-informed'],
  魅: ['fascination', 'charm', 'bewitch'],
  渇: ['thirst', 'dry up', 'parch'],
  系: ['lineage', 'system'],
  婚: ['marriage'],
  遊: ['play'],
  旗: ['national flag', 'banner', 'standard'],
  照: ['illuminate', 'shine', 'compare', 'bashful'],
  快: ['cheerful', 'pleasant', 'agreeable', 'comfortable'],
  版: ['printing block', 'printing plate', 'edition', 'impression', 'label'],
  貧: ['poverty', 'poor'],
  乏: ['destitution', 'scarce', 'limited'],
  適: ['suitable', 'occasional', 'rare', 'qualified', 'capable'],
  預: ['deposit', 'custody', 'leave with', 'entrust to'],
  延: ['prolong', 'stretching'],
  翌: ['the following', 'next'],
  覧: ['perusal', 'see'],
  懐: [
    'miss someone',
    'become attached to',
  押: [
    'do in spite of',
  更: [
    'grow late',
    'night watch',
    'sit up late',
    'of course',
    'more and more',
  枕: ['pillow'],
  浮: ['floating', 'float', 'rise to surface'],
  漏: ['leak', 'escape', 'time'],
  符: ['token', 'sign', 'mark', 'tally', 'charm'],
  購: ['subscription', 'buy'],
  越: ['surpass', 'cross over', 'move to', 'exceed', 'Vietnam'],
  飾: ['decorate', 'ornament', 'adorn', 'embellish'],
  騒: ['boisterous', 'make noise', 'clamor', 'disturb', 'excite'],
  背: [
    'go back on',
  撮: ['snapshot', 'take pictures'],
  盗: ['steal', 'rob', 'pilfer'],
  離: ['detach', 'separation', 'disjoin', 'digress'],
  融: ['dissolve', 'melt'],
  編: [
    'completed poem',
    'part of a book',
  華: [
  既: ['previously', 'already', 'long ago'],
  普: ['universal', 'wide(ly)', 'generally', 'Prussia'],
  豪: ['overpowering', 'great', 'powerful', 'excelling', 'Australia'],
  鑑: ['specimen', 'take warning from', 'learn from'],
  除: ['exclude', 'division (x/3)', 'remove', 'abolish', 'cancel', 'except'],
  尋: ['inquire', 'fathom', 'look for'],
  幾: ['how many', 'how much', 'how far', 'how long', 'some', 'several'],
  廊: ['corridor', 'hall', 'tower'],
  掃: ['sweep', 'brush'],
  泥: ['mud', 'mire', 'adhere to', 'be attached to'],
  棒: ['rod', 'stick', 'cane', 'pole', 'club', 'line'],
  驚: ['wonder', 'be surprised', 'frightened', 'amazed'],
  嘆: ['sigh', 'lament', 'moan', 'grieve', 'sigh of admiration'],
  倉: ['godown', 'warehouse', 'storehouse', 'cellar', 'treasury'],
  孫: ['grandchild', 'descendants'],
  巣: ['nest', 'rookery', 'hive', 'cobweb', 'den'],
  帯: ['sash', 'belt', 'obi', 'zone', 'region'],
  径: ['diameter', 'path', 'method'],
  救: ['salvation', 'save', 'help', 'rescue', 'reclaim'],
  散: ['scatter', 'disperse', 'spend', 'squander'],
  粉: ['flour', 'powder', 'dust'],
  脈: ['vein', 'pulse', 'hope'],
  菜: ['vegetable', 'side dish', 'greens'],
  貨: ['freight', 'goods', 'property'],
  陸: ['land', 'six'],
  似: ['becoming', 'resemble', 'counterfeit', 'imitate', 'suitable'],
  均: ['level', 'average'],
  墓: ['grave', 'tomb'],
  富: ['wealth', 'enrich', 'abundant'],
  徳: ['benevolence', 'virtue', 'goodness', 'commanding respect'],
  探: ['grope', 'search', 'look for'],
  偵: ['spy'],
  綺: ['figured cloth', 'beautiful'],
  序: [
  迎: ['welcome', 'meet', 'greet'],
  志: ['intention', 'plan', 'resolve', 'aspire', 'motive', 'hopes', 'shilling'],
  恩: [
  採: ['pick', 'take', 'fetch', 'take up'],
  桜: ['cherry'],
  永: ['eternity', 'long', 'lengthy'],
  液: ['fluid', 'liquid', 'juice', 'sap', 'secretion'],
  眼: ['eyeball'],
  祖: ['ancestor', 'pioneer', 'founder'],
  績: ['exploits', 'achievements', 'unreeling cocoons'],
  興: ['entertain', 'revive', 'retrieve', 'interest', 'pleasure'],
  衛: ['defense', 'protection'],
  複: ['duplicate', 'double', 'compound', 'multiple'],
  雑: ['miscellaneous'],
  賛: [
    'title or inscription on picture',
    'agree with',
  酸: ['acid', 'bitterness', 'sour', 'tart'],
  銭: ['coin', '.01 yen', 'money'],
  飼: ['domesticate', 'raise', 'keep', 'feed'],
  傷: [
    'weak point',
  党: ['party', 'faction', 'clique'],
  卵: ['egg', 'ovum', 'spawn', 'roe'],
  厳: ['stern', 'strictness', 'severity', 'rigidity'],
  捨: ['discard', 'throw away', 'abandon', 'resign', 'reject', 'sacrifice'],
  込: ['crowded', 'mixture', 'in bulk', 'included', '(kokuji)'],
  密: ['secrecy', 'density (pop)', 'minuteness', 'carefulness'],
  汚: ['dirty', 'pollute', 'disgrace', 'rape', 'defile'],
  欲: ['longing', 'covetousness', 'greed', 'passion', 'desire', 'craving'],
  暖: ['warmth'],
  机: ['desk', 'table'],
  秘: ['secret', 'conceal'],
  訳: ['translate', 'reason', 'circumstance', 'case'],
  染: ['dye', 'color', 'paint', 'stain', 'print'],
  簡: ['simplicity', 'brevity'],
  閉: ['closed', 'shut'],
  誌: ['document', 'records'],
  窓: ['window', 'pane'],
  否: ['negate', 'no', 'noes', 'refuse', 'decline', 'deny'],
  筋: ['muscle', 'sinew', 'tendon', 'fiber', 'plot', 'plan', 'descent'],
  垂: ['droop', 'suspend', 'hang', 'slouch'],
  宝: ['treasure', 'wealth', 'valuables'],
  宣: ['proclaim', 'say', 'announce'],
  尊: ['revered', 'valuable', 'precious', 'noble', 'exalted'],
  忠: ['loyalty', 'fidelity', 'faithfulness'],
  拡: ['broaden', 'extend', 'expand', 'enlarge'],
  操: [
  敬: ['awe', 'respect', 'honor', 'revere'],
  暮: [
    "season's end",
    'make a living',
    'spend time',
  灰: ['ashes', 'puckery juice', 'cremate'],
  熟: ['mellow', 'ripen', 'mature', 'acquire skill'],
  異: [
  皇: ['emperor'],
  盛: ['boom', 'prosper', 'copulate'],
  砂: ['sand'],
  漠: ['vague', 'obscure', 'desert', 'wide'],
  糖: ['sugar'],
  納: ['settlement', 'obtain', 'reap', 'pay', 'supply', 'store'],
  肺: ['lungs'],
  著: [
    'put on',
    'finish (race)',
    'counter for suits of clothing',
    'literary work',
  蒸: ['steam', 'heat', 'sultry', 'foment', 'get musty'],
  蔵: ['storehouse', 'hide', 'own', 'have', 'possess'],
  装: ['attire', 'dress', 'pretend', 'disguise', 'profess'],
  裏: [
    'wrong side',
  諸: ['various', 'many', 'several', 'together'],
  賃: ['fare', 'fee', 'hire', 'rent', 'wages', 'charge'],
  誤: ['mistake', 'err', 'do wrong', 'mislead'],
  臓: ['entrails', 'viscera', 'bowels'],
  貴: ['precious', 'value', 'prize', 'esteem', 'honor'],
  降: ['descend', 'precipitate', 'fall', 'surrender'],
  丼: ['bowl', 'bowl of food'],
  吐: ['spit', 'vomit', 'belch', 'confess', 'tell (lies)'],
  奴: ['guy', 'slave', 'manservant', 'fellow'],
  隷: ['slave', 'servant', 'prisoner', 'criminal', 'follower'],
  芋: ['potato'],
  縮: ['shrink', 'contract', 'shrivel', 'wrinkle', 'reduce'],
  純: ['genuine', 'purity', 'innocence', 'net (profit)'],
  縦: ['vertical', 'length', 'height', 'self-indulgent', 'wayward'],
  粋: [
  聖: ['holy', 'saint', 'sage', 'master', 'priest'],
  磁: ['magnet', 'porcelain'],
  紅: ['crimson', 'deep red'],
  射: ['shoot', 'shine into', 'onto', 'archery'],
  幕: ['curtain', 'bunting', 'act of play'],
