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Allows for easy navigation through a sub by pressing the left/right arrow keys, amongst other useful experience improvements. (Only works for, so this script automatically redirects you there.)

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-02-23
Edited: 2021-02-23

Massive quality-of-life improvement both on its own merit and also now being able to cast aside RES since I have even better functionality when combined with a few other lightweight scripts **and** with **zero** bloat now too. Not a dig as RES or anything, it's served me well & all that, but reddit is already painfully slow enough as it is before adding anything else into the page towards customization. Anyway, your script is so ridiculously common-sense-functional that it makes me go crazy as just as much as I do appreciating efforts like this when thinking about why things like this aren't baked in already when you just *know* whomever oversees the design is aware of those shortcomings that something like this fixes... Bah!

Posted: 2021-05-25

Sorry for the late response, I barely check this site anymore. But I'm glad other people are finding use in it! I haven't stopped using it myself either yet. