Full auto Martingale+Prerolls+Freeroll+Rewards+GUI WORKING 2019

Multiply BTC bot using martingale system with cheap prerolls.

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This script uses the martingale system and is an improved version of the low balance script by
It uses a preroll system to hedge bets against the system. The bot will roll the set amount of prerolls at
startvalue (0.00000001 btc) and will then start wagering the basebet amount. Each loss it will increase the
bet with the multiplierbase (currently set to 2.1) use 2 for martingale system.

Added features in version 0.2 include autoreward and autofreeroll to make the script full auto
Added features in version 0.3 include adjustable odds + bugfix win/loss calculator & session earnings
Added features in version 0.4 include GUI & Bonus, lottery, reward points builder
Added features in version 0.5 include max loss calculator, betting table, currencyconverter, safety and preroll progressbars
Added features in version 0.6 include autobuy lottery tickets, handbrake feature
Added features in version 0.62 include fixed autostop bug, autostop timeslider, run/pause game with autostop
Change in version 0.62 removed console log entries
Added feature in version 0.63 safetyrun at the beginning of each session
Added feature in version 0.64 safetyrun timeout function, stops safetyrun automatically x amount of minutes before refresh if safetybar isnt filled
Added features in version 0.71 autoclaim bonus account, enable / disable auto; freeroll, rewards, bonus account, lottery
Added features in version 0.72 fixed max bet bug