  拝: ['worship', 'adore', 'pray to'],
  薦: ['recommend', 'mat', 'advise', 'encourage', 'offer'],
  推: ['conjecture', 'infer', 'guess', 'suppose', 'support', 'push (for)'],
  揮: ['brandish', 'wave', 'wag', 'swing', 'shake'],
  沿: ['run alongside', 'follow along', 'run along', 'lie along'],
  源: ['source', 'origin'],
  劇: ['drama', 'play'],
  勤: ['diligence', 'become employed', 'serve'],
  歓: ['delight', 'joy'],
  承: ['acquiesce', 'hear', 'listen to', 'be informed', 'receive'],
  損: ['damage', 'loss', 'disadvantage', 'hurt', 'injure'],
  枝: ['bough', 'branch', 'twig', 'limb', 'counter for branches'],
  爪: ['claw', 'nail', 'talon'],
  豆: ['beans', 'pea', 'midget'],
  刻: ['engrave', 'cut fine', 'chop', 'hash', 'mince', 'time', 'carving'],
  腐: ['rot', 'decay', 'sour'],
  遅: ['slow', 'late', 'back', 'later'],
  彫: ['carve', 'engrave', 'chisel'],
  測: ['fathom', 'plan', 'scheme', 'measure'],
  破: ['rend', 'rip', 'tear', 'break', 'destroy', 'defeat', 'frustrate'],
  舎: ['cottage', 'inn', 'hut', 'house', 'mansion'],
  講: ['lecture', 'club', 'association'],
  滞: ['stagnate', 'be delayed', 'overdue', 'arrears'],
  紹: ['introduce', 'inherit', 'help'],
  介: ['jammed in', 'shellfish', 'mediate', 'concern oneself with'],
  己: ['self'],
  厄: ['unlucky', 'misfortune', 'bad luck', 'disaster'],
  亀: ['tortoise', 'turtle'],
  互: ['mutually', 'reciprocally', 'together'],
  剣: ['sabre', 'sword', 'blade', 'clock hand'],
  寿: ['longevity', 'congratulations', "one's natural life"],
  彼: ['he', 'that', 'the'],
  恥: ['shame', 'dishonor'],
  杉: ['cedar', 'cryptomeria'],
  汁: ['soup', 'juice', 'broth', 'sap', 'gravy', 'pus'],
  噌: ['boisterous'],
  炎: ['inflammation', 'flame', 'blaze'],
  為: [
    'be of use',
    'reach to',
    'serve as',
    'as a result of',
  熊: ['bear'],
  獄: ['prison', 'jail'],
  酔: ['drunk', 'feel sick', 'poisoned', 'elated', 'spellbound'],
  酢: ['vinegar', 'sour', 'acid', 'tart'],
  鍋: ['pot', 'pan', 'kettle'],
  湖: ['lake'],
  銅: ['copper'],
  払: ['pay', 'clear out', 'prune', 'banish', 'dispose of'],
  油: ['oil', 'fat'],
  醤: ['a kind of miso'],
  旧: ['old times', 'old things', 'old friend', 'former', 'ex-'],
  姓: ['surname'],
  貿: ['trade', 'exchange'],
  将: [
    'and again',
    'from now on',
    'just about',
  盟: ['alliance', 'oath'],
  遺: ['bequeath', 'leave behind', 'reserve'],
  伸: ['expand', 'stretch', 'extend', 'lengthen', 'increase'],
  債: ['bond', 'loan', 'debt'],
  及: ['reach out', 'exert', 'exercise', 'cause'],
  奈: ['Nara', 'what?'],
  幅: ['hanging scroll', 'width'],
  廃: ['abolish', 'obsolete', 'cessation', 'discarding', 'abandon'],
  甘: ['sweet', 'coax', 'pamper', 'be content', 'sugary'],
  換: ['interchange', 'period', 'change', 'convert', 'replace', 'renew'],
  摘: ['pinch', 'pick', 'pluck', 'trim', 'clip', 'summarize'],
  核: ['nucleus', 'core', 'kernel'],
  沖: ['open sea', 'offing', 'rise high into sky'],
  縄: ['straw rope', 'cord'],
  津: ['haven', 'port', 'harbor', 'ferry'],
  献: ['offering', 'counter for drinks', 'present', 'offer'],
  療: ['heal', 'cure'],
  継: ['inherit', 'succeed', 'continue', 'patch', 'graft (tree)'],
  維: ['fiber', 'tie', 'rope'],
  舞: ['dance', 'flit', 'circle', 'wheel'],
  伎: ['deed', 'skill'],
  踏: ['step', 'trample', 'carry through', 'appraise', 'evade payment'],
  般: ['carrier', 'carry', 'all', 'general', 'sort', 'kind'],
  頼: ['trust', 'request'],
  依: ['reliant', 'depend on', 'consequently', 'therefore', 'due to'],
  鹿: ['deer'],
  諾: ['consent', 'assent', 'agreement'],
  牙: ['tusk', 'fang'],
  跳: [
    'leap up',
  昭: ['shining', 'bright'],
  漁: ['fishing', 'fishery'],
  償: ['reparation', 'make up for', 'recompense', 'redeem'],
  刑: ['punish', 'penalty', 'sentence', 'punishment'],
  募: [
    'gather (contributions)',
    'grow violent',
  執: ['tenacious', 'take hold', 'grasp', 'take to heart'],
  塁: ['bases', 'fort', 'rampart', 'walls', 'base(ball)'],
  崩: ['crumble', 'die', 'demolish', 'level'],
  患: ['afflicted', 'disease', 'suffer from', 'be ill'],
  戻: ['re-', 'return', 'revert', 'resume', 'restore', 'go backwards'],
  抗: ['confront', 'resist', 'defy', 'oppose'],
  抵: ['resist', 'reach', 'touch'],
  旬: ['decameron', 'ten-day period', 'season (for specific products)'],
  湾: ['gulf', 'bay', 'inlet'],
  爆: ['bomb', 'burst open', 'pop', 'split'],
  弾: ['bullet', 'twang', 'flip', 'snap'],
  聴: ['listen', 'headstrong', 'naughty', 'careful inquiry'],
  跡: ['tracks', 'mark', 'print', 'impression'],
  遣: ['dispatch', 'despatch', 'send', 'give', 'donate', 'do', 'undertake'],
  闘: ['fight', 'war'],
  陣: ['camp', 'battle array', 'ranks', 'position', 'sudden', 'brief time'],
  香: ['incense', 'smell', 'perfume'],
  兆: ['portent', '10**12', 'trillion', 'sign', 'omen', 'symptoms'],
  臨: ['look to', 'face', 'meet', 'confront', 'attend', 'call on'],
  削: ['plane', 'sharpen', 'whittle', 'pare', 'shave'],
  契: ['pledge', 'promise', 'vow'],
  恵: ['favor', 'blessing', 'grace', 'kindness'],
  抱: ['embrace', 'hug', 'hold in arms'],
  掲: [
    'put up (a notice)',
    'put up',
    'hang out',
  狙: ['aim at', 'sight', 'shadow', 'stalk'],
  葬: ['interment', 'bury', 'shelve'],
  需: ['demand', 'request', 'need'],
  齢: ['age'],
  宜: ['best regards', 'good'],
  繰: ['winding', 'reel', 'spin', 'turn (pages)', 'look up', 'refer to'],
  避: ['evade', 'avoid', 'avert', 'ward off', 'shirk', 'shun'],
  妊: ['pregnancy'],
  娠: ['with child', 'pregnancy'],
  致: ['doth', 'do', 'send', 'forward', 'cause', 'exert', 'incur', 'engage'],
  刊: ['publish', 'carve', 'engrave'],
  奏: ['play music', 'speak to a ruler', 'complete'],
  伴: ['consort', 'accompany', 'bring with', 'companion'],
  併: ['join', 'get together', 'unite', 'collective'],
  傾: ['lean', 'incline', 'tilt', 'trend', 'wane', 'sink', 'ruin', 'bias'],
  却: [
    'on the contrary',
    'step back',
  奥: ['heart', 'interior'],
  慮: ['prudence', 'thought', 'concern', 'consider', 'deliberate', 'fear'],
  懸: [
    'state of suspension',
    'far apart',
  房: [
    'lock (hair)',
    'segment (orange)',
  扱: ['handle', 'entertain', 'thresh', 'strip'],
  抑: [
    'in the first place',
    'do in spite of',
  択: ['choose', 'select', 'elect', 'prefer'],
  描: ['sketch', 'compose', 'write', 'draw', 'paint'],
  盤: ['tray', 'shallow bowl', 'platter', 'tub', 'board', 'phonograph record'],
  称: ['appellation', 'praise', 'admire', 'name', 'title', 'fame'],
  緒: [
    'mental or emotional state',
  緩: ['slacken', 'loosen', 'relax', 'lessen', 'be moderate', 'ease'],
  託: ['consign', 'requesting', 'entrusting with', 'pretend', 'hint'],
  賄: ['bribe', 'board', 'supply', 'finance'],
