Pixiv Arts Preview & Followed Atrists Coloring

Enlarged preview of arts and manga on mouse hovering on most pages. Click on image preview to open original art in new tab, or MMB-click to open art illustration page, Alt+LMB-click to to add art to bookmarks, Ctrl+LMB-click for saving originals of artworks. The names of the authors you are already subscribed to are highlighted with green.

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#PixivPreview GitHub ©NightLancerX

Script is written for www.pixiv.net site usability. (Script is working on new pixiv layout too)

• Showing enlarged preview of artworks and manga on mouse hovering on most site pages.
• Highlighting names of users from "Followed" list.
• Opening source of artwork in new tab in one click(LMB).
• Quickly save the original art by clicking Ctrl+LMB-Click on the art preview.
• Quick add to bookmarks by clicking Alt+LMB-Click on the art preview.

■ Preview of single artwork appears on top of it(or along rigth screen side, if it doesn't fit on screen in previous position).

■ Preview gallery for few manga artworks is positioned mainly in the center of the screen.
For larger amount of artworks, horisontal scrollbar is appeared, but scrolling via mouse wheel is supported too(note: page scroll is disabled while this, move mouse out of preview to re-enable it). Preview gallery is located 40px from horizontal page edges (considering small screens and window resizing).

■ The names of the authors(users) you are already subscribed to are highlighted with green.

■ Click left mouse button on image preview to open original art in new tab, or middle mouse button to open art illustration page.

■ Press Alt and left mouse button click for quick adding artwork into bookmarks. Repeat combination again for opening bookmark (tags) edition page.

You can:
- set `PREVIEW_SIZE = 1200;` (instead of standard 600 pixels)if you are using appropriate monitor(QHD or 4K).
- set `PREVIEW_ON_CLICK = true;` to change preview appearing condition to LMB-click.
- change `DELAY_BEFORE_PREVIEW = 0;` from 0 to the desired value in ms (1000 = 1 second) in order to increase delay before art preview appearing.
- set `ACCURATE_MANGA_PREVIEW = true;` to make more position-accurate(due to content) manga preview.
- set `SCROLL_INTO_VIEW_FOR_SINGLE_IMAGE = false;` to disable scrollIntoView for single preview
- set `DISABLE_SINGLE_PREVIEW_BACKGROUND_SCROLLING = false;` to disable background scrolling for single preview (when `SCROLL_INTO_VIEW_FOR_SINGLE_IMAGE` set to `true`)

Works best with "Endless Pixiv Pages"(automatically loading of the next page without reloading current page).

If you find bugs/problems with this script, you can write about it here on feedback page, or on GitHub "Issues" page.