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A script that makes browsing ArenaVision website easier on touchscreens and on browsers with adblock enabled. It can retrieve direct AceStream links for browsers that don't support the player embedded in the page.

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This script completely rebuilds the events guide page, allowing you to directly open the link in an AceStream compatible program. To make it work, go to ArenaVision, open the guide page and select the channel you want to see, you will be redirected to the acestream link. This script is mainly intended to be used mobile browsers (as the video player on the page doesn't work on mobiles) but works on any device and browser, provided that you have installed something to access the acestream:// protocol or the acelive files.
NOTE 1: I would likely avoid to use the "@connect *" property, but the process of retrieving the acestream link is very complex: as Tampermonkey validates every URL a XmlHttpRequest is going through, I need to be sure that any possible domain is allowed in order to successfully complete the request.
NOTE 2: If you try to open a channel and you are redirected to a 403 page on Google Drive, clear the cookies for and try again loading the channel.

"Every morning in Europe, a javascript programmer wakes up. It knows it must code faster than the fastest Arenavision webmaster, or his script will stop working. Every morning an Arenavision webmaster wakes up. It knows it must outrun the javascript programmer, or it will fail to earn money he doesn't deserve from sport events he didn't pay for. It doesn't matter whether you are a javascript programmer or an Arenavision webmaster. When the sun comes up, you better start coding."