  賂: ['bribe'],
  贈: [
    'give to',
    'award to',
    'confer on',
    'presenting something',
  逃: ['escape', 'flee', 'shirk', 'evade', 'set free'],
  還: ['send back', 'return'],
  超: ['transcend', 'super-', 'ultra-'],
  邦: ['home country', 'country', 'Japan'],
  鈴: ['small bell', 'buzzer'],
  阜: ['hill', 'mound'],
  岐: ['branch off', 'fork in road', 'scene', 'arena', 'theater'],
  隆: ['hump', 'high', 'noble', 'prosperity'],
  雇: ['employ', 'hire'],
  控: ['withdraw', 'draw in', 'hold back', 'refrain from', 'be moderate'],
  壁: ['wall', 'lining (stomach)', 'fence'],
  棋: ['chess piece', 'Japanese chess', 'shogi'],
  渋: ['astringent', 'hesitate', 'reluctant', 'have diarrhea'],
  片: ['one-sided', 'leaf', 'sheet'],
  群: ['flock', 'group', 'crowd', 'herd', 'swarm', 'cluster'],
  仙: ['hermit', 'wizard', 'cent'],
  充: ['allot', 'fill'],
  免: ['excuse', 'dismissal'],
  勧: ['persuade', 'recommend', 'advise', 'encourage', 'offer'],
  圏: ['sphere', 'circle', 'radius', 'range'],
  埋: ['bury', 'be filled up', 'embedded'],
  埼: ['cape', 'spit', 'promontory'],
  奪: ['rob', 'take by force', 'snatch away', 'dispossess', 'plunder', 'usurp'],
  御: ['honorable', 'manipulate', 'govern'],
  慎: ['humility', 'be careful', 'discreet', 'prudent'],
  拒: ['repel', 'refuse', 'reject', 'decline'],
  枠: ['frame', 'framework', 'spindle', 'spool', 'bounding-box', '(kokuji)'],
  甲: [
    'high (voice)',
    'A grade',
    'first class',
  斐: ['beautiful', 'patterned'],
  祉: ['welfare', 'happiness'],
  稲: ['rice plant'],
  譲: ['defer', 'turnover', 'transfer', 'convey'],
  謙: ['self-effacing', 'humble oneself', 'condescend', 'be modest'],
  躍: ['leap', 'dance', 'skip'],
  銃: ['gun', 'arms'],
  項: ['paragraph', 'nape of neck', 'clause', 'item', 'term (expression)'],
  鋼: ['steel'],
  顧: ['look back', 'review', 'examine oneself', 'turn around'],
  駐: ['stop-over', 'reside in', 'resident'],
  駆: ['drive', 'run', 'gallop', 'advance', 'inspire', 'impel'],
  柱: ['pillar', 'post', 'cylinder', 'support'],
  唱: ['chant', 'recite', 'call upon', 'yell'],
  孝: ['filial piety', "child's respect"],
  俊: ['sagacious', 'genius', 'excellence'],
  兼: ['concurrently', 'and', 'beforehand', 'in advance'],
  剤: ['dose', 'medicine', 'drug'],
  吹: ['blow', 'breathe', 'puff', 'emit', 'smoke'],
  堀: ['ditch', 'moat', 'canal'],
  巡: ['patrol', 'go around', 'circumference'],
  戒: ['commandment'],
  排: ['repudiate', 'exclude', 'expel', 'reject', 'line up', 'arrange'],
  携: ['portable', 'carry (in hand)', 'armed with', 'bring along'],
  敏: ['cleverness', 'agile', 'alert'],
  鋭: ['pointed', 'sharpness', 'edge', 'weapon', 'sharp', 'violent'],
  敷: ['spread', 'pave', 'sit', 'promulgate'],
  殿: ['Mr.', 'hall', 'mansion', 'palace', 'temple', 'lord'],
  犠: ['sacrifice'],
  獲: ['seize', 'get', 'find', 'earn', 'acquire', 'can', 'may', 'able to'],
  茂: ['overgrown', 'grow thick', 'be luxuriant'],
  繁: ['luxuriant', 'thick', 'overgrown', 'frequency', 'complexity', 'trouble'],
  頻: ['repeatedly', 'recur'],
  殖: ['augment', 'increase', 'multiply', 'raise'],
  薄: ['dilute', 'thin', 'weak (tea)', 'pampas grass'],
  衝: [
    'opposition (astronomy)',
  誉: ['reputation', 'praise', 'honor', 'glory'],
  褒: ['praise', 'extol'],
  透: ['transparent', 'permeate', 'filter', 'penetrate'],
  隣: ['neighboring'],
  雅: ['gracious', 'elegant', 'graceful', 'refined'],
  遜: ['humble', 'modest'],
  伺: ['pay respects', 'visit', 'ask', 'inquire', 'question', 'implore'],
  徹: ['penetrate', 'clear', 'pierce', 'strike home', 'sit up (all night)'],
  瀬: ['rapids', 'current', 'torrent', 'shallows', 'shoal'],
  撤: ['remove', 'withdraw', 'disarm', 'dismantle', 'reject', 'exclude'],
  措: ['set aside', 'give up', 'suspend', 'discontinue', 'lay aside', 'except'],
  拠: ['foothold', 'based on', 'follow', 'therefore'],
  儀: ['ceremony', 'rule', 'affair', 'case', 'a matter'],
  樹: ['timber', 'trees', 'wood', 'establish', 'set up'],
  棄: ['abandon', 'throw away', 'discard', 'resign', 'reject', 'sacrifice'],
  虎: ['tiger', 'drunkard'],
  蛍: ['lightning-bug', 'firefly'],
  蜂: ['bee', 'wasp', 'hornet'],
  酎: ['sake'],
  蜜: ['honey', 'nectar', 'molasses'],
  墟: ['ruins'],
  艦: ['warship'],
  潜: ['submerge', 'conceal', 'hide', 'lower (voice)', 'hush'],
  拳: ['fist'],
  炭: ['charcoal', 'coal'],
  畑: ['farm', 'field', 'garden', "one's specialty", '(kokuji)'],
  包: ['wrap', 'pack up', 'cover', 'conceal'],
  衣: ['garment', 'clothes', 'dressing'],
  仁: ['humanity', 'virtue', 'benevolence', 'charity', 'man', 'kernel'],
  鉱: ['mineral', 'ore'],
  至: ['climax', 'arrive', 'proceed', 'reach', 'attain', 'result in'],
  誠: ['sincerity', 'admonish', 'warn', 'prohibit', 'truth', 'fidelity'],
  郷: ['home town', 'village', 'native place', 'district'],
  侵: ['encroach', 'invade', 'raid', 'trespass', 'violate'],
  偽: ['falsehood', 'lie', 'deceive', 'pretend', 'counterfeit', 'forgery'],
  克: ['overcome', 'kindly', 'skillfully'],
  到: ['arrival', 'proceed', 'reach', 'attain', 'result in'],
  双: ['pair', 'set', 'comparison', 'counter for pairs'],
  哲: ['philosophy', 'clear'],
  喪: ['miss', 'mourning'],
  堅: ['strict', 'hard', 'solid', 'tough', 'tight', 'reliable'],
  床: ['bed', 'counter for beds', 'floor', 'padding', 'tatami'],
  括: ['fasten', 'tie up', 'arrest', 'constrict'],
  弧: ['arc', 'arch', 'bow'],
  挑: ['challenge', 'contend for', 'make love to'],
  掘: ['dig', 'delve', 'excavate'],
  揚: ['raise', 'elevate', 'hoist', 'praise', 'extol', 'fry in deep fat'],
  握: ['grip', 'hold', 'mould sushi', 'bribe'],
  揺: ['swing', 'shake', 'sway', 'rock', 'tremble', 'vibrate'],
  斎: ['purification', 'Buddhist food', 'room', 'worship', 'avoid', 'alike'],
  暫: ['temporarily', 'a while', 'moment', 'long time'],
  析: ['chop', 'divide', 'tear', 'analyze'],
  枢: ['hinge', 'pivot', 'door'],
  軸: ['axis', 'pivot', 'stem', 'stalk', 'counter for book scrolls'],
  柄: [
  泊: ['overnight stay', 'put up at', 'ride at anchor'],
  滑: ['slippery', 'slide', 'slip', 'flunk'],
  潟: ['lagoon'],
  焦: ['char', 'hurry', 'impatient', 'irritate', 'burn', 'scorch', 'singe'],
  範: ['pattern', 'example', 'model'],
  紛: ['distract', 'be mistaken for', 'go astray', 'divert'],
  糾: ['twist', 'ask', 'investigate', 'verify'],
  綱: ['hawser', 'class (genus)', 'rope', 'cord', 'cable'],
  網: ['netting', 'network'],
  肝: ['liver', 'pluck', 'nerve', 'chutzpah'],
  芝: ['turf', 'lawn'],
  荒: ['laid waste', 'rough', 'rude', 'wild'],
  袋: ['sack', 'bag', 'pouch'],
  誰: ['who', 'someone', 'somebody'],
  珍: ['rare', 'curious', 'strange'],
  裂: ['split', 'rend', 'tear'],
  襲: ['attack', 'advance on', 'succeed to', 'pile', 'heap'],
