Vk Media Downloader

Download music, video from vk.com (Vkontakte) without any external service

As of 2020-10-18 13:39:49 UTC. See the latest version.

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Vk Media Downloader

Download music and video from vk.com without any external service



The advantages of this script:

  • this is open source project
  • works without any external service
  • download video from thumb - no need to open a video to download it
  • this script can work even without GM API - if you want you can disable all @grant metadata and the script still would work (tested on Firefox + Tampermonkey, Firefox + Violentmonkey)


  • Alt+R - Restart script - usefull if the download button doesn't appear in some pages
  • Alt+L - Save log file - needed for debugging the script


To open settings modal click on VkMD button on left side bar or profile menu on top-right corner

Setting modal


The new version v3.3.0 added ffmpeg.js. Now you don't need to install ffmpeg on your computer. One click is enough and this script will combine *.ts fragments into an mp3 / mp4 file (see below Important notes ) directly in the browser. If you still do not want to use this functionality, or it slows down your browser, you can always disable this option in the settings General -> uncheck "Enable ffmpeg.js ".

Important notes

Starting from version v2.1.0 it is available to download *.ts fragments of HLS playlist archived into a *.zip file:

- source/stream.001.ts
- source/stream.002.ts
- source/*.ts
- generate.mp3.bat
- generate.mp3.sh
- README.txt
- %filename%.txt

Why is it needed?

VK now uses HLS (Http Live Streaming) instead of mp3. HLS consists of *.ts fragments. So in a new version v2.1.0 I have added *.ts downloader. One should use ffmpeg to convert *.ts fragments into a single *.mp3 file. For this purpose I've created scripts (bat - for Windows, sh - for Linux, MacOS) generate.mp3.bat, and generate.mp3.sh, they are included in a downloaded *.zip file

How to convert *.ts fragments into *.mp3 ?

  • install ffmpeg if you haven't done it yet (google helps you)
  • unzip downloaded *.zip file
  • run generate.mp3.[bat|sh], P.S. before you run the shell script make it executable: chmod +x generate.mp3.sh

If there are any errors or the script doesn't work correctly

  1. enable debugging mode in logger settings: Settings -> Logger -> Debug Debug
  2. press Alt+L to save logs into file
  3. if Alt+L doesn't work, then open browser's Console and save logs; for Chrome and Opera: Ctrl+Shift+J -> tab Console -> right click in console window -> Save as; for Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+K -> tab Console -> right click on messages -> Export visible messages to -> File;
  4. upload log file here https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/38614-vk-media-downloader/feedback along with a description of the problem

Hotkeys for Aria2 users

  • Alt+A - get links of all music and video files on current page
  • Alt+S - save text file with received links


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