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Modified TinyChat - Best Scripts; prepare to be amazed.

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CosmosisT's TinyChat Script

Discord channel can be found!

Tinychat can get bent, check out StumbleChat

a new site and cheaper alternative, in alpha trial your rooms there before we fill up! In mean-time CTS is still stable, stumble will roll out soon. A heads up to users however someone has white-hat grabbed my accounts for CosmosisT and Stonercircle, services may or may not be secure anymore. Be careful using secondary scripts and too with platform exploits keep your information changed constantly. This script is safe and won't need much more updating, much love and enjoy yourselves. We didn't get here without some reputable fixes, love for you guys. Cheers to TC falling apart slowly.

REMEMBER any issues turn script off and report it via Discord for fast resolution. Read through known issues to see if any apply at all.

FURTHER MORE!(3/30/2021) A new site is in development, this script will remain online for the community to grab it. There may not be anymore updates from here on out for CTS. Stay tuned however in discord for updates on the new site as it comes in. The video chats are open to all as well and rooms, request a channel today we're boosted heavily. Temporary till we shift to the new site!


  • Major GUI changes to improve view, performance and use of TinyChat;
  • TinyChat's chat has been redeveloped ground up to solve many of the issues users were having. CTS sorts and handles all messages and at the same time manages the room the way you want. Users have been able to see the chat come alive and handle many bugs/issues;
  • Commands in chat, more than you think; unleash the power;
  • Camera support up to 4K resolution at 60FPS, your performance is the limits here at no additional usage. Not to mention the best view with adjustable sizing  and magnify working for all users.
  • Cross-platform/browser ready;
  • Games and powerful APIs to drive the madness!
  • Push message pop-ups through of the opposing chat, so if in PM you will see other PMs or main chat, vice versa. Communications have gotten better;
  • Alert/Command system to help you utilize CTS to the fullest; when you join you will have CTS remind you of your settings and how to use commands;
  • Notification box for user updates (join, leave, name change, broadcast state, mentions, and system messages);
  • AntiSpam System to prevent mass bot attacks, the system learns on its own establishing a list of users who are safe from kick/ban; getting on this list is slow but a few days of activity will define a list greater than 100 - 400+ users. The list will contain all the users you'll save if your autokick/autoban is on; use at your own risk and it's advised to just use the kick unless you're absolutely SURE!
  • Automated green-room. Greenroomlist auto builds based on who appears on camera and be altered at any point or assisted with greenroomignore.
  • Push-To-Talk button is locked when you ScrollWheelClick or Ctrl+LeftClick the talk button. It'll resume default at anytime you use normal click on the button;
  • Kick/ban users based on name, keywords used or safelist, all the power you need to keep a chat successful/fun;
  • Proper !bot handoff system, on join if automated users with moderator will ask whoisbot if no response take bot, and start listening for requests; a bot (host) can do a lot  from play YouTube Videos, 8ball, coin, chuck norris jokes and more.
  • User focused feed-back and development, check out discord and
  • Fixes for most current problems and more!
  • There's a 🔧 top right that lists the following:
    • ➕ = Change Background Image(+)
    • ➖ = Change Background Image(-)
    • 🔍 = Font Size(+/-)
    • 💬 = Chat Compact
    • 🔨 = Chat Style Change(+/-)
    • 📷 = Camera Border Resize
    • 📺 = Featured/YouTube Resize
    • ↔ = Chat Width (max: hidden)(Can display video only)
    • ↕ = Chat Height (max:userlist hidden)
    • 🎮 = Performance Mode
    • 🔄 = Switch Theme
  • Embed your favorite videos and images off imgur! Use a direct link to the image (.gif/png/jpg/avi) and paste it in the chat;
  • Favorited Rooms - Select up to five rooms to feature both in your room (where your avatar is--click it) and on main page at the bottom (where it says FAVORITE ROOMS mouse over). Simple control and fast navigation. For ease removal is done on home-page, adding is done in room.
  • Script according to jshint is perfect, and fast--this does not mean however it comes without issues.  If you encounter issues let me know through discord or the stonercircle room. Many users are confident with the use of the script and should fair well with helping but in the times it supercedes come through;
  • Reminders are scheduled and repeat on a daily basis till removed, they can be turned off at any time and turned back on; set what you'd like;
  • Radio feature for users, lots of stations 24/7;
  • CTS is the script you need to get the job done, it's updated weekly sometimes daily and follows an ECMAScript 6 standard at zero errors reported in JSHint. Glitches are minimal, and found/fixed immediately. Follow along and share your ideas, see that CTS is all you need.