  貢: ['tribute', 'support', 'finance'],
  趣: [
    'proceed to',
  距: ['long-distance', 'spur', 'fetlock'],
  籍: ['enroll', 'domiciliary register', 'membership'],
  露: ['dew', 'tears', 'expose', 'Russia'],
  牧: ['breed', 'care for', 'shepherd', 'feed', 'pasture'],
  刷: ['printing', 'print', 'brush'],
  朗: ['melodious', 'clear', 'bright', 'serene', 'cheerful'],
  潮: ['tide', 'salt water', 'opportunity'],
  即: ['instant', 'namely', 'as is', 'conform', 'agree', 'adapt'],
  垣: ['hedge', 'fence', 'wall'],
  威: ['intimidate', 'dignity', 'majesty', 'menace', 'threaten'],
  封: ['seal', 'closing'],
  筒: ['cylinder', 'pipe', 'tube', 'gun barrel', 'sleeve'],
  岳: ['point', 'peak', 'mountain'],
  慰: [
    'make sport of',
  懇: ['sociable', 'kind', 'courteous', 'hospitable', 'cordial'],
  懲: ['penal', 'chastise', 'punish', 'discipline'],
  摩: ['chafe', 'rub', 'polish', 'grind', 'scrape'],
  擦: ['grate', 'rub', 'scratch', 'scrape', 'chafe', 'scour'],
  撲: ['slap', 'strike', 'hit', 'beat', 'tell', 'speak'],
  斉: ['adjusted', 'alike', 'equal', 'similar variety of'],
  旨: [
    'show a liking for',
  柔: ['tender', 'weakness', 'gentleness', 'softness'],
  沈: ['sink', 'be submerged', 'subside', 'be depressed', 'aloes'],
  沼: ['marsh', 'lake', 'bog', 'swamp', 'pond'],
  泰: [
  滅: ['destroy', 'ruin', 'overthrow', 'perish'],
  滋: ['nourishing', 'more and more', 'be luxuriant', 'planting', 'turbidity'],
  炉: ['hearth', 'furnace', 'kiln', 'reactor'],
  琴: ['harp', 'koto'],
  寸: ['measurement', 'tenth of a shaku', 'a little', 'small'],
  竜: ['dragon', 'imperial'],
  縁: [
  翼: ['wing', 'plane', 'flank'],
  吉: ['good luck', 'joy', 'congratulations'],
  刃: ['blade', 'sword', 'edge'],
  忍: ['endure', 'bear', 'put up with', 'conceal', 'secrete', 'spy', 'sneak'],
  桃: ['peach'],
  辛: ['spicy', 'bitter', 'hot', 'acrid'],
  謎: ['riddle', 'puzzle', 'enigma', 'hint', 'tip'],
  侍: ['waiter', 'samurai', 'wait upon', 'serve'],
  俺: ['I', 'myself'],
  叱: ['scold', 'reprove'],
  娯: ['recreation', 'pleasure'],
  斗: ['Big Dipper', 'ten sho (vol)', 'sake dipper'],
  朱: ['vermilion', 'cinnabar', 'scarlet', 'red', 'bloody'],
  丘: ['hill', 'knoll'],
  梨: ['pear tree'],
  僕: ['me', 'I (male)', 'servant', 'manservant'],
  匹: ['equal', 'head', 'counter for small animals', 'roll of cloth'],
  叫: ['shout', 'exclaim', 'yell'],
  釣: ['angling', 'fish', 'catch', 'allure', 'ensnare'],
  髪: ['hair of the head'],
  嵐: ['storm', 'tempest'],
  笠: ['bamboo hat', "one's influence"],
  涙: ['tears', 'sympathy'],
  缶: ['tin can', 'container'],
  姫: ['princess'],
  棚: ['shelf', 'ledge', 'rack', 'mount', 'mantle', 'trellis'],
  粒: ['grains', 'drop', 'counter for tiny particles'],
  砲: ['cannon', 'gun'],
  雷: ['thunder', 'lightning bolt'],
  芽: ['bud', 'sprout', 'spear', 'germ'],
  塔: ['pagoda', 'tower', 'steeple'],
  澄: [
    'be clear',
    'look grave',
  矛: ['halberd', 'arms', 'festival float'],
  肌: ['texture', 'skin', 'body', 'grain'],
  舟: ['boat', 'ship'],
  鐘: ['bell', 'gong', 'chimes'],
  凶: ['villain', 'evil', 'bad luck', 'disaster'],
  塊: ['clod', 'lump', 'chunk', 'clot', 'mass'],
  狩: ['hunt', 'raid', 'gather'],
  頃: ['time', 'about', 'toward'],
  魂: ['soul', 'spirit'],
  脚: ['skids', 'leg', 'undercarriage', 'lower part', 'base'],
  也: ['to be (classical)'],
  井: ['well', 'well crib', 'town', 'community'],
  呪: ['spell', 'curse', 'charm', 'malediction'],
  嬢: ['lass', 'girl', 'Miss', 'daughter'],
  暦: ['calendar', 'almanac'],
  曇: ['cloudy weather', 'cloud up'],
  眺: ['stare', 'watch', 'look at', 'see', 'scrutinize'],
  裸: ['naked', 'nude', 'uncovered', 'partially clothed'],
  賭: ['gamble', 'wager', 'bet'],
  疲: ['exhausted', 'tire', 'weary'],
  塾: ['cram school', 'private school'],
  卓: ['eminent', 'table', 'desk', 'high'],
  磨: ['grind', 'polish', 'scour', 'improve', 'brush (teeth)'],
  菌: ['germ', 'fungus', 'bacteria'],
  陰: ['shade', 'yin', 'negative', 'sex organs', 'secret', 'shadow'],
  霊: ['spirits', 'soul'],
  湿: ['damp', 'wet', 'moist'],
  硬: ['stiff', 'hard'],
  稼: ['earnings', 'work', 'earn money'],
  嫁: ['marry into', 'bride'],
  溝: ['gutter', 'ditch', 'sewer', 'drain', '10**32'],
  滝: ['waterfall', 'rapids', 'cascade'],
  狂: ['lunatic', 'insane', 'crazy', 'confuse'],
  翔: ['soar', 'fly'],
  墨: ['black ink', 'India ink', 'ink stick', 'Mexico'],
  鳩: ['pigeon', 'dove'],
  穏: ['calm', 'quiet', 'moderation'],
  鈍: ['dull', 'slow', 'foolish', 'blunt'],
  魔: ['witch', 'demon', 'evil spirit'],
  寮: ['dormitory', 'hostel', 'villa', 'tea pavillion'],
  盆: ['basin', 'lantern festival', 'tray'],
  棟: ['ridgepole', 'ridge'],
  吾: ['I', 'my', 'our', "one's own"],
  斬: ['beheading', 'kill', 'murder'],
  寧: ['rather', 'preferably', 'peaceful', 'quiet', 'tranquility'],
  椅: ['chair'],
  歳: ['year-end', 'age', 'occasion', 'opportunity'],
  涼: ['refreshing', 'nice and cool'],
  猿: ['monkey'],
  瞳: ['pupil (of eye)'],
  鍵: ['key'],
  零: ['zero', 'spill', 'overflow', 'nothing', 'cipher'],
  碁: ['Go'],
  租: ['tariff', 'crop tax', 'borrowing'],
  幽: [
    'confine to a room',
  泡: ['bubbles', 'foam', 'suds', 'froth'],
  癖: ['mannerism', 'habit', 'vice', 'trait', 'fault', 'kink'],
  鍛: ['forge', 'discipline', 'train'],
  錬: ['tempering', 'refine', 'drill', 'train', 'polish'],
  穂: ['ear', 'ear (grain)', 'head', 'crest (wave)'],
  帝: ['sovereign', 'the emperor', 'god', 'creator'],
  瞬: ['wink', 'blink', 'twinkle'],
  菊: ['chrysanthemum'],
  誇: ['boast', 'be proud', 'pride', 'triumphantly'],
  庄: ['level', 'in the country', 'manor', 'village', 'hamlet'],
  阻: ['thwart', 'separate from', 'prevent', 'obstruct', 'deter', 'impede'],
  黙: ['silence', 'become silent', 'stop speaking', 'leave as is'],
  俵: ['bag', 'bale', 'sack', 'counter for bags'],
  綿: ['cotton'],
  架: ['erect', 'frame', 'mount', 'support', 'shelf', 'construct'],
  砕: ['smash', 'break', 'crush', 'familiar', 'popular'],
  粘: ['sticky', 'glutinous', 'greasy', 'persevere'],
  粧: ['cosmetics', "adorn (one's person)"],
  欺: ['deceit', 'cheat', 'delude'],
  詐: ['lie', 'falsehood', 'deceive', 'pretend'],
  霧: ['fog', 'mist'],
  柳: ['willow'],
  伊: ['Italy', 'that one'],
  佐: ['assistant', 'help'],
  尺: ['shaku', 'Japanese foot', 'measure', 'scale', 'rule'],
  哀: ['pathetic', 'grief', 'sorrow', 'pathos', 'pity', 'sympathize'],
  唇: ['lips'],
  塀: ['fence', 'wall', '(kokuji)'],
  墜: ['crash', 'fall (down)'],
  如: ['likeness', 'like', 'such as', 'as if', 'better', 'best', 'equal'],
  婆: ['old woman', 'grandma', 'wet nurse'],
  崖: ['cliff', 'bluff', 'precipice'],
  帽: ['cap', 'headgear'],
  幣: [
    'bad habit',
    'humble prefix',
    'Shinto offerings of cloth',
