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Posted: 2022-01-28

Hi, I love the script but it can be tedious to convert the downloaded files. I wrote a apple-script app for mac users to export mp3 files faster and easier. Feel free to post it.
1) Copy and paste the text into Script Editor app.
2) Export as app.
3) Drag the app to the dock for easy drag and drop.
4) Extract downloaded zip and drop the folder on to the app.
The app will export the mp3 and move it into the parent directory of the zip file. It will then move the zip file into the extracted folder and send the folder to the trash.

Text to paste:

on open (these_files)
-- just use first file if more than one
set this_path to (quoted form of basedir(POSIX path of (first item of these_files)))
set Zip to text 1 through -3 of this_path & ".zip'"
tell application "Terminal"
do script "cd " & this_path & "; bash " & this_path & "generate.mp3.sh;mv -f *.mp3 ..;mv " & Zip & " " & this_path & "" in window 1
set isBusy to true
repeat until isBusy is false
tell application "Terminal"
tell window 1
set isBusy to busy as boolean --> Test if busy
end tell
end tell
end repeat
end tell
tell application "Finder" to move these_files to the trash
end open
on basedir(the_path)
set last_occurrence to last_offset(the_path, "/")
if last_occurrence is equal to 0 then
return "."
end if
if last_occurrence is equal to 1 then
return "/"
end if
return items 1 thru (last_occurrence) of the_path as string
end basedir
on last_offset(the_text, char)
set len to count of the_text
set reversed to reverse of characters of the_text as string
set last_occurrence to len - (offset of char in reversed) + 1
if last_occurrence > len then
return 0
end if
on error
return 0
end try
return last_occurrence
end last_offset

Posted: 2022-02-19

Hi, thanks for your script
I've just added "apple.script.txt" into zip file, see v3.7.0

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