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Accurate filling of new upload/request and group/request edit forms based on foobar2000's playlist selection or web link, offline and online release integrity check, tracklist format customization, featured artists extraction, classical works formatting, cover art fetching from store, checking for previous upload, form enhancements and more

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2020-02-26

Drag and drop currently broken?

Noticed you updated the script to no longer require PTPimgit.

I disabled PTPImg it. I added my API key to the script

I drag and dropped to the image field and got the following error:

'Response Error 4/500 Internal server error'

I apologize if you're already aware of this or if it's a problem on my end.

Thanks again.

Posted: 2020-02-26

Response Error 4/500 Internal server error ==> because ptpimg.me has outage.

Posted: 2020-02-27

Thank you, working great now. Glad to finally be able to disable the PTPImg It script.

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