    'cut paper',
  恨: ['regret', 'bear a grudge', 'resentment', 'malice', 'hatred'],
  憎: ['hate', 'detest'],
  憩: ['recess', 'rest', 'relax', 'repose'],
  扇: ['fan', 'folding fan'],
  扉: ['front door', 'title page', 'front page'],
  挿: ['insert', 'put in', 'graft', 'wear (sword)'],
  掌: ['manipulate', 'rule', 'administer', 'conduct', 'palm of hand'],
  滴: ['drip', 'drop'],
  炊: ['cook', 'boil'],
  爽: ['refreshing', 'bracing', 'resonant', 'sweet', 'clear'],
  畳: [
    'tatami mat',
    'counter for tatami mats',
    'shut up',
    'do away with',
  瞭: ['clear'],
  箸: ['chopsticks'],
  胴: ['trunk', 'torso', 'hull (ship)', 'hub of wheel'],
  芯: ['wick'],
  虹: ['rainbow'],
  帳: ['notebook', 'account book', 'album', 'curtain', 'veil', 'net', 'tent'],
  蚊: ['mosquito'],
  蛇: ['snake', 'serpent', 'hard drinker'],
  貼: ['stick', 'paste', 'apply'],
  辱: ['embarrass', 'humiliate', 'shame'],
  鉢: ['bowl', 'rice tub', 'pot', 'crown'],
  闇: ['get dark', 'gloom', 'disorder'],
  隙: ['crevice', 'fissure', 'discord', 'opportunity', 'leisure'],
  霜: ['frost'],
  飢: ['hungry', 'starve'],
  餓: ['starve', 'hungry', 'thirst'],
  畜: ['livestock', 'domestic fowl and animals'],
  迅: ['swift', 'fast'],
  騎: ['equestrian', 'riding on horses', 'counter for equestrians'],
  蓄: ['amass', 'raise', 'hoard', 'store'],
  尽: ['exhaust', 'use up', 'run out of', 'deplete', 'befriend', 'serve'],
  彩: ['coloring', 'paint', 'makeup'],
  憶: ['recollection', 'think', 'remember'],
  溶: ['melt', 'dissolve', 'thaw'],
  耐: ['-proof', 'enduring'],
  踊: ['jump', 'dance', 'leap', 'skip'],
  賢: ['intelligent', 'wise', 'wisdom', 'cleverness'],
  輝: ['radiance', 'shine', 'sparkle', 'gleam', 'twinkle'],
  脅: ['threaten', 'coerce'],
  麻: ['hemp', 'flax', 'numb'],
  灯: ['lamp', 'a light', 'light', 'counter for lights'],
  咲: ['blossom', 'bloom'],
  培: ['cultivate', 'foster'],
  悔: ['repent', 'regret'],
  脇: ['armpit', 'the other way', 'another place', 'flank', 'supporting role'],
  遂: ['consummate', 'accomplish', 'attain', 'commit (suicide)'],
  班: ['squad', 'corps', 'unit', 'group'],
  塗: ['paint', 'plaster', 'daub', 'smear', 'coating'],
  斜: ['diagonal', 'slanting', 'oblique'],
  殴: ['assault', 'hit', 'beat', 'thrash'],
  盾: ['shield', 'escutcheon', 'pretext'],
  穫: ['harvest', 'reap'],
  巾: ['towel', 'hanging scroll', 'width'],
  駒: ['pony', 'horse', 'colt'],
  紫: ['purple', 'violet'],
  抽: ['pluck', 'pull', 'extract', 'excel'],
  誓: ['vow', 'swear', 'pledge'],
  悟: ['enlightenment', 'perceive', 'discern', 'realize', 'understand'],
  拓: ['clear (the land)', 'open', 'break up (land)'],
  拘: ['arrest', 'seize', 'concerned', 'adhere to', 'despite'],
  礎: ['cornerstone', 'foundation stone'],
  鶴: ['crane', 'stork'],
  刈: ['reap', 'cut', 'clip', 'trim', 'prune'],
  剛: ['sturdy', 'strength'],
  唯: ['solely', 'only', 'merely', 'simply'],
  壇: ['podium', 'stage', 'rostrum', 'terrace'],
  尼: ['nun'],
  概: ['outline', 'condition', 'approximation', 'generally'],
  浸: ['immersed', 'soak', 'dip', 'steep', 'moisten', 'wet', 'dunk'],
  淡: ['thin', 'faint', 'pale', 'fleeting'],
  煮: ['boil', 'cook'],
  覆: ['capsize', 'cover', 'shade', 'mantle', 'be ruined'],
  謀: [
    'impose on',
    'have in mind',
  陶: ['pottery', 'porcelain'],
  隔: ['isolate', 'alternate', 'distance', 'separate', 'gulf'],
  征: ['subjugate', 'attack the rebellious', 'collect taxes'],
  陛: ['highness', 'steps (of throne)'],
  俗: ['vulgar', 'customs', 'manners', 'worldliness', 'mundane things'],
  桑: ['mulberry'],
  潤: [
    'be watered',
    'profit by',
    'receive benefits',
  珠: ['pearl', 'gem', 'jewel'],
  衰: ['decline', 'wane', 'weaken'],
  奨: ['exhort', 'urge', 'encourage'],
  劣: ['inferiority', 'be inferior to', 'be worse'],
  勘: ['intuition', 'perception', 'check', 'compare', 'sixth sense'],
  妃: ['queen', 'princess'],
  丈: [
    'ten shaku',
    'all (one has)',
    "that's all",
  峰: ['summit', 'peak'],
  巧: ['adroit', 'skilled', 'ingenuity'],
  邪: ['wicked', 'injustice', 'wrong'],
  駄: [
    'pack horse',
    'horse load',
    'send by horse',
  唐: ["T'ang", 'China', 'foreign'],
  廷: ['courts', 'imperial court', 'government office'],
  鬱: ['gloom', 'depression', 'melancholy', 'luxuriant'],
  鰐: ['alligator', 'crocodile'],
  蟹: ['crab'],
  簿: ['register', 'record book'],
  彰: ['patent', 'clear'],
  漫: [
    'in spite of oneself',
  訂: ['revise', 'correct', 'decide'],
  諮: ['consult with'],
  銘: ['inscription', 'signature (of artisan)'],
  堰: ['dam', 'prevent', 'stop up'],
  堤: ['dike', 'bank', 'embankment'],
  漂: ['drift', 'float (on liquid)'],
  翻: ['flip', 'turn over', 'wave', 'flutter', 'change (mind)'],
  軌: ['rut', 'wheel', 'track', 'model', 'way of doing'],
  后: ['empress', 'queen', 'after', 'behind', 'back', 'later'],
  奮: ['stirred up', 'be invigorated', 'flourish'],
  亭: [
    'music hall',
    'stage name',
  仰: [
    'look up',
  伯: ['chief', 'count', 'earl', 'uncle', 'Brazil'],
  偶: ['accidentally', 'even number', 'couple', 'man and wife', 'same kind'],
  淀: ['pool', 'eddy'],
  墳: ['tomb', 'mound'],
  壮: ['robust', 'manhood', 'prosperity'],
  把: ['grasp', 'faggot', 'bunch', 'counter for bundles'],
  搬: ['conveyor', 'carry', 'transport'],
  晶: ['sparkle', 'clear', 'crystal'],
  洞: ['den', 'cave', 'excavation'],
  涯: ['horizon', 'shore', 'limit', 'bound'],
  疫: ['epidemic'],
  孔: ['cavity', 'hole', 'slit', 'very', 'great', 'exceedingly'],
  偉: [
  頂: ['place on the head', 'receive', 'top of head', 'top', 'summit', 'peak'],
  召: [
    'send for',
    'put on',
    'ride in',
    'catch (cold)',
  挟: ['pinch', 'between'],
  枯: ['wither', 'die', 'dry up', 'be seasoned'],
  沸: ['seethe', 'boil', 'ferment', 'uproar', 'breed'],
  濯: ['laundry', 'wash', 'pour on', 'rinse'],
  燥: ['parch', 'dry up'],
  瓶: ['bottle', 'vial', 'jar', 'jug', 'vat', 'urn'],
  耕: ['till', 'plow', 'cultivate'],
  肯: ['agreement', 'consent', 'comply with'],
  脂: ['fat', 'grease', 'tallow', 'lard', 'rosin', 'gum', 'tar'],
  膚: ['skin', 'body', 'grain', 'texture', 'disposition'],
  軒: ['flats', 'counter for houses', 'eaves'],
  軟: ['soft'],
  郊: ['outskirts', 'suburbs', 'rural area'],
  隅: ['corner', 'nook'],
  隻: [
    'counter for ships',
    'one of a pair',
  邸: ['residence', 'mansion'],
  郡: ['county', 'district'],
  釈: ['explanation'],
  肪: ['obese', 'fat'],
  喚: ['yell', 'cry', 'call', 'scream', 'summon'],
  媛: ['beautiful woman', 'princess'],
  貞: ['upright', 'chastity', 'constancy', 'righteousness'],
  玄: ['mysterious', 'occultness', 'black', 'deep', 'profound'],
  苗: ['seedling', 'sapling', 'shoot'],
  渦: ['whirlpool', 'eddy', 'vortex'],
