Plain old youtube (2020) | 7KT EDITION

7ktTube: Reverts YouTube to the 2016 Layout! (Polymer Engine FIX) | Customisation interface(API) included | Customizable thumbnail size | Customizable video player size | Download video button(no redirect) | Grey-out thumbnails on watched videos | Hide suggestions blocks | Hide all the filter bars | And much more!

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IMPORTANT: Script doesn't support Greasemonkey
Use Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey instead


[2.3.7] - 2021-03-23
YouTube just replaced all buttons with new ugly ones... Switched back to the old ones again.
[2.4.0] - 2021-03-28
Corrected the alignment of the Live-chat table
[2.4.2] - 2021-03-28
Prevented the new alignment of the Live-chat table displacing the Watch Later table
[2.4.3] - 2021-04-01
Added new video player size option (1280 x 720)
Added Force video quality options 144p -> 4320p
Fixed subscribe button being to small in some languages
Added the old "Video not available" page design
[2.4.5] - 2021-04-02
App-drawer table padding weren't displayed properly any longer for some reason.. issue now fixed.
[2.4.6] - 2021-04-05
Minor CSS updates
[2.4.7] - 2021-04-06
Updated Grey-out watched items function. Video-titles will no longer change opacity (text were almost invisible and hard to read)
[2.4.8] - 2021-04-17
YouTube deleted specific css elements for buttons (Join / Subscribe on watch page) ... should work properly now.
And the Notification bell button now properly colored in dark mode
[2.4.9] - 2021-04-17
script did not work properly on home and subscription page, issue now fixed.
[2.5.0] - 2021-04-17
Fixed issue with avatars being square even if the "Make profile pictures square again" were disabled
[2.5.1] - [2.5.2] - 2021-04-22
Minor CSS updates

Grey out watched video thumbnails info:
Use ALT+LeftClick or ALT+RightClick on a video list item to manually toggle the watched marker.
The mouse button is defined in the script and can be changed.
For restoring/merging history, source file can also be a YouTube's history data JSON
(downloadable from
Or a list of YouTube video URLs (using current time as timestamps).

The script options menu is located in the top right corner:

Currently available options:
  • Old YouTube logo option
  • Turn on or off video previews when mouse-over
  • Make the search-bar smaller and better positioned
  • Grey-out thumbnails indicator for watched videos
  • Hide Filters bar at front page and when watching video in "up next column"
  • Collapse "guide" menu by default
  • Customizable thumbnail size
  • Hide suggestion blocks
  • Unstick header bar from top of the screen
  • Hide channel banners
  • Change YT logo target
  • Local video downloader
  • Custom video player size
  • Force video quality 144p -> 4320p

    Thanks bogudan and for the Youtube polymer engine fixes script implemented in this version.
    Also thanks to jcunews for the source code to mark watched videos, now modified and re-designed by me.
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