- Meteor's Homeworld Plugin

Plugin for which helps to find homeworlds and show areas

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This is a plugin for which helps to find homeworlds and show areas around them.

All clients are supported (mobile/desktop/community).

This script requires Meteor's Library 1.1 or higher to be installed and running before it.

How to use:
Click "Homeworlds" in the "MapTools" Menu.
A new tools menu will pop up.

Click "Select HW" to enter the select mode.
Potential homeworlds will be marked with a brown rectangle around them.
Click on your own homeworld to mark it. Selected Homeworlds will be marked with a red rectangle around them.
Some circles to indicate where to search for other homeworlds will be shown.
Click and mark all the homeworlds. (To deselect, click again.)
Don't forget to click "Save Selected HWs" when you are ready.
Click "Select HW" to leave the select mode and remove the circles.

Now, look at the check boxes (desktop) or upper line of buttons (mobile) and select what you want to see permanently on your map.

All settings and the selected homeworlds will be stored per game.

Technical background:
To identify a potential homeworld the settings "verycloseplanets", "closeplanets" and "otherplanetsminhomeworlddist" are evaluated automatically.

In a game where you do not see all the planets (yet), f.e. because of a nebula or limited planet scan range, this
can, of course, lead to temporary wrong results (both wrong positive and wrong negative).

If you have a very small galaxy where the homeworlds are so close to each other that the "closeplanets"-areas overlap, there are too many planets around each homeworld, so that they cannot be identified. Furthermore, the few planets identified as potential homeworlds are usually not the homeworlds. Essentially in a game with such settings the plugin is useless.

The radius of helping circles centered at selected homeworlds is automatically chosen to reflect the average distance between homeworlds for the corresponding game format. In HW in a circle plus a centered HW (like MvM) the center HW is ignored.

In the usual "HW in a circle" setting another circle is shown around the center of the galaxy with the average distance of the so-far-selected homeworlds.

Have fun!