  • HELP:
    • !help:: Command list/help
    • !cts:: Command list/help
  • Owner Commands:
    • !version (toggled) :: Gets the version of CTS off users (above 1.5.0)
    • !raid (tc link) :: Send all users 1.5.0 to any room of your choice, have fun!
    • !closeall (toggled) :: Every camera but your own will close
    • !kickall (toggled) :: Kick an entire room out
  • Moderator Commands:
    • !whoisbot (toggled) :: Asks other moderators if they are running YouTube Bot
    • !bot (toggled) :: Tells other moderators you are running YouTube Bot
    • !bottoggle (toggled) :: Bot automation OFF|ON (!bot will take host still)
    • !camsweep (toggled) :: Clear camera spot every ten minutes at random if bot(host) is activated and slots stay full
    • !optoggle (toggled) :: Operator Mode OFF|ON (moderators can send links still)
    • !publiccommandtoggle (toggled) :: Hosted commands for public OFF|ON
    • !greenroomtoggle (toggled) :: Automate camera allow OFF|ON
    • !optoggle (toggled) :: Operator Mode OFF|ON (moderators can send links still)
    • !autokick (toggled) :: Auto kick based on AntiSpam Definition List (non SafeList//verified)
    • !autoban (toggled) :: Auto ban based on AntiSpam Definition List (non SafeList//verified)
    • !yt (link | keyword) :: Request YouTube track
    • !ytapi (ApiKey) :: Insert new API Key for YouTube
    • !ytskip (toggled) :: Request skip
    • !ytclear (toggled) :: Clear YouTube tracks (moderators only)
    • !userbanlist (toggled) :: Reveal ban list
    • !userbanlistclear (toggled) :: Clear ban list
    • !userbanadd (user) :: Add user to ban list, and ban if possible
    • !userbanremove (# from banlist) :: Remove name from ban list
    • !nickbanlist (toggled) :: Reveal ban list
    • !nickbanlistclear (toggled) :: Clear ban list
    • !nickbanadd (nick) :: Add user to ban list, and ban if possible
    • !nickbanremove (# from banlist) :: Remove name from ban list
    • !bankeywordlist (toggled) :: Reveal ban keyword list
    • !bankeywordlistclear (toggled) :: Clear ban keyword list
    • !bankeywordadd (keyword) :: Add keyword to ban keyword list
    • !bankeywordremove (# from bankeywordlist) :: Remove keyword from ban keyword list
    • !userkicklist (toggled) :: Reveal kick list
    • !userkicklistclear (toggled) :: Clear kick list
    • !userkickadd (user) ::Add use to kick list, and kick if possible
    • !userkickremove (# from kicklist) :: Remove name fro kick list
    • !nickkicklist (toggled) :: Reveal kick list
    • !nickkicklistclear (toggled) :: Clear kick list
    • !nickkickadd (nick) ::Add use to kick list, and kick if possible
    • !nickkickremove (# from kicklist) :: Remove name fro kick list
    • !kickkeywordlist (toggled) :: Reveal kick keyword list
    • !kickkeywordlistclear (toggled) :: Clear kick keyword list
    • !kickkeywordadd (keyword) :: Add keyword to kick keyword list
    • !kickkeywordremove (# from kickkeywordlist) :: Remove keyword from kick keyword list
    • !oplist (toggled) :: Reveal operator list
    • !oplistclear (toggled) :: Clear operator list
    • !opadd (user | -all) :: Add user to operator list or -all to allow all
    • !opremove (# from oplist) :: Remove user from operator list
    • !modlist (toggled) :: Reveal jr. moderator list
    • !modlistclear (toggled) :: Clear jr. moderator list
    • !modadd (user) :: Add user to jr. moderator list or -all to allow all
    • !modremove (# from modlist) :: Remove user from jr. moderator list
  • Jr. Moderator Commands:
    • !userkick (user) :: Kicks user of lesser authority
    • !nickkick (nick) :: Kicks user of lesser authority
    • !userban (user) :: bans user of lesser authority
    • !nickban (nick) :: bans user of lesser authority
    • !userclose (user) :: close user of lesser authority
    • !nickclose (nick) :: close user of lesser authority
  • User Commands:
    • !userlist (toggled) :: Reveal user list
    • !fps (1-60) :: Change how fast your camera can update; higher settings require better computers!
    • !remindertoggle (toggled) :: Reminders OFF|ON
    • !yt (link | keyword) :: Request YouTube track
    • !ytskip (toggled) :: Request skip
    • !mentionlist (toggled) :: Reveal mention list
    • !mentionlistclear (toggled) :: Clear mention list
    • !mentionadd (keyword) :: Add keyword to mention list
    • !mentionremove (# from mentionlist) :: Remove keyword from mention list
    • !ignorelist (toggled) :: Reveal ignore list
    • !ignorelistclear (toggled) :: Clear ignore list
    • !ignoreadd (user | nick) :: Add User to ignore list
    • !ignoreremove (# from ignore list) :: Remove user from ignore list
    • !greetlist (toggled) :: Reveal greet list
    • !greetlistclear (toggled) :: Clear greet list
    • !greetadd (user | -all) :: Add user to greet list or -all to allow all
    • !greetremove (# from greet list) :: Remove user from greet list
    • !highlightlist (toggled) :: Reveal highlight list
    • !highlightlistclear (toggled) :: Clear highlight list
    • !highlightadd (user | nick) :: Add user to highlight list
    • !highlightremove (# from highlight list) :: Remove user from highlight list
    • !ttslist :: Reveal TTS list
    • !ttslistclear :: Clear TTS list
    • !ttsadd (user | -event | -all) :: Add user to TTS list or -all to read all or -event for user/system activity
    • !ttsremove (# from TTS list) :: Remove user or option from TTS list
    • !reminderlist (toggled) :: Reveal reminder list
    • !reminderlistclear (toggled) :: Clear reminder list
    • !reminderadd (12:59PM All the text you want!) :: Add scheduled event to reminder list. AM/PM is not case sensitive and may have a space before it, 12H format however
    • !reminderremove (# from reminder list) :: Remove scheduled event from reminder list
    • !safelist (toggled) :: Reveal safe list
    • !safelistclear (toggled) :: Clear safe list
    • !safeadd(user) :: Add user to safe list
    • !saferemove (# from safe list) :: Remove user from safe list
    • !greenroomlist (toggled) :: Reveal greenroom list
    • !greenroomlistclear (toggled) :: Clear greenroom list
    • !greenroomadd(user) :: Add user to greenroom list
    • !greenroomremove (# from greenroom list) :: Remove user from greenroom list
    • !greenroomignorelist (toggled) :: Reveal greenroom ignore list
    • !greenroomignorelistclear (toggled) :: Clear greenroom ignore list
    • !greenroomignoreadd(user) :: Add user to greenroon ignore list
    • !greenroomignoreremove (# from greenroom ignore list) :: Remove user from greenroom ignore list
    • !hiddencameralist (toggled) :: Reveal hidden camera list
    • !hiddencameralistclear (toggled) :: Clear hidden camera list
    • !hiddencameraadd(user) :: Add user to hidden camera list
    • !hiddencameraremove (# from hidden camera list) :: Remove user from hidden camera list
    • !lists (toggled) :: Reveal all lists
    • !listsclear (toggled) :: Clear all lists
    • !greetmode (toggled) :: Toggle greet mode, simple or server like greet
    • !avatartoggle (toggled) :: Avatars in chat OFF|ON
    • !notificationtoggle (toggled) :: Notifications above chat ABOVE CHAT|IN CHAT|OFF
    • !soundmetertoggle (toggled) :: Sound meter on users camera OFF|ON
    • !popuptoggle (toggled) :: Toggle message/status popup reveal OFF|ON
    • !imgurtoggle (toggled) :: Imgur image reveal OFF|ON
    • !timestamptoggle (toggled) :: Timestamp reveal OFF|ON
    • !raidtoggle (toggled) :: Silence raid warping (temporary) OFF|ON
    • !roll (1-12) :: Pick the amount of six sided dice to roll
    • !8ball (question) :: Does this work?
    • !advice :: give me the best you've got
    • !coin (toggle) :: I got heads!
    • !chuck (toggle) :: tells a joke
    • !dad (toggle) :: tells a joke
    • !vote (user) :: If bot is hosting votesystem, you may vote for a camera to be closed
    • !clr (toggled) :: Clear CURRENT chat
    • !clrall (toggled) :: Clear ALL chats
    • !settings (toggled) :: Reveal settings
    • !share (toggled) :: Share CTS with users fast
  • Game Commands:
    • !gameview (toggled) :: Toggle in chat game notifications OFF|ON
    • !fishhost (toggled) :: Toggle in chat game (if off no fish can be played while you're bot) OFF|ON
    • !fish (joins if verified by bot) :: joins game if verified by the bot and their gamehost is enabled
    • !fishhelp :: Get commands for fish if bot is hosting it!
    • !triviahost (toggled) :: Toggle in chat game (if off no trivia can be played while you're bot) OFF|ON
    • !trivia (joins if verified by bot) :: joins game if verified by the bot and their gamehost is enabled
    • !triviahelp :: Get commands for trivia if bot is hosting it!
    • !triviaplayerlist (toggled) :: Reveal trivia player list
    • !triviaplayerlistclear (toggled) :: Clear trivia player list
    • !triviaplayeradd (user points) :: Add user to trivia player list
    • !triviaplayerremove (# from greet list) :: Remove user from greet list

