AO3: Quality score (Adjusted Kudos/Hits ratio)

Uses the kudos/hits ratio, number of chapters, and statistical evaluation to score and sort AO3 works.

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Author's Description

This script is an edited version of Min's "AO3: Kudos/hits" script, with some small adjustments. This script sends stories without enough data to be properly evaluated to the bottom of the page, eliminating the problem where stories with hardly any hits and a couple of kudos would frequently end up at the top. The program also uses a null hypothesis test ( based on each work's kudos, hits, and the number of chapters.

I noticed that stories with more chapters were receiving a much smaller kudos/hits ratio, and I wanted to rectify this. However, simply dividing the hits by the number of chapters had too significant of an impact on the data. Instead, I divided the number of hits by the square root of the number of chapters, and I used this value instead for all my calculations. Because this change made calling the calculated value the "Kudos/Hits ratio", I changed the display to say "Score" instead.

I feel that this sorting system has significantly improved my AO3 browsing experience, and I hope it will help some other people as well! I find it ideal for browsing the newest posted stories, where I found the aforementioned issues to be the most prominent.