Fakirdebrid VIP Auto Helper

Automatically downloads files from compatible file hosts through Fakirdebrid using your VIP account

This script should not be not be installed directly. It is a library for other scripts to include with the meta directive // @require https://greasyfork.org/scripts/392268-fakirdebrid-vip-auto-helper/code/Fakirdebrid%20VIP%20Auto%20Helper.js?version=1175916


07/11/21 - very sorry this script isn't currently working and needs to be updated, I'm leaving it up for others to use for making new download scripts
11/05/20 - v2.1 updated to work again

What is a Debrid?
There are many debrid services, they are generally low-priced premium link generators that allow you to download your files on different filehosts from a single place and as if you were a PREMIUM user, rather than paying each individual filehost a large fee.

How it works
- you will need to be a Fakirdebrid VIP member (50GB trial was $2.00 USD on fakirdebrid.net, although price has probably gone up since I used it)
- visit the page of a file being hosted on a compatible filehost (updated list on site homepage)
- the script will automatically process all the steps required and start downloading the file

What it does
- stores url from filehost (example, https://www.file-up.org/7xtu33ay69vo 34MB)
- opens Premium Link Generator downloader page https://fakirdebrid.net/generate/ (VIP account only)
- pastes stored url, generates link A
- opens link A, Transload page, generates link B
- opens link B, transfers remote hosted file to Fakirdebrid server, generates link C
- opens link C, download starts to your local computer 1,2

1 Download with JDownloader - Chrome addon

This is great for using JDownload with Fakerdebrid, it will automatically start downloading the processed file and overrides Chrome's default internal downloading... you can set which MIME filetypes you want JD or Chrome to handle in the options menu

2 If you don't want to auto download files (maybe instead to bulk download all links from the server directory after processing), comment out line 251:
//window.location.href = d;

Adding New Hosts
I tried to include all the working hosts into the script, but over time you will probably want to add/remove hosts -
near the top of the script, add a line like this:
//@include http*://example.filehost.com/*