SCP Tagline Changer

Makes the SCP Foundation wiki's tagline ("Secure, Contain, Protect") say a random thing when a page is loaded (similar to Minecraft's "splash text", except that it shows up everywhere on the site) and replaces it with the wiki's "age" on July 19, its "birthday", every year. Has a 1 in 25 chance of not changing the tagline at all unless it is July 19.

Bradley Auerbach
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Makes the SCP Foundation wiki's tagline (the text under the name and logo) say a random message.

Each message and its meaning is below:

Does the black moon howl?- This phrase's exact meaning is unknown, but it is shown at the top of the main page of the staff site ( in big, black letters.
I do not recognize the bodies in the water.- A reference to SCP-2316.
is not responsible for any sleep deprivation due to nightmares.- The wiki is filled with creepy content that can cause nightmares, which can lead to sleep deprivation. When combined with the site name, it reads "SCP Foundation is not responsible for any sleep deprivation due to nightmares."
[DATA EXPUNGED]- A way of censoring information on the wiki. This indicates that information has been completely removed from the database.
[REDACTED]- Another way of censoring information on the wiki. This means that information was simply withheld because the reader does not have the necessary security clearance for viewing it.
The site is experiencing multiple Keter and Euclid-level containment breaches. Full site lockdown initiated.- This phrase is said immediately after the intro sequence in SCP - Containment Breach, a popular survival horror game based on the SCP Foundation wiki.
is actually a reality-bender!- A reference to S. Andrew Swann's Proposal, where an outside entity (possibly the wiki) causes changes to be made to the Foundationverse (the SCP Foundation universe). When combined with the site name, it says "SCP Foundation is actually a reality-bender!"
Causing CK-Class Reality Shifts every day since 2008.- Similar to the above tagline. This is also a reference to the year the wiki was created (2008).
Memetic Kill Agent Activated!- A reference to SCP-001.
Over 4000 Skips!There are currently over 4000 SCPs (also known as "Skips") on the wiki.
SCP-173 did the Snap long before Thanos ever did!- This is a pun referencing both SCP-173 (the first SCP) and Avengers Infinity War/Endgame. SCP-173 kills people by snapping their necks, and the SCP-173 article was written in 2007, 11-12 years before Avengers Infinity War/Endgame were released. The "Snap" also refers to when Thanos, a Marvel supervillain, killed half of the world population by snapping his fingers in Avengers Endgame/Infinity War.
SCP-173 is NOT a Weeping Angel or an Enderman!- SCP-173 is often accused of "copying" the Weeping Angels (creatures from Dr. Who that move when unobserved) or Endermen (mobs in the game Minecraft that attack you if you look at them).
Brought to you by 4Chan!- SCP originated on 4Chan's /x/ (paranormal) board.
The 05 Council may or may not be real.- A reference to the 05 Command Dossier page.
I wonder who or what keeps doing this to the tagline!- A Foundation personnel or SCP could be changing the tagline around. This is also a self-reference to the SCP Tagline Changer userscript.
Help, help! I'm trapped in a tagline factory!- A funny phrase said to make it seem like someone is trapped in a factory that makes the object that the phrase is in. In this case, someone is apparently trapped in a factory that makes taglines.
Secure, Contain, Protect- The "default" tagline. This has a 1 in 25 percent chance of appearing when this userscript is enabled.
What happened to Site-13?- A reference to SCP-1730.
There is no canon.- A common phrase on the wiki, meaning that there is no "official" interpretation for anything in the Foundationverse.
is turning [number] years old today!- This tagline is shown on July 19, the anniversary of the wiki's creation. When combined with the site name, it says "SCP Foundation is turning [number] years old today!"
Pride is a deadly sin!- A reference to both the Seven Deadly Sins and the June 2018 Pride Month Incident, where the admins of the site changed the logo for Pride Month, causing many people to think that the wiki was "dead" and/or "ruined/infected by SJWs."
is not owned by anyone, especially Russia!- A reference to an incident that occurred in May of 2019, when a Russian man named Andrey Duskin trademarked the SCP logo; this incident got worse in November of 2019 and the SCP Foundation community/admins took legal action against Andrey Duskin in retaliation. When combined with the site name, it says "SCP Foundation is not owned by anyone, especially Russia!"
Don’t. Even. Blink.- A reference to SCP-173. SCP-173 moves when unobserved, even if someone only blinks in front of it. Therefore, SCP-173 will snap your neck if you blink while looking at it.
Contains peanuts.- SCP-173 is often called “Peanut.” There is also a tale called “Revised Entry” where SCP-173 self-replicates (and the Foundation must try to “contain” all of the SCP-173s. Therefore, this tagline is also a pun on a common allergy warning for foods with peanuts in them.
/x/ marks the spot!- A pun on the phrase “X marks the spot!” This tagline also references 4Chan’s /x/ (paranormal) board, where SCP-173, the first SCP, was initially posted.