Tinychat Enhancement Suite (TES)

Fixes some Tinychat room shortcomings and adds useful features.

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  • v2019.09.04v224 2021-07-22

    Fix for cam restore muted state.

  • v2019.09.04v223 2021-07-22

    Typing "/unban USERNAME" will now ban any user on the banlist that matches USERNAME, whether account name or nickname at the time of the ban. Will only match 1 result at a time.

  • v2019.09.04v222 2021-07-22

    Update /clear to empty the chatlog, and /unban to empty the banlist.

  • v2019.09.04v221 2021-07-22

    Ignore automatic volume/mute/hide states for self camera.

  • v2019.09.04v220 2021-07-22

    Automatically restore each user's cam volume from last session.

  • v2019.09.04v219 2021-07-22

    Automatically restore last room volume.

  • v2019.09.04v218 2021-07-22

    Automatically mute users that were muted before. Don't have to hide their cam anymore.

  • v2019.09.04v217 2021-07-20

    Automatically remember for each room if it's muted.

  • v2019.09.04v216 2021-07-20

    Fix and improve auto cam hiding:
    - Don't hide self.
    - Fix hiding blocked cams from list.
    - Fix Auto hide new cams. Now a refresh will continue hiding all new cams including those loaded when joining the room.

  • v2019.09.04v215 2021-06-29
  • v2019.09.04v214 2021-04-30

    Quickfix for new chatbox, looks good so far.

  • v2019.09.04v213 2021-04-29

    Another quickfix for chat crash from TC data changes. Work-In-Progress

  • v2019.09.04v212 2021-04-29

    Quickfix for the changed TC websocket data, as new chatbox didn't work.

  • v2019.09.04v202 2021-04-20

    Another improvement to the new chatbox link parsing.

  • v2019.09.04v201 2021-02-09 Fix last patch, replace nbsp with space in new chatbox messages.
  • v2019.09.04v200 2021-02-08 Fix (remove) unbreakable space in link detection in new chatbox.
  • v2019.09.04v199 2021-02-02 Remove trailing punctuation is links in new chatbox.
  • v2019.09.04v198 2020-12-15 Max newlines autoban changed from 10 to 20, less aggressive.
  • v2019.09.04v197 2020-11-26 Hide TC's new userlist resizer, as TES has its own already.
  • v2019.09.04v196 2020-11-25 Remove special paid icons from cams like gold G.
  • v2019.09.04v195 2020-09-07 Removing auto-reconnect due to suspected bug.
  • v2019.09.04v194 2020-08-25 Add recam to autoreconnect, because TC is dying badly these days.
  • v2019.09.04v193 2020-08-24 New chatbox input limit fixed for pastes and sends. Display limits removed to fit TC defaults.
  • v2019.09.04v192 2020-08-21 Added character limit to new chatbox input.
  • v2019.09.04v191 2020-08-15 New chatbox remove "undefined" from old chatbox PMs. Working on a fix for this.
  • v2019.09.04v190 2020-08-11 Improve new chatbox autoscrolling. Scrolls when user sends message.
  • v2019.09.04v189 2020-08-09 Restore new chatbox after refreshing during a PM.
  • v2019.09.04v188 2020-08-08 Improve PM in new chatbox, readd > indicator of outgoing PM.
  • v2019.09.04v187 2020-08-07 Removed excessive debugging console log msgs from new chatbox changes.
  • v2019.09.04v186 2020-08-07 Integrate new chatbox with old PMs, so that clicking on PMs and leaving them works as expected.
  • v2019.09.04v185 2020-08-07 Improve new chatbox PM visibility.
  • v2019.09.04v184 2020-08-06 Improve handling of /commands in new chatbox.
  • v2019.09.04v183 2020-08-06 Use 00 instead of 24 for midnight in new chatbox timestamp.
  • v2019.09.04v182 2020-08-02 Added /empty command for new chatbox to clear it out.
  • v2019.09.04v181 2020-08-01 Catch errors with auto reconnect.
  • v2019.09.04v180 2020-07-31 Fix and update auto scrolling method.
  • v2019.09.04v179 2020-07-31 Remove msg id number and dependency on it from new chatbox.
  • v2019.09.04v178 2020-07-31 New chatbox will reload previous chat log after a page refresh.
  • v2019.09.04v177 2020-07-30 Automatically reconnect to the chatroom from the popup.
  • v2019.09.04v176 2020-07-29 Improve new chatbox link printout.
  • v2019.09.04v175 2020-07-29 Improve autoscrolling for new chatbox. Reduce kept messages to 3000 in new chatbox.
  • v2019.09.04v174 2020-07-29 Fix new chatbox URL to link converter for subdomains. Some other minor fixes.
  • v2019.09.04v173 2020-07-28 Fixed invalid characters in new chatbox.
  • v2019.09.04v172 2020-07-28 Fixed new chatbox URL to link converter.
  • v2019.09.04v171 2020-07-27 new chatbox open links in new tab
  • v2019.09.04v170 2020-07-27 Still fixing new chatbox URL to link converter.
  • v2019.09.04v169 2020-07-27 WIP fixing new chatbox URL to link changer.
  • v2019.09.04v168 2020-07-26 Autoscroll down when changing chatboxes.
  • v2019.09.04v167 2020-07-23 Remove formatting from new chatbox input, and add /slash commands to it.
  • v2019.09.04v166 2020-07-18 Add padding to new inputbox.

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