Automagic Jigidi Solver

Fastest way of solving Jigidi puzzles

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  • v1.9.6 2022-01-22

    Show warning if completion message is missing. Worked with 15.3.2284, but not with older versions.

  • v1.9.5 2022-01-22

    Bugfix to old solver code

  • v1.9.4 2022-01-21

    Small fix

  • v1.9.3 2022-01-19

    Add more padding for better mobile use

  • v1.9.2 2022-01-19

    New configuration page to allow more fine tuning

  • v1.9.1 2022-01-18

    Add partial support for v15.3.2284, auto solver isn't included and thus is disabled

  • v1.9.0 2022-01-16

    Drop dead code and re-enable warnings messages

  • v1.8.8 2022-01-04

    Small bugfix

  • v1.8.7 2022-01-01

    Add quick and dirty "stack pieces" feature

  • v1.8.6 2021-12-19

    Quick fix to display warnings with new Jigidi version v15.3.2211

  • v1.8.5 2021-12-10

    Fix problem with Jigidi "Create a Puzzle" page

  • v1.8.4 2021-09-29

    Try old mod if version is new/unknown and show warning to user

  • v1.8.3 2021-09-28

    Add support for Jigidi v14.3.1877

  • v1.8.2 2021-09-24

    Add support for Jigidi v14.3.1977

  • v1.8.1 2021-09-14

    Add support for Jigidi v3.1869 - v3.1977

  • v1.8.0 2021-09-08

    Add support for Jigidi v3.1869 and v3.1955

  • v1.7.9 2021-05-18

    Solver will automatically stop when there is 10 pieces left. You can finish manually or single step to end by repeatedly clicking the heart button.

  • v1.7.8 2021-04-30

    Yet another small fix.

    As most of you don't read the source code, here is the current status from Jigidi point of view:

    The purpose of this script is to give people who use the auto-solver a fair warning
    about the restrictions we will impose upon using the auto-solver.

    Manipulating this script will not influence how restrictions are imposed. On the
    contrary, disabling the message is a disservice to people using the auto-solver, who
    will then be unaware of their actions' impending consequences.

    Doing so without disclosure to the user is deceiving, and it would be reasonable to
    hold you responsible for their restricted access to Jigidi.

    In response to Jigidi, your script is not manipulated or modified nor is the message disabled. Your warning and script is still visible to everyone, but might want to modify it...

  • v1.7.7 2021-04-15

    Small fix 🥱😉

  • v1.7.6 2021-04-06

    Dropping "Jigidi tracking" feature. Requested improvement to "Easy Puzzle", less colors and more numbers.

  • v1.7.5 2021-04-04

    Remove more Jigidi tracking code

  • v1.7.4 2021-04-01

    Apply script to all Jigidi pages, *://*

  • v1.7.3 2021-04-01

    Add new button to simplify downloading the original image as PNG.

  • v1.7.2 2021-03-23

    Fix Firefox bug, cleaning up and dynamically create "easy puzzle" image

  • v1.7.1 2021-03-20

    Forgot the fix to pause blur

  • v1.7.0 2021-03-20

    THIS RELEASE DOES NOT FIX SOLVER!! Revert to v1.5.18
    This version contains some of the new features.

  • v1.6.3 2021-03-09

    Forth "slow version", increased base delay from 700ms to 900ms

  • v1.6.2 2021-03-09

    Third "slow version", tested up to maximum 600 pieces

  • v1.6.1 2021-03-08

    Updated "slow version", tested upto 475 pieces

  • v1.6.0 2021-03-08

    First "slow version"

  • v1.5.19 2021-03-08
  • v1.5.18 2021-02-10 Fix warning dialogs are not shown
  • v1.5.17 2021-01-18 Support for Jigidi v3.1869
  • v1.5.16 2021-01-13 Avoid loading userscript when it's not needed
  • v1.5.15 2020-11-26 Support for Jigidi v3.1838
  • v1.5.14 2020-11-25 Support for Jigidi v3.1833
  • v1.5.13 2020-09-23 Put added emphasis on Jigidi
  • v1.5.12 2020-09-21 Support for Jigidi v3.1824
  • v1.5.11 2020-08-17 Added URL match
  • v1.5.10 2020-08-08 Support for Jigidi v3.1818
  • v1.5.9 2020-08-06 Support for Jigidi v3.1813
  • v1.5.8 2020-08-03 Support for Jigidi v3.1811
  • v1.5.7 2020-08-03 Support for Jigidi v3.1809
  • v1.5.6 2020-08-02 Support for Jigidi v3.1806 (v2)
  • v1.5.5 2020-08-02 Support for Jigidi v3.1806
  • v1.5.4 2020-08-01 Support for Jigidi v3.1797
  • v1.5.3 2020-07-30 Support for Jigidi v3.1794
  • v1.5.2 2020-06-11 Drop grant for unsafeWindow
  • v1.5.1 2020-06-10 Support for Jigidi v3.1792
  • v1.5 2020-06-07 Some typos in comments

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