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What can marketers do on Twitter that they can’t on other social networking platforms?

Although we tend to hear about the same sites all the time, there are several social networking platforms to choose from. Among the bunch is LinkedIn, the service that was specifically designed with the online professional in mind.

And while it has many of the features commonly found on other platforms, there are numerous components that make this particular tool an animal all its own. Check out some of the abilities and advantages LinkedIn offers marketers over the competition.

Sell From the Profile

The profile is often overlooked on other social networks. With Facebook and Twitter, it’s all about the activity – the likes, the tweets, the shares.

With LinkedIn, however, the profile carries a make or break type of importance. Here is where you can sell yourself to that industry peer who may be interested in hooking up on a partnership, help with college essay and engage that browser who wants to know more about your latest product.

The LinkedIn profile offers a number of sections that can be used to describe your business and showcase your expertise. Combined with recommendations, these areas give you the tools needed to create a powerful profile.

Drive Search Traffic

From a marketing standpoint, one of the biggest advantages LinkedIn has over its social networking counterparts is loads of SEO value. You see, unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has decided to play nice by giving Google greater access to its data.

This makes it far more effective at driving search traffic than the others. The company allows Google to index everything from profiles to article content, so the opportunities for exposure are tremendous. Of course the key to maximizing that potential is optimizing your LinkedIn content and presence.

Grow Your Company

The job seeking process is one of many activities that has migrated to the interwebs. But it’s not just the Monsters and CareerBuilders of the world. Social media is now playing a bigger role than ever.

Over the years, LinkedIn has gained a reputation as a quality recruitment tool and method for connecting employers to employees. The platform offers an arsenal of tools your Human Resources department can use to find the right members to add to the team. With LinkedIn, you have access to professional hiring solutions that allow you to post jobs, but simply having the ability to reach out and interact with the network gives it so much more potential on this front.

Stay Active

The biggest mistake marketers make with LinkedIn is giving up on it too early. This site doesn’t necessarily have the bells and whistles you typically find on other social networks, but that only means it is more focused and better tailored for professionals. If you want to get the most from this tool, creating a good profile, maintaining an active presence, and managing your reputation is the way to go.