WME Locksmith

Dynamic locking tool which locks based on State standards

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  • v2021.08.10.01 2021-08-10 Imported from URL
  • v2021.07.28.01 2021-07-29 Imported from URL
  • v2021.03.09.01 2021-03-09
  • v2021.02.23.00 2021-02-24 Fix crash due to modeController being removed
  • v2020.11.19.01 2020-11-19
  • v2020.10.19.01 2020-10-19
  • v2020.10.8.01 2020-10-08
  • v2020.09.21.01 2020-09-21
  • v2019.11.13.02 2019-11-13 Fixed my fix that broke something that wasnt broke
  • v2019.11.13.01 2019-11-13 Corrected 'require' placement preventing load
  • v2019.09.27.01 2019-09-27 Added more error checking to script startup. Corrected "No segs out of standards" popup behavior for active scanning. Prevented scanning from occuring when in Event or HN editing modes
  • v2019.08.07.01 2019-08-08 Roads with the toll attribute will now be locked to the value in the spreadsheet, One way streets will respect the rank assigned per road type in the spreadsheet
  • v2019.08.05.01 2019-08-06 NEW: Custom lock values can now be saved between reloads. FIXES: Reworked the way the script loads to fix crashes on loading
  • v2019.07.21.02 2019-07-22 Corrected issue with highlighting of issues at or above editors rank
  • v2019.07.21.01 2019-07-22 Tweaked some timers to increase script loading reliability
  • v2019.06.25.01 2019-06-26 Script awaits loading until all needed resources are ready to prevent unneeded popups about states layer
  • v2019.06.24.01 2019-06-24