Known Issues:

  • Active ad-blocks and script removal extensions may or may not affect the workings of TinyChat/CTS; If YouTube has stopped working or things are acting weird, turn these settings off for Tinychat.
  • Windows Scaling set to anything other than its 100% recommended may possibly break script, this option is different than your browser zoom and is found in display options. If script loads off page, look into this option.
  • It's possible to kick yourself for spamming if you over-type your bot.
  • Soundmeter may disappear if you clear storage on browser, try saving some options/refreshing/changing main theme and back. If you can replicate this, let me know! :)

Change Log:


12/13/2020 - 12/16/2020

  • [46]More stability patches, focusing Camera and Volume adjustments. This patch will be worth trialing to see if this is it. :)
  • Stability testing 420+ (Volume Control) - Correcting Fatal Errors if any, go hard!
  • More radio stations!
  • YouTube is at/near completion.
  • Volume Seek has returned and is custom, if it breaks let me know how. If in mute-state you can't just unmute YT/Radio however YT in PIP mode does not share that window audio anymore. All issues with users camming up and staying mute should be resolved. Tested and little/no breaks.
  • Some wanted the ban-button return, think this should suffice. New location for the ban button.
  • Lot of new features to help with the YT changes recently, see if you can break it. :)

1.8.0 - 1.8.38

12/03/2020 - 12/12/2020

  • repaired audio state, users should now be able to mute/unmute and keep current user volumes no issues. This resets on re-join.
  • Mute button added for entire chat, should work correctly!
  • Duration is being added slowly, some plans with that but mostly to keep the videos in proper sync when loading and all sorts. :)
  • Main chat volume fatal errors you if YouTubes element cannot be found. 1.8.0++ it definitely won't be found so progress soon to write/fix a new volume control for chat/videos.
  • Compatibility across browsers checked, remains okay however let me know.
  • YouTube maturity/etc bypassed with the PIP feature and more.
  • Ban button would not find its way back so I've set it in the cog-option top left/right.
  • Repaired some CSS/Indexing issues, to give the CTS theme more features for video and correct some issues that may get overseen.
  • Gutted TinyChat's YouTube player ability and added our own. It links up to chat properly and all sorts; you can expect more control from this however the loss of server-sided pauses/play and SeekTo. This can be done locally but as far as it goes this should be nicer.



    • TinyChat deprecated some of the features for player, reverting to YT Player API for near bug-free operation.
    • TinyCord API is now live for StonerCircle; come chat in discord or through tinychat today.
    • Discord has been removed from CTS, it gained some use but overly was a hassle for most.
    • With recent changes to YouTube things were a slight mess but promising, few small changes to make it feel like it did but better! Also, added support for lesser resolution types to fix any viewing issues.
    • Profile Lookup is now a thing, you may click a users name in chat and it'll reveal their details. This feature may change slightly but for now to give those the option.
    • Slight issue with the performance mode on CTS theme, that got fixed; have fun.
    • Safelist import/export has been added. Users can share and combine lists avoiding duplicates.
    • Small tweaks here and there while on break but nothing major. Enjoy the latest update and tell others to get on 1.7.22 today if they aren't already updated.


    6/27/2020 - 7/18/2020

    • [15]YT APIs usually never contained underscores, now you should be able to register the key if it contains such, limited now to a-z0-9 and _.
    • small CSS update.
    • [14]CSS fixes for green-room and an adjustment for mobile users, so they're not cranked like us browser users off the hop. They'll revert back to defaults for stability!
    • [13]Modified green-room to show cameras much larger added to both themes, may need more work let me know!
    • [13]Updated Script Icon
    • [12]CSS adjustments/added theme
    • [12]The user list code has been updated. Users should no longer appear glitched, or remain in a state that can't be clicked. This is in testing, minor corrections on the code that updates/sorts so expect this to be attempt #1 and possibly the solution. Report back any issues please!
    • [12]!fps 1-60 will set FPS levels to what you desire, this feature is for performance users
    • [12]Many browsers will limit animation render to 1FPS when out of focus the page. Now if supported your browser will run the animations as a worker preventing these types of blockage.
    • [11]Fast fix on !ytapi, was doubling up on string by accident, should now insert and save properly! Share update and share API between mods that call the BOT.
    • [10]!ytapi has been added as a command, insert your key today on the go. Owners/moderators share with each other please!
    • [10]Stackable message option is in the CTS option wrench
    • [10]converted CTS option cog to proper UTF-8 icons, now known as wrench highlight for more details!
    • Chat has been changed, now when messages stack, they'll appear joined in the box. Highlight the message to view the timestamp if enabled!
    • Textarea clipboard has been added, if you type a message a recall of up to three messages will be remembered so at anytime you need to press up or down when in selection of the box to toggle through items. It shouldn't track if you begin to type!
    • Global chat is on by default now, this feature is in trial and may be deprecated if use is little or the titan service can't support us.
    • The game trivia has been added, scores are saved and players can be managed with the triviaplayeradd/remove (check commands above). For best results run off an owners account, for moderators your shop will be limited for those but it may be perfect. Owners: !raid, !spot | Moderator: !ytbypass (at the cost of IQ)
    • Import/Export feature for settings has been added, some checking performed to prevent bad inserts. Support may vary with browsers.
    • Made minor adjustments/major to CSS/Code; few regex changes. Any issues report them;
    • Server events are now stuck on, to support CTS and other rooms it's only fair, and the notifications are not on hourly now. Testing here was successful and I do expect room owners to introduce ideas to me for ways to promote them. Discord or find me in my home-room to make a request. Thank you.
    • Favorited room backgrounds will change when owner updates them. Users will lose their list before this update.
    • Chatlog is infinite, remember !clr and !clrall are your commands to clear chat(s).
    • The old full-screen for cameras has been reverted, borders rounded for style.
    • 1.7.0 starts us off on our latest minor release, can't even imagine where 2.0 will bring us! Thanks for the support guys.



