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This script provides a series of small tools to speed up the speed of your visit to the website and improve your work efficiency.

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The script function is still being updated, so stay tuned.


Functions provided by the current script:


1. Delete server redirection


1. This script will generate a floating button in the lower left corner of the website,click to delete
the server redirection.

2. For dynamically loaded pages, that is, as the mouse scrolls the scroll bar,pages with
new content continuously added below, you need to click the delete redirect button again to take effect
on the new content.

3. This script supports the website of the whole network, you can delete the redirection of
the website of the whole network, there are many delete redirect scripts, but most of them only support
some websites, you can no longer use this script as a script Do n’t worry about not supporting your
website, and do n’t have to wait for the script author ’s update to support your website.

4. This script comes with delete redirection function that supports
three websites (,, Other websites require you to
configure separately.

5. For websites that have not been set up to redirection links,
clicking the delete button will prompt you to set up, you only need to set up
once and you can use it permanently.

6. For users who do not know how a basic url works, we simply
popularize the basic knowledge, and see two types of websites similar to the
following, which are generally server redirection URLs.

In a word, general URL = starts a new URLwith http,the previous part of = is the part we want to delete.

Each website of this script supports setting two such URL prefixes. After groping out your own
experience, when you click the delete redirect button for the first time, you can fill in the above URL
in the script's prompt input box. , You can use the delete redirection function normally.



2. Back to top Function (2020-04-19)


In the lower right corner of the page with a height greater than 2000, there will be a "back to top" button


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