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7ktTube: Reverts YouTube to the 2016 Layout! (Polymer Engine FIX) | Customisation interface(API) included | Customizable thumbnail size | Customizable video player size | Download video button(no redirect) | Grey-out thumbnails on watched videos | Hide suggestions blocks | Hide all the filter bars | And much more!

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-04-02
This is so freaking awesome. Great job. The only single issue I'm having is it borks SponsorBlock. I keep going back and forth. These are the two I can't do without, yet they don't play together.
7KT SWEAuthor
Posted: 2021-04-05
Thank you!
Sorry I can't take users third party extentionw in consideration when making this..
It works great with uBlock and adblock.
I don't really know what sponsor block is

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