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Latest version not working in Saved folder correctly.

Latest update is not working when viewing images located in the Saved section of your Instagram. Here's what happens. When you click on your Saved folder and view an image, the download button isn't there, even after waiting. If you continue to click ahead, still no download button. However, if you go back to the previous image you just viewed, the download button appears. I've checked this on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

I rolled back to a previous version of Instagram: Download Photo & Video, version 1.0.11, and it works fine. Just a head's up for others. I would suggest always backing up your current scripts as a .zip file before updating.


Hey Sean Park, thanks for the feedback.

There's no need to back up scripts cause Greasy Fork already do this work. So if the latest update didn't work for you, feel free to downgrade other old version in following:

I fixed the issue you meet at version 1.0.13, I thought that Javascript function parameter default value is the same as C#, it seems not quite right. You have my thanks.


Thanks for the quick response! I just checked it and it's working fine now. Upgrading your ranking! :)

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