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Working as of 7/10/2019

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It was long awaited, but now it has been released,
This modifier was made to work on version 1.4.1 of the game.

Unlike the other versions of the script, coding this was intense due to the recent patch, So I added some premium features for those who want to support me, such as:

- Bump fire (rapid fire on semi-automatic weapons like the pistol, you can think of it as a macro).

- Laser pointer (very easy addon, replaces the enemy's gun texture with laser beams, useful for knowing where the enemy's pointing when behind wall)

50 cents to get those :D contact me via e-mail and we'll negotiate, just a gift if you appreciate my hard work!

Can't pay? don't worry, you still have the base features for free :D

What was changed:

- Added a body aimbot which aims at the torso. Didn't know how to imply that, so I put a purple circle in the middle of the chest where it will stick (color based, still WIP).

- Removed the shitty AF name scrambler which does nothing but ruin your darn gameplay, no it doesn't change your name for other players to avoid bans, it is a lie. I still don't know why is was implemented.

-Added a Horse meme!

My UI is rough around the edges but it works!!
This is a standard idea for what I think is the stepping stone for this game's scripts, I trust you guys will improve upon it.
I didn't create the 0.50$ transaction to make a business out of it, I'm only expecting a fellow scripter or two to buy this from me and admire my efforts:p Make it available to other players for free if you want!

You are not allowed to, share, publish or modify the contents of this script without my consent. 3rd party hosting through websites is allowed as long as the download link sends you to either this Greasyfork page or its Github counterpart, with full credit going to me and this Description being fully and clearly pasted without any alterations. Direct file links are not allowed.