    • [90]Few issues with chat, bunched tested think we're good now. Also updated discord link in CTS.
    • [88]!raidtoggle was added to ignore raids, if you go AFK! Reverts every reload!
    • [88]Global chat has been added. Powered by titanembed/discord, join today! Type !allowdiscord to unlock.
    • [88]Log download was missing, added it back with proper utf-8 code.
    • [88]There was a small bug with the YT handler; all has been corrected. Get on version 1.6.88 if you experience issues/etc.
    • Server Events have been added, users can request (at moderators discretion on discord) an event to display for all or a message. Drop a request in
    • the discord. Limitations may apply and feature is currently in testing.
    • Settings for TinyChat are now live, no need to refresh for them to take affect.
    • Highlights have been reverted back to a nice blue (over the orange)
    • Createmessage/loadmessage were experiencing minor issues, I've tuned that up and have cleaned up features around it.
    • !clr would clear everything, now there's !clr and !clrall; clrall will do all messages. !clr will focus a message.
    • YouTube got updated with new sizing? It breaks on mobile, so we'll revert it till further notice
    • CSS cleanup, and code optimization (error fixing)
    • !raid feature for owners to call was a bit confusing, mostly cause the links pasted wouldn't trigger regex. All users version 1.6.85+ will fly with you! Paste any TC link for a room!
    • Verified or not, skipping video is for JR/MOD/ADMINS; rooms may choose to keep their oplist containing -all for users to add when verified.
    • Filters when you set them will now save and reset when you cam up; change as you would enjoy.
    • Room-name will reveal on the TC alike theme
    • !servereventtoggle if you don't want to bother with the events.
    • Improved bot command detection further
    • Implemented a fix for the sidemenu leaving a gap when full-screen.
    • Added a !hiddencameralist/listclear/add/remove function for cameras to stay hidden. You may toggle the button or check/maintain your list.
    • When hiding or auto-hiding a user, their feed will show a picture saying "HIDDEN".
    • Forget opening your microphone when you hide and unhide, that's now fixed.
    • temporary ignore feature has been optimized, better tracking on user/nickname.
    • Slightly adjusted Favorited Rooms disable



    • [81]Reverted chat deletion code, but forgot to change argument to the one that matches active chat, should behave properly now, working at getting steady. Little guess work now.
    • Homepage leaderboards are back up, rooms in favorite will display the user counts again on front-page.
    • Vivalid, MaxThon and more browsers have been cleared; any issues report the browser/os and we'll get it working. IE by default won't work for TC so no attempts to support it.
    • Repaired some CSS; much more is needed to fully comply with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
    • Removed the greet sound when a user changes nickname.
    • Default background was set wrong on first save, doubled up on string; should now display properly for OOBE
    • Alerts all are set to mention, system message and all.
    • chatlimit/notificiationlimit was removed till further development can take place; fatals should no longer occur in th is regard.
    • 1.6.80 is focused on stability, any issues report problems. Thanks to the many users who report issues, more users can get involved and enjoy.



    • [75]Trialing small radius around the web cameras; need opinions on the straight edge vs rounded
    • [75]If user is in ignorelist, you'll not auto black them out just text. It's best users manually set them.
    • [74]Moving towards promising days! Remember user/nick before any kick/ban command to utilize it properly. GL!
    • [74]Changed some of the text that was not of a UTF-8 format. Should help android/linux users
    • [74]Start to gift system being introduced to chat, this may fatal you or work perfect; more testing needed.
    • [74]ytbypass wasn't listening last patch, it should work now.
    • [74]Deprecated bolding, doesn't pick up on other OS's. (For those who greet users)
    • [71]Quick update; deprecated the notificationlimit, set it up incorrectly for the different toggles will be back soon. !cts will still report it. Error caused fatal for people randomly, issue solved now.
    • Mobile is now back up, update!
    • General ban/kick commands were modified slightly, now instead of banadd, you'd use !userbanadd or !nickbanadd; this applies to many commands, reference !CTS/!HELP. JR. Moderators, same drill!
    • !chatlimit set the maximum text limit in the boxes; adjust how you'd like it.
    • Performance mode should auto-load now if you last left it on.
    • Improvement on chat deletion and imgur check
    • Regex checks improved, and better checks made to prevent spammers from abusing the bot.
    • !soundmetertoggle is now enabled, turn it on or leave it off; your call!
    • This patch is focused on stopping mis-use and optimizing many features.
    • This is the recommended update for all, it's no two year development but do hope you guys enjoy! :)


    5/21/2020 - 5/24/2020

    • [64]Improvements on detection, less is more for mobile.
    • [63]Undergoing Mobile Adjustments (with new changes, you may fatal error on mobile; reset storage and try again.
    • [62]Raid feature would fatal users if the link was incorrect, only used by room-owners this feature is now fixed.
    • [62]!greenroomignore list/listclear/add/remove has been added. You can keep a user waiting in the greenroom for manual verification.
    • [62]!notificationtoggle for mobile users has been restored.
    • [62Mobile detection has been modified, we should properly detect mobi/android.]
    • [62]WebSocket will detect close and reset CTS for you.
    • Code Optimizations and mobile support changes. Further input needed.