  慈: ['mercy'],
  襟: ['collar', 'neck', 'lapel', "one's inner feelings"],
  蓮: ['lotus'],
  亮: ['clear', 'help'],
  聡: ['wise', 'fast learner'],
  浦: ['bay', 'creek', 'inlet', 'gulf', 'beach', 'seacoast'],
  塚: ['hillock', 'mound'],
  陥: ['collapse', 'fall into', 'cave in', 'fall (castle)', 'slide into'],
  貫: ['pierce', '8 1/3lbs', 'penetrate', 'brace'],
  覇: ['hegemony', 'supremacy', 'leadership', 'champion'],
  呂: ['spine', 'backbone'],
  茨: ['briar', 'thorn'],
  擁: ['hug', 'embrace', 'possess', 'protect', 'lead'],
  孤: ['orphan', 'alone'],
  賠: ['compensation', 'indemnify'],
  鎖: ['chain', 'irons', 'connection'],
  噴: ['erupt', 'spout', 'emit', 'flush out'],
  祥: ['auspicious', 'happiness', 'blessedness', 'good omen', 'good fortune'],
  牲: ['animal sacrifice', 'offering'],
  秩: ['regularity', 'salary', 'order'],
  唆: ['tempt', 'seduce', 'instigate', 'promote'],
  膨: ['swell', 'get fat', 'thick'],
  芳: ['perfume', 'balmy', 'favorable', 'fragrant'],
  恒: ['constancy', 'always'],
  倫: ['ethics', 'companion'],
  陳: ['exhibit', 'state', 'relate', 'explain'],
  須: ['ought', 'by all means', 'necessarily'],
  偏: ['partial', 'side', 'left-side radical', 'inclining', 'biased'],
  遇: [
    'deal with',
  糧: ['provisions', 'food', 'bread'],
  殊: ['particularly', 'especially', 'exceptionally'],
  慢: ['ridicule', 'laziness'],
  没: ['drown', 'sink', 'hide', 'fall into', 'disappear', 'die'],
  怠: ['neglect', 'laziness'],
  遭: ['encounter', 'meet', 'party', 'association', 'interview', 'join'],
  惰: ['lazy', 'laziness'],
  猟: ['game-hunting', 'shooting', 'game', 'bag'],
  乃: ['from', 'possessive particle', 'whereupon', 'accordingly'],
  綾: ['design', 'figured cloth', 'twill'],
  颯: ['sudden', 'quick', 'sound of the wind'],
  隼: ['falcon'],
  輔: ['help'],
  寛: [
    'feel at home',
    'be at ease',
  胞: ['placenta', 'sac', 'sheath'],
  浄: ['clean', 'purify', 'cleanse', 'exorcise', 'Manchu Dynasty'],
  随: [
    'submit to',
    'at the mercy of (the waves)',
  稿: ['draft', 'copy', 'manuscript', 'straw'],
  丹: ['rust-colored', 'red', 'red lead', 'pills', 'sincerity'],
  壌: ['lot', 'earth', 'soil'],
  舗: ['shop', 'store', 'pave'],
  騰: ['leaping up', 'jumping up', 'rising', 'advancing', 'going'],
  緯: [
    'left and right',
    '(parallels of) latitude',
  艇: ['rowboat', 'small boat'],
  披: ['expose', 'open'],
  錦: ['brocade', 'fine dress', 'honors'],
  准: ['quasi-', 'semi-', 'associate'],
  剰: ['surplus', 'besides'],
  繊: ['slender', 'fine', 'thin kimono'],
  諭: ['rebuke', 'admonish', 'charge', 'warn', 'persuade'],
  惨: ['wretched', 'disaster', 'cruelty', 'harsh'],
  虐: ['tyrannize', 'oppress'],
  据: ['set', 'lay a foundation', 'install', 'equip', 'squat down', 'sit down'],
  徐: ['gradually', 'slowly', 'deliberately', 'gently'],
  搭: ['board', 'load (a vehicle)', 'ride'],
  蒙: [
    'be subjected to',
  鯉: ['carp'],
  戴: ['be crowned with', 'live under (a ruler)', 'receive'],
  緋: ['scarlet', 'cardinal'],
  曙: ['dawn', 'daybreak'],
  胡: ['barbarian', 'foreign'],
  瓜: ['melon'],
  帥: ['commander', 'leading troops', 'governor'],
  啓: ['disclose', 'open', 'say'],
  葵: ['hollyhock'],
  駿: ['a good horse', 'speed', 'a fast person'],
  諒: ['fact', 'reality', 'understand', 'appreciate'],
  莉: ['jasmine'],
  鯨: ['whale'],
  荘: ['villa', 'inn', 'cottage', 'feudal manor', 'solemn', 'dignified'],
  栽: ['plantation', 'planting'],
  拐: ['kidnap', 'falsify'],
  冠: ['crown', 'best', 'peerless'],
  勲: ['meritorious deed', 'merit'],
  酬: ['repay', 'reward', 'retribution'],
  紋: ['family crest', 'figures'],
  卸: ['wholesale'],
  欄: ['column', 'handrail', 'blank', 'space'],
  逸: [
    'miss the mark',
  尚: ['esteem', 'furthermore', 'still', 'yet'],
  顕: ['appear', 'existing'],
  粛: ['solemn', 'quietly', 'softly'],
  愚: ['foolish', 'folly', 'absurdity', 'stupid'],
  庶: ['commoner', 'all', 'bastard'],
  践: ['tread', 'step on', 'trample', 'practice', 'carry through'],
  呈: ['display', 'offer', 'present', 'send', 'exhibit'],
  疎: ['alienate', 'rough', 'neglect', 'shun', 'sparse', 'penetrate'],
  疾: ['rapidly'],
  謡: ['song', 'sing', 'ballad', 'noh chanting'],
  鎌: ['sickle', 'scythe', 'trick'],
  酷: ['cruel', 'severe', 'atrocious', 'unjust'],
  叙: ['confer', 'relate', 'narrate', 'describe'],
  且: ['moreover', 'also', 'furthermore'],
  痴: ['stupid', 'foolish'],
  呆: ['be amazed', 'disgusted', 'shocked'],
  哺: ['nurse', 'suckle'],
  傲: ['be proud'],
  茎: ['stalk', 'stem'],
  阿: ['Africa', 'flatter', 'fawn upon', 'corner', 'nook', 'recess'],
  悠: ['permanence', 'distant', 'long time', 'leisure'],
  杏: ['apricot'],
  茜: ['madder', 'red dye', 'Turkey red'],
  栞: ['bookmark', 'guidebook'],
  伏: ['prostrated', 'bend down', 'bow', 'cover', 'lay (pipes)'],
  鎮: ['tranquilize', 'ancient peace-preservation centers'],
  奉: ['observance', 'offer', 'present', 'dedicate'],
  憂: ['melancholy', 'grieve', 'lament', 'be anxious', 'sad', 'unhappy'],
  朴: ['crude', 'simple', 'plain', 'docile'],
  栃: ['horse chestnut', '(kokuji)'],
  惜: ['pity', 'be sparing of', 'frugal', 'stingy', 'regret'],
  佳: ['excellent', 'beautiful', 'good', 'pleasing', 'skilled'],
  悼: ['lament', 'grieve over'],
  該: ['above-stated', 'the said', 'that specific'],
  赴: ['proceed', 'get', 'become', 'tend'],
  髄: ['marrow', 'pith', 'essence'],
  傍: ['bystander', 'side', 'besides', 'while', 'nearby', 'third person'],
  累: ['accumulate', 'involvement', 'trouble', 'tie up', 'continually'],
  癒: ['healing', 'cure', 'quench (thirst)', 'wreak'],
  郭: ['enclosure', 'quarters', 'fortification', 'red-light district'],
  尿: ['urine'],
  賓: ['V.I.P.', 'guest'],
  虜: ['captive', 'barbarian', 'low epithet for the enemy'],
  憾: ['remorse', 'regret', 'be sorry'],
  弥: ['all the more', 'increasingly'],
  粗: ['coarse', 'rough', 'rugged'],
  循: ['sequential', 'follow'],
  凝: ['congeal', 'freeze', 'stiff', 'be absorbed in'],
  脊: ['stature', 'height'],
  昌: ['prosperous', 'bright', 'clear'],
  旦: ['daybreak', 'dawn', 'morning'],
  愉: ['pleasure', 'happy', 'rejoice'],
  抹: ['rub', 'paint', 'erase'],
  栓: ['plug', 'bolt', 'cork', 'bung', 'stopper'],
  之: ['of', 'this'],
  龍: ['dragon', 'imperial'],
  遼: ['distant'],
  瑛: ['sparkle of jewelry', 'crystal'],
  那: ['what?'],
  拍: ['clap', 'beat (music)'],
  猶: ['furthermore', 'still', 'yet'],
  宰: ['superintend', 'manager', 'rule'],
  寂: ['loneliness', 'quietly', 'mellow', 'mature', 'death of a priest'],
  縫: ['sew', 'stitch', 'embroider'],
  呉: ['give', 'do something for', 'kingdom of Wu'],
  凡: ['commonplace', 'ordinary', 'mediocre'],
  恭: ['respect', 'reverent'],
  錯: ['confused', 'mix', 'be in disorder'],
