Vk Media Downloader

Download music, video from vk.com (Vkontakte) without any external service

As of 2020-10-14 21:03:39 UTC. See the latest version.

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Vk Media Downloader

Download music and video from vk.com without any external service



The advantages of this script:

  • this is open source project
  • works without any external service
  • download video from thumb - no need to open a video to download it
  • this script can work even without GM API - if you want you can disable all @grant metadata and the script still would work


  • Alt+R - Restart script - usefull if the download button doesn't appear in some pages


To open settings modal click on VkMD button on left side bar or profile menu on top-right corner

Settings modal

Important notes

Starting from version v2.1.0 it is available to download *.ts fragments of HLS playlist archived into a *.zip file:

- source/stream.001.ts
- source/stream.002.ts
- source/*.ts
- generate.mp3.bat
- generate.mp3.sh
- README.txt
- %filename%.txt

Why is it needed?

VK now uses HLS (Http Live Streaming) instead of mp3. HLS consists of *.ts fragments. So in a new version v2.1.0 I have added *.ts downloader. One should use ffmpeg to convert *.ts fragments into a single *.mp3 file. For this purpose I've created scripts (bat - for Windows, sh - for Linux, MacOS) generate.mp3.bat, and generate.mp3.sh, they are included in a downloaded *.zip file

How to convert *.ts fragments into *.mp3 ?

  • install ffmpeg if you haven't done it yet (google helps you)
  • unzip downloaded *.zip file
  • run generate.mp3.[bat|sh], P.S. before you run the shell script make it executable: chmod +x generate.mp3.sh

If there are any errors or the script doesn't work correctly

  1. open Settings modal, see Settings section
  2. in the Settings modal select Logger tab and check Debug
  3. refresh vk page and open the Console (for Chrome browser Ctrl + Shift + J -> Console tab)
  4. try to reproduce the error
  5. take screenshots of all logs on the Console
  6. upload screenshots here https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/38614-vk-media-downloader/feedback along with a description of the problem

Hotkeys for Aria2 users

  • Alt+A - get links of all music and video files on current page
  • Alt+S - save text file with received links


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