    • [54]!greenroomlist is now online, this list will automatically clear for moderators (users who are closed, banned, kicked) and anyone on camera will be thrown in list. For non moderators, no worries; and if that changes, fast adaptation and quite effective.
    • [54]Download your chat log, support may be limited, and won't be on mobile (fully).
    • [54]More CSS Adjustments for phones and more!
    • [54]At 15 or more users in room; your main messages will mute. We'll do more testing with this, opinions please.
    • CSS changes/update (major)
    • Better full-screen behavior
    • !notificationtoggle will better inform you of the status of notifications!
    • Mobile support has been added again.
    • Gift (space hold for now) they'll be added soon!
    • Many improvements this update!



    • !notificationtoggle has 3 options, above chat, in chat, and off!
    • Gift introductory, listening for packets to properly get the infomration soon to re-write it.
    • CSS updates and changes, support additions and more
    • Optimizations galore, should be faster; in fact 1 complexity point off, getting tight now.
    • Temporary black-list, if user is closed/kicked/banned, you'll not auto-accept them for the course you're bot, refresh for clearing of the list!
    • Going through requests slowly, bare with me; avoid spamming but do ask periodically every week or two if not added unless told no! Thank you.
      Lots of work!
    • Many code optimizations again, report issues.
    • YouTube playlist has been limited to a maximum of 25, and optimized to hopefully allow public 24/7 use. Enjoy; users should not notice this at all!
    • Private Messages removed, will return them if word comes back they're good to go.
    • Stay tuned! Thanks for supporting the development.


    5/1/2020 -> 5/11/2020

    • [38]Backgrounds were not showing up while in full-screen mode. CSS applied to correct this.
    • [38]Optimize on the amount of checks are made!
    • [38]Commands will be a bit more specific with regex
    • [38]Echo cancellation was removed, but reintroduced; it should work now.
    • [36]Reverted some updates for mobile browsers,few browsers were detecting funny. For mobile users, support will be limited and may be pushed in the future.
    • [35]As a reminder, !ytbypass is moderator only and utilizes fixed duration/title, this allow "bypass" of more than just regular videos but live, movies(free) and more. Now for normal use is !yt and all users by default I've !opadd -all so all users can use your bot. To disable !oplistclear and add who you like manually!
    • [35]YouTube overlay was hidden by TC; this feature can be re-enabled and has been. The use of such may be temporary if TC is developing the new overlay. Stay tuned on more updates if anything changes here.
    • CTS will be supporting mobile upcomming updates and I'll be finishing up some of the CSS/JS to compliment it. Stay tuned
    • YouTube API has been relaunched, start using !yt commands, and for the lives videos and movies, use !ytbypass!
    • Mobile detection and some code optimization to make way for further support. Big Updates soon



    • [33]Addons are now working, developers go give my new project a look. One addon at a time can be ran.
    • [33]Lots of changing of code to support addons and future improvements.
    • [32]Few adjustments to CSS and other objects, next patch will feature addons if it's not quick fixes.
    • [32]The timestamp was accidentally linked to the bottoggle; this is fixed. It was a bad copy/paste on my end.
    • [32]Preparing CTS for better addon support, this will be the test if were having global scoping issues.
    • [31]Camera border can be resized in your CTS Options (up at the cog).
    • CTS Cog was not showing up for some users, properly. Easy conversion atm to img till SVG can be sorted or better option.
    • !timestamptoggle is now a command. Toggle on and off as you go
    • Few radio stations removed as they went down, will update this more soon
    • More themes for CTS, go wild.
    • YouTube duration bumped up 5 seconds incase users are lagging it should let them catch up.
    • PM sound has been added, may go through changes till we find the right sound. As always to turn on/off audio to use the tc settings and refresh on toggle.
    • Some text changes, and corrections throughout
    • a bunch of small things, any breaks let me know!



    • Major CSS adjustments to suit needs, should be noticeable right away
    • Mentions now highlight
    • OG CTS Style saves its state now, so you don't need to constantly re-adjust it.
    • Camera hide on ignore/tempignore list, if not already hidden
    • Microphone indicator has been modified; no more white-dot! Camera's will glow now.
    • Cameras will hide if the user has ignored them, unhide if you decide to unignore however!
    • Notification box has been adjusted for easier viewing hopefully
    • Camera function was optimized
    • Many more optimizations, report any issues thank you! Lots of small changes.