  穀: ['cereals', 'grain'],
  陵: ['mausoleum', 'imperial tomb', 'mound', 'hill'],
  弊: ['abuse', 'evil', 'vice', 'breakage'],
  舶: ['liner', 'ship'],
  窮: ['hard up', 'destitute', 'suffer', 'perplexed', 'cornered'],
  悦: ['ecstasy', 'joy', 'rapture'],
  縛: ['truss', 'arrest', 'bind', 'tie', 'restrain'],
  轄: ['control', 'wedge'],
  弦: ['bowstring', 'chord', 'hypotenuse'],
  窒: ['plug up', 'obstruct'],
  洪: ['deluge', 'flood', 'vast'],
  摂: ['vicarious', 'surrogate', 'act in addition to', 'take in', 'absorb'],
  飽: ['sated', 'tired of', 'bored', 'satiate'],
  紳: ['sire', 'good belt', 'gentleman'],
  庸: ['commonplace', 'ordinary', 'employment'],
  靖: ['peaceful'],
  嘉: ['applaud', 'praise', 'esteem', 'happy', 'auspicious'],
  搾: ['squeeze'],
  蝶: ['butterfly'],
  碑: ['tombstone', 'monument'],
  尉: ['military officer', 'jailer', 'old man', 'rank'],
  凛: ['cold'],
  匠: ['artisan', 'workman', 'carpenter'],
  遥: ['far off', 'distant', 'long ago'],
  智: ['wisdom', 'intellect', 'reason'],
  柴: ['brush', 'firewood'],
  賊: ['burglar', 'rebel', 'traitor', 'robber'],
  鼓: ['drum', 'beat', 'rouse', 'muster'],
  旋: ['rotation', 'go around'],
  腸: ['intestines', 'guts', 'bowels', 'viscera'],
  槽: ['vat', 'tub', 'tank'],
  伐: ['fell', 'strike', 'attack', 'punish'],
  漬: ['pickling', 'soak', 'moisten', 'steep'],
  坪: ['two-mat area', 'approx. thirty-six sq ft'],
  紺: ['dark blue', 'navy'],
  羅: ['gauze', 'thin silk', 'Rome', 'arrange', 'spread out'],
  峡: ['gorge', 'ravine'],
  俸: ['stipend', 'salary'],
  醸: ['brew', 'cause'],
  弔: ['condolences', 'mourning', 'funeral'],
  乙: ['the latter', 'duplicate', 'strange', 'witty'],
  遍: ['everywhere', 'times', 'widely', 'generally'],
  衡: ['equilibrium', 'measuring rod', 'scale'],
  款: ['goodwill', 'article', 'section', 'friendship', 'collusion'],
  閲: ['review', 'inspection', 'revision'],
  喝: ['hoarse', 'scold'],
  敢: ['daring', 'brave', 'bold', 'sad', 'tragic', 'pitiful'],
  膜: ['membrane'],
  盲: ['blind', 'blind man', 'ignoramus'],
  胎: ['womb', 'uterus'],
  酵: ['fermentation'],
  堕: ['degenerate', 'descend to', 'lapse into'],
  遮: ['intercept', 'interrupt', 'obstruct'],
  烏: ['crow', 'raven'],
  凸: ['convex', 'beetle brow', 'uneven'],
  凹: ['concave', 'hollow', 'sunken'],
  楓: ['maple'],
  哉: ['how', 'what', 'alas', 'question mark', 'exclamation mark'],
  蒼: ['blue', 'pale'],
  瑠: ['lapis lazuli'],
  萌: ['show symptoms of', 'sprout', 'bud', 'malt'],
  硫: ['sulphur'],
  赦: ['pardon', 'forgiveness'],
  窃: ['stealth', 'steal', 'secret', 'private', 'hushed'],
  慨: ['rue', 'be sad', 'sigh', 'lament'],
  扶: ['aid', 'help', 'assist'],
  戯: ['frolic', 'play', 'sport'],
  忌: ['mourning', 'abhor', 'detestable', 'death anniversary'],
  濁: ['voiced', 'uncleanness', 'wrong', 'nigori', 'impurity'],
  奔: ['run', 'bustle'],
  肖: ['resemblance'],
  朽: ['decay', 'rot', 'remain in seclusion'],
  殻: ['husk', 'nut shell'],
  享: ['enjoy', 'receive', 'undergo', 'answer (phone)', 'take', 'get', 'catch'],
  藩: ['clan', 'enclosure'],
  媒: ['mediator', 'go-between'],
  鶏: ['chicken'],
  嘱: ['entrust', 'request', 'send a message'],
  迭: ['transfer', 'alternation'],
  椎: ['chinquapin', 'mallet', 'spine'],
  絹: ['silk'],
  陪: ['obeisance', 'follow', 'accompany', 'attend on'],
  剖: ['divide'],
  譜: ['musical score', 'music', 'note', 'staff', 'table', 'genealogy'],
  淑: ['graceful', 'gentle', 'pure'],
  帆: ['sail'],
  憤: ['aroused', 'resent', 'be indignant', 'anger'],
  酌: [
    'serving sake',
    'the host',
    'draw (water)',
  暁: ['daybreak', 'dawn', 'in the event'],
  傑: ['greatness', 'excellence'],
  錠: ['lock', 'fetters', 'shackles'],
  凌: [
    'keep (rain)out',
    'stave off',
    'tide over',
  瑞: ['congratulations'],
  菅: ['sedge'],
  漣: ['ripples'],
  璃: ['glassy', 'lapis lazuli'],
  遷: ['transition', 'move', 'change'],
  拙: ['bungling', 'clumsy', 'unskillful'],
  峠: ['mountain peak', 'mountain pass', 'climax', 'crest', '(kokuji)'],
  篤: ['fervent', 'kind', 'cordial', 'serious', 'deliberate'],
  叔: ['uncle', 'youth'],
  雌: ['feminine', 'female'],
  堪: ['withstand', 'endure', 'support', 'resist'],
  吟: ['versify', 'singing', 'recital'],
  甚: ['tremendously', 'very', 'great', 'exceedingly'],
  崇: ['adore', 'respect', 'revere', 'worship'],
  漆: ['lacquer', 'varnish', 'seven'],
  岬: ['headland', 'cape', 'spit', 'promontory'],
  紡: ['spinning'],
  礁: ['reef', 'sunken rock'],
  屯: ['barracks', 'police station', 'camp', 'ton'],
  姻: ['matrimony', 'marry'],
  擬: ['mimic', 'aim (a gun) at', 'nominate', 'imitate'],
  睦: ['intimate', 'friendly', 'harmonious'],
  閑: ['leisure'],
  曹: ['office', 'official', 'comrade', 'fellow'],
  詠: ['recitation', 'poem', 'song', 'composing'],
  卑: ['lowly', 'base', 'vile', 'vulgar'],
  侮: ['scorn', 'despise', 'make light of', 'contempt'],
  鋳: ['casting', 'mint'],
  蔑: ['ignore', 'despise', 'neglect', 'ridicule'],
  胆: ['gall bladder', 'courage', 'pluck', 'nerve'],
  浪: ['wandering', 'waves', 'billows', 'reckless', 'unrestrained'],
  禍: ['calamity', 'misfortune', 'evil', 'curse'],
  酪: ['dairy products', 'whey', 'broth', 'fruit juice'],
  憧: ['yearn after', 'long for', 'aspire to', 'admire', 'adore'],
  慶: ['jubilation', 'congratulate', 'rejoice', 'be happy'],
  亜: ['Asia', 'rank next', 'come after', '-ous'],
  汰: ['washing', 'sieving', 'filtering', 'weeding out', 'luxury'],
  梓: ['catalpa tree', 'woodblock printing'],
  沙: ['sand'],
  逝: ['departed', 'die'],
  匿: ['hide', 'shelter', 'shield'],
  寡: ['widow', 'minority', 'few'],
  痢: ['diarrhea'],
  坑: ['pit', 'hole'],
  藍: ['indigo'],
  畔: ['paddy ridge', 'levee'],
  唄: ['song', 'ballad'],
  拷: ['torture', 'beat'],
  渓: ['mountain stream', 'valley'],
  廉: [
    'low price',
  謹: ['discreet', 'reverently', 'humbly'],
  湧: ['boil', 'ferment', 'seethe', 'uproar', 'breed'],
  醜: ['ugly', 'unclean', 'shame', 'bad looking'],
  升: ['measuring box', '1.8 liter'],
  殉: ['martyrdom', 'follow by resigning'],
  煩: [
  劾: ['censure', 'criminal investigation'],
  桟: ['scaffold', 'cleat', 'frame', 'jetty', 'bolt (door)'],
  婿: ['bridegroom', 'son-in-law'],
  慕: ['pining', 'yearn for', 'love dearly', 'adore'],
  罷: ['quit', 'stop', 'leave', 'withdraw', 'go'],
  矯: [
  某: ['so-and-so', 'one', 'a certain', 'that person'],
  囚: ['captured', 'criminal', 'arrest', 'catch'],
  泌: ['ooze', 'flow', 'soak in', 'penetrate', 'secrete'],
  漸: ['steadily', 'gradually advancing', 'finally', 'barely'],
  藻: ['seaweed', 'duckweed'],
  妄: ['delusion', 'unnecessarily', 'without authority', 'reckless'],
  蛮: ['barbarian'],
  倹: ['frugal', 'economy', 'thrifty'],
  狐: ['fox'],

