Tinychat Enhancement Suite (TES)

Fixes some Tinychat room shortcomings and adds useful features.

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  • v2019.09.04v277 2022-11-26

    Remember top header hiding state.

  • v2019.09.04v276 2022-11-20

    Improve URL regex.

  • v2019.09.04v276 2022-11-20
  • v2019.09.04v274 2022-03-03

    Fix cam play on click function for FF.

  • v2019.09.04v273 2022-03-03

    Fix autoignore so it tracks users accurately.

  • v2019.09.04v272 2022-02-23

    Fix video-only cam hide.

  • v2019.09.04v271 2022-02-20

    Fix video-only hide.
    Improve auto ignore to stick to nicknames too, cause some psychos keep switching accounts. Doesn't apply to "guest" nickname.

  • v2019.09.04v270 2022-02-16

    To only hide video but keep voice middle mouse button on Eye icon.

  • v2019.09.04v269 2022-02-16

    Fix hide cam video only.

  • v2019.09.04v268 2022-02-15

    Middle mouse button now toggles camera video only. Audio will still play.

  • v2019.09.04v267 2022-01-17

    Fix improvements to autoban.

  • v2019.09.04v266 2022-01-10

    New chatbox will not select avatar or timestamp, to keep copy pasting of messages easier.

  • v2019.09.04v265 2022-01-07

    Improve the whitelist feature, adding # to ignore lines, and ! to always ban matches.

  • v2019.09.04v264 2022-01-02

    Add middle mouse click on room volume to automatically lower it to 5% (same as webcams).

  • v2019.09.04v263 2021-12-29

    Added BOT mode. Activate with middle mouse button click on TES settings asterix - it will turn orange.
    A mod PMing the bot "whitelist" will toggle the whitelist feature. PMing it "refresh" will reload the whitelist, if from file (like google docs).

  • v2019.09.04v262 2021-12-27

    Don't check for alert phrases in private messages; unnecessary.

  • v2019.09.04v261 2021-12-24

    Fix and improve blacklist/whitelist, especially if loaded from file (google docs). Now clicking Save will reload the list from file.

  • v2019.09.04v260 2021-12-15

    In the new chatbox, for alert phrases (mentions), highlight the nickname and timestamp instead of the message text.

  • v2019.09.04v259 2021-12-15

    Improve new chatbox pming to display outgoing messages in the original pm chatbox, too.

  • v2019.09.04v258 2021-12-15

    Fix new chatbox pm's; better failure handling.

  • v2019.09.04v257 2021-12-15

    New chatbox still prevents private messages from accidentally sending to main chat, but also displays an error message if the target user is offline. This lets you copy it again.

  • v2019.09.04v256 2021-12-13

    Bugfix when toggling userlist sidemenu, cams don't reposition correctly.

  • v2019.09.04v255 2021-12-13

    Improve chat log, showing more usernames. Fix midnight display in chatlog 24:00 -> 00:00.

  • v2019.09.04v254 2021-12-09

    Displaying usernames in the users list is buggy, so that's removed. Instead, display username when mouse hovering over a chat message avatar image.

  • v2019.09.04v253 2021-12-08

    Implemented new work around for Firefox when cams don't show up. Now, instead of an OK popup, clicking on the chat input box should start the cams. It should still also respect ignored cams etc.

  • v2019.09.04v253 2021-12-08

    Implemented new work around for Firefox when cams don't show up. Now, instead of an OK popup, clicking on the chat input box should start the cams. It should still also respect ignored cams etc.

  • v2019.09.04v252 2021-12-04
  • v2019.09.04v252 2021-12-04

    Middle mouse button click on cam volume to reduce volume to 5%.

  • v2019.09.04v251 2021-12-02

    Display username when hovering over user in sidemenu userlist.

  • v2019.09.04v250 2021-12-01

    Improve chat logging to include username in join/quit msgs.

  • v2019.09.04v249 2021-11-30

    Disabled regular chatbox up/down keys scrolling msg history, as it's annoying. May consider modifying it.

  • v2019.09.04v248 2021-11-26

    Add to chat log events: join, quit, nickname changed.

  • v2019.09.04v247 2021-11-16

    Remember side menu minimize state.

  • v2019.09.04v246 2021-11-14

    Fix bug with trying to set volume for self cam.

  • v2019.09.04v245 2021-11-13

    Fix changing nickname will now also update camera spot correctly.

    Added option to select a text color override for the new chatbox.

  • v2019.09.04v243 2021-11-09

    Allow repeated msgs in new chatbox. Fixes accidentally sending PMs to chat when repeating a PM text.

  • v2019.09.04v242 2021-11-05

    Make spotlight cams optional with a toggle.

  • v2019.09.04v241 2021-11-04

    Move spotlight webcam back to normal webcam. No thanks.

  • v2019.09.04v240 2021-10-24

    Add keyword to spam filter.

  • v2019.09.04v239 2021-10-23

    Improve spam keywords, case insensitive.

  • v2019.09.04v238 2021-10-22

    Added rudimentary spam blocker for known TC spammers by case-sensitive substrings.

  • v2019.09.04v237 2021-10-22

    Fixed whitespace handling in new chatbox PMs.
    Failed PMs will not show up in regular chat anymore, as a precaution. If a PM fails, it shows nothing.

  • v2019.09.04v236 2021-10-17

    When converting text to links in new chatbox, separate accidental text before protocol text, e.g.: 'this link.https://imgur.com'

  • v2019.09.04v235 2021-10-12

    TC changed an element name, breaking new chatbox. Fixed name.

  • v2019.09.04v234 2021-08-09

    Improve Autohide new cams -> now it's "all cams" and hides the currently visible cams, too. Useful against distractions.

  • v2019.09.04v233 2021-08-06

    Minor fix for camera's not loading TC new bug.

  • v2019.09.04v232 2021-08-06

    Click a cam that's loading and won't start to help it start. Works sometimes.

  • v2019.09.04v231 2021-07-24

    Further improve autoscrolling for both old chatbox and new.
    Pressing Enter on either input-box will scroll the chat down all the way, even if input is empty.
    Posting a new message yourself guarantees a scroll-down.

  • v2019.09.04v230 2021-07-23

    Improved CSS only new-chatbox toggle button glow animation.

  • v2019.09.04v229 2021-07-23

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