    • [13]Resized a few things, testing this patch let me know!
    • [12]Unread messages were set to display just one, they now will now properly display the missed count. Any issues report this and possibly downgrade!
    • [12]Reports that the already converted UTF-8 code wasn't working in some OSs, I've set this to a HTML DEC level to see if this helps; if not on to SVG or other options for this list. Report back on this!
    • [12]The sizing for Youtube/Feautred cameras is now saved, if you set it small/large it'll be remembered.
    • [12]Few adjustments and more fixes, hit me in discord for feature requests and more!
    • [11]Adjusted guest name change, whether guest or guest-1234567 your name will revert
    • [11]Small adjustments
    • Watchlist, should not double verify user if you add them while they're being added. I'll watch this further!
    • Adjustments to the notification box height; as always adjust window zoom/browser zoom to get your optimal and keep things on page.
    • Black camera issue confirmed fixed.
    • !greenroomtoggle to automate the allowing of cameras or not
    • !publiccommandtoggle to stop users from using your bot commands while hosting.
    • Try CTS with two different styles, toggle the ↻ button in your options to switch.
    • Favorite rooms had issues displaying the data joined/oncam, I removed it for now; possibly forever.
    • close/kick/ban will remove a user from your safelist. This does not share among safe lists.
    • Automated green-room is in development, it should function properly but because the green room has no variable to state it's on, I am making the educated guess
      as to when to allow a user, based on the order of publish/stream_connected headers. We'll deem if this is working 100% by next patch. Hopefully error free!
    • Major CSS/HTML changes, fixing of styles, and adjustments for the new dark-mode on TC.
    • If you join a room with guest as your name, you'll default back to username using CTS.
    • Many more fixes and patches, big update!
    • Report issue immediately please if any, this is a big update.



    • Black camera has been fixed. Sorry for delay, I was hoping TC would fix the issue but it was left to me, hope it works I haven't done full testing.
    • Prepare for more features soon. I thank you all for supporting the development and keeping my rights to such respected.



    • [84]Safelist commands had spelling mistake, use (safeadd, saferemove, safelist, and safelistclear);
    • [84]JR Moderators now have more control with the host, you should not need to add them as an operator
    • [84]Camera's now have their soundmeter, this may bug! By default it's on for all. !soundmetertoggle to turn it off.
    • [84]Performance tweaks and a bit more, preparing for green-room automation soon!
    • [81]Grass theme added to CTS
    • [81]Deprecated AdviceToggle for now/permanently. Most would not have noticed, !advice still works however.
    • Junior moderators can be added along side owner/moderators for use of kick/ban/close of users with lower authorization. (in testing report flaws back).
    • Owner may !closeall or !kickall; go wild with this one!
    • !ytclear has been updated to TinyChats yut_playlist_clear.
    • Users may ask host for !advice
    • Highlight is now orange, to fall into style; and some CSS revisions to make things cleaner.
    • Update from the radio hosts, this is grey area but it's playing so roll with it.
    • As usual many fixes this round, do take time to abuse and report back any success/failures; it all helps!
    • Enjoy the changes, 1.5.8 is the new recommended



    • [77]Few attempts but this one should suffice for holding the API well throughout updates; sorry about this one! Last few updates affect those with YT API issues and are entering their own! Now on Line 50 you may set it and forget it!
    • Bare with me a lot of connection lost issues making this difficult, but the worst is done;
    • Fishslap was appearing broken in some cases, checks should be improved and variables defined for use.

    • Camsweep is sharing similarities with the slap feature, this is expected as they're all worked on together; don't ask... :P
    • !votetoggle (default always off) for moderators and greater will enable the vote system, 3 votes from safelisted users and the user gets kicked off camera. Needs testing, if it works let me know! I don't overly get the testing in myself; it varies!
    • Expect more soon, keep me posted on this one! :)



    • [71]Fixes to fish game and more, insurance is now charged properly and slaps should work properly, slowed developed recently but now going through and cleaning this up!
    • [71]Theme modification as a request should have a TC vibe!
    • [71]Camera close options have been fine tuned, this may open a !vote system if it can prove useful; may have this option based on safelist and a seperate list per session to handle how many times a user can vote in an amount of time. Possibly look forward to this as we wait... If you don't know; get an API key for your YouTube today! Line 189
    • [71] Any issues please report them to me directly or in discord.



    • [66]Fixed fish game robbing feature, you may now sink user!
    • [66]Fish game prices changed and gambling feature has more odds.
    • [66]Added !help if that's easier to remember over !cts when lost
    • [66]Adjust camsweep-time; should trigger every five minute! best ran on admin.
    • [66]Slowly waiting to progress this, request fixes features while we're stalled.
    • [65]YouTube API has been made dynamic for easy slip, if users possess a key, this will later be updated with TinyChats key hoping they sort spam and set limits. For how to setup your API key ask in discord it's quick and easy!
    • FishGame has modified feature "fishslap" for 10K you may take a camera slot. This is limit to host's authority; if moderator they may not close other moderators. If feature is buggy/or not for you you may turn your gamehost ON|OFF
    • Optionally and by default (OFF) if moderator or admin set camsweep, they will if they're host close a camera at random IF cameras have been at max for 10 minutes and the randomized user is of lower authority that's being closed. This timer will reset otherwise and when a user cams down and back up. So if cameras are changing often it won't bother closing at random. This isn't for all rooms but perhaps a solution for when cams get full, try it out owners, and moderators if you deal with a lot of guests.Feed back is welcomed always
    • CSS fixes and small codes change, if I see it I clean it type deal at this point this is getting huge (under one file). So progressing slow and majorly some updates. Nothing in the works but stabilizing at this point and fun features.