// TODO: Allow user to configure these via a wkof settings dialog.
window.__wanikani_bulk_add_kanji_user_synonyms.PREFERRED_SYNONYMS = {
  成: ['consists of'],

(function(global) {
  'use strict';

  if (!window.wkof) {
    var script_name = 'WaniKAni Bulk Add Kanji User Synonyms';
    if (
        script_name +
          ' requires Wanikani Open Framework.\nDo you want to be forwarded to the installation instructions?'
    ) {
      window.location.href =


  // Set this to true when debugging this script.
  var DEBUG = false;

  // Set this to true to delete all user synonyms for unlocked kanji. Be careful!


  // This is limited by the backend

  var Log = {
    prefix: '[WKBAKUS] ',
    debug: function(string) {
      console.debug(Log.prefix + string);
    info: function(string) {
      console.log(Log.prefix + string);
    warn: function(string) {
      console.warn(Log.prefix + string);
    error: function(string) {
      console.error(Log.prefix + string);

  var checkedKanjiCount = 0;

  // Refer to wkof docs at:
  // https://github.com/rfindley/wanikani-open-framework
    .catch(function catchAllRejections(e) {
      Log.error('caught rejected Promise with error: ' + e.stack);
      return Promise.resolve();

  // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  // Helper functions
  // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  // Taken from https://github.com/Nicktho/batch-promises/blob/master/index.js
  function batchPromises(batchSize, thenArr, fn) {
    return Promise.resolve(thenArr).then(function(arr) {
      return arr
        .map(function(_, i) {
          return i % batchSize ? [] : arr.slice(i, i + batchSize);
        .map(function(group) {
          return function(res) {
            return Promise.all(group.map(fn)).then(function(r) {
              return res.concat(r);
        .reduce(function(chain, work) {
          return chain.then(work);
        }, Promise.resolve([]));

  function uniqueFilterFn(value, index, array) {
    return array.indexOf(value) === index;

  // Transpiled from https://github.com/sindresorhus/array-differ/blob/master/index.js
  function arrayDiffer(arr) {
    var _ref;

    for (
      var _len = arguments.length,
        values = Array(_len > 1 ? _len - 1 : 0),
        _key = 1;
      _key < _len;
    ) {
      values[_key - 1] = arguments[_key];

    var rest = new Set((_ref = []).concat.apply(_ref, values));
    return arr.filter(function(x) {
      return !rest.has(x);

  // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  // Promise-returning functions used in the Promise chain initiated by wkof
  // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  function fetchItemsWithItemDataModule() {
    // Refer to ItemData source for options:
    // https://github.com/rfindley/wanikani-open-framework/blob/master/ItemData.js
    return wkof.ItemData.get_items({
      wk_items: {
        options: {
          subjects: true,
          assignments: true,
          review_statistics: false,
          study_materials: true,
        filters: {
          item_type: {
            value: ['kan'],
          level: {

  function processItems(items) {
    // For debugging so that you can type
    // window.__wanikani_bulk_add_kanji_user_synonyms.items
    // in the console and see what the items are
    global.items = items;


    return batchPromises(PROMISE_BATCH_SIZE, items || [], processItem).catch(
      e => {
        Log.error('Caught rejected Promise. ' + e.stack);
        return Promise.resolve();

  function processItem(item) {
    var subject_id = item.id;
    var subject_type = item.object;
    var slug = item.data.slug;

    // Cannot update user synonyms of kanji that are still locked
    if (!item.assignments || !item.assignments.unlocked_at) {
      return Promise.resolve();


    var builtInSynonyms = ((item.data ? item.data.meanings : null) || []).map(
      function(obj) {
        return (obj.meaning || '').toLowerCase();

    var existingSynonyms = [];
    if (
      item.study_materials &&
    ) {
      existingSynonyms = item.study_materials.meaning_synonyms;

    var wwwjdicSynonyms = global.SYNONYMS[slug] || [];

    // This combines:
    // - any existing user synonyms
    // - WWWJDIC synonyms
    // Then subtracts:
    // - built-in synonyms
    // Then dedupes.
    // Then sorts.
    var allUserSynonyms = existingSynonyms.concat(wwwjdicSynonyms);
    var synonymsNotBuiltIn = arrayDiffer(allUserSynonyms, builtInSynonyms);
    var finalSynonyms = synonymsNotBuiltIn.filter(uniqueFilterFn).sort();

      finalSynonyms = [];

    // Unfortunately the backend has a limit to the number of user synonyms.
    // As a simple workaround, let's just truncate the rest.
    // しょうがないよ!
    if (finalSynonyms.length > MAX_MEANING_SYNONYMS_LENGTH) {
      var truncatedSynonyms = finalSynonyms.slice(
        subject_id +
          ': Kanji ' +
          slug +
          ' cannot have more than ' +
          ' synonyms. Truncating from: ' +
          JSON.stringify(finalSynonyms) +
          ' to: ' +
      finalSynonyms = truncatedSynonyms;

    if (JSON.stringify(existingSynonyms) === JSON.stringify(finalSynonyms)) {
        subject_id +
          ': Kanji ' +
          slug +
          ' already has all WWWJDIC synonyms saved: ' +
      return Promise.resolve();

    if (!window.$ || typeof window.$.ajax !== 'function') {
      Log.error('Browser missing jQuery AJAX support.');
      return Promise.resolve();

    return $.ajax({
      type: 'PUT',
      url: '/study_materials/' + subject_id,
      contentType: 'application/json',
      data: JSON.stringify({
        study_material: {
          subject_type: subject_type,
          subject_id: subject_id,
          meaning_synonyms: finalSynonyms,
      .done(function() {
          subject_id +
            ': Kanji ' +
            slug +
            ' updated with synoyms: ' +
        return Promise.resolve();
      .fail(function(jqXHR, textStatus) {
        var errorText = textStatus + ' ' + jqXHR.responseText;
          subject_id +
            ': Kanji ' +
            slug +
            ' error updating with synoyms: ' +
            JSON.stringify(finalSynonyms) +
            ' ' +
        return Promise.resolve();

  function allKanjiChecked() {
      'Finished ensuring user synonyms are set for all ' +
        checkedKanjiCount +
        ' unlocked kanji.'
    return Promise.resolve();