Google Search restore URLs (undo breadcrumbs)

Brings back the full URLs in results.

These are all versions of this script. Show only the versions where the code changed.

  • v2023.02.21v15 2023-02-21

    Updated for the new Google Search. Temporary workaround for the icons update.

  • v2021.01.15v14 2021-01-15 Updated for the new Google Search, plus some light error handling.
  • v2020.10.06v13 2020-10-06 Updated for the new Google Search.
  • v2020.04.27v12 2020-04-27 Even reliable truncation (better height/width detection). Some code refactoring/reorganizing.
  • v2020.04.21v11 2020-04-21 New screenshot.
  • v2020.04.21v11 2020-04-21 More reliable truncation.
  • v2020.04.20v10 2020-04-20 Made links green.
  • v2020.01.20v9 2020-01-21 Firefox: added workaround for links being the wrong width.
  • v2020.01.16v8 2020-01-20 Recommended Chrome and mentioned Firefox two-line/overflow bug.
  • v2020.01.16v8 2020-01-16 Updated for the new Google Search.
  • v2019.11.09v7 2019-11-09 Fixed positioning of cache arrow.
  • v2019.10.18v6 2019-10-18 Fixed positioning of "[PDF]" and similar items.
  • v2019.09.10v5 2019-09-11 For truncated URLs, now you can hover to show the full one.
  • v2019.09.10v4 2019-09-11 Truncation works every time now.
  • v2019.09.10v3 2019-09-10 Added international sites.
  • v2019.09.06v2 2019-09-06 Added truncation.
  • v2019.09.04v1 2019-09-04