    • [56]Fixed small code issue with the chat-resize to make for new changes recent updates; watching it closer at the moment for further problems. Abused and performs well now.
    • [55]Volume control has been added back, it may still glitch; fixes may come if such is the case.
    • [55]Redesigned the chat GUI a little bit, might need more work but should now fix everything nicely.
    • [55]A few more general fixes
    • [55]You may now urban dictionary your terms now, !urb term
    • [55]8Ball/Chuck/Dad/Urb are set to work for hosts only, this should give better results overall in its delivery.
    • [52]YouTube Controls Restored! Can't say if this will be the normal soon, or if it will get deprecated. It doesn't function perfectly, none of the controls are linked. ex. play/pause; however you'll see where it's better quickly.[53+ won't include this feature, too messy but for trialing/record it's in 1.5.52
    • Performance mode added, you can render far less and just chat! Some bugs last round, with the silent release but it should be good now.
    • Few fixes
    • As always report any issues in discord, I try my best to get through all issues, debug is left open this patch to report problems.



    • Fish game had a few issues, some pricing faults/etc. All in the name of cleaning code up; almost sorted. This release should be good.
    • USER REQUEST: On chat-hide you may now PTT or use the broadcast button; some changes may be made to make it an all chat setup.
    • Fixed a chat style, and added some fixes to compliment the above request, user can expect messages through the pop-ups if enabled in this mode and some tweaks to the popup styles.
    • Hi!



    • !bot in free-rooms can be called no fatals now but YT will not work. This is a limit set by TC now for YouTube (for paid rooms only)
    • Added !dad to the script, either bot or yourself will call the joke. If errors occur I'll catch mistake
    • Fish game has pricing all in one place, will further correct this, ranking was showing reversed; should now be fixed. I'll fix anything I haven't caught, lots of small changes to lessen code/etc.
    • Added !chuck to the script, either bot or yourself will call the joke. If errors occur I'll catch mistake
    • Those looking to modify CTS should consider the addon template, this will make keeping your changes and sharing them easier than ever while maintaining base updates!
    • Greet room owner on join once if you haven't said hey yet; resets each refresh. This greet is also active for my developer account so you users can get to know who's really behind this script; ask questions and all sorts.
    • Fixed up Fishing Boat further, lots of small changes; you can expect top five players to work now and prices to be fixed further. Rod/Factory deprecated; no need for them; updated casting rules should now remove insurance after every-round. There is still no objective still and if it keeps up, I may remove the game; fun little idea but needs to provide that sauce...
    • Officially have set up the youtube_enable header, previous updates you may have no seen bot call in free-rooms; you now will however if youtube is disabled (can be seen in the first message on load) you will not get the commands to use and if you try to bypass you will be fatal errored. Paid rooms only! PRO/EXTREME/GOLD only  by the looks of it.
    • !gameview was introduced earlier to hide the game messages, to further this I've added !gamehost for moderators to turn off their games if this feature progresses. So if you want to bot but not host games, use that command. !start/stopboat has been removed because of the automated process.
    • Patiently waiting for YouTube and other features to be fixed by TinyChat; in the time being focusing the small things and adjusting us by micro-updates. TinyChat is in a position they must update and it's a lot of code to go through, hoping within a few-days to weeks we'll get delivery  of this code and fixes.
    • Reverted borders on theme, looked rough; also making way for new volume support if it gets fixed.



    • Temporary user ignore list has been restored 100%, now instead of using !ignoreadd as a permanent solution, you may just toggle the ignore/unignore. Setting is user/nick based if user is non existent. Clears on refresh. Expect little to no issues.
    • Fish game value adjustments, and optimization on code; new features should be easily added now. Incomplete features will start being fixed up now. In future updates a !gametoggle will be added, kind of like bot-toggle, this will make it so the bot must start the game or leave it to the users. More ideas generating around this slowly.
    • Code revamp just went down, complexity has been restored to its rightful 26; any lower we're godlike but that doesn't mean I won't push for that opportunity. There are 261 functions in this file. Function with the largest signature take 5 arguments, while the median is 0. Largest function has 129 statements in it, while the median is 4. The most complex function has a cyclomatic complexity value of 26 while the median is 2.
    • This update is to prepare CTS for its next movement, major for me, to you guys; possibly not.
    • This is the new recommended version, however 1.5.22+ ensures the safelist fix so you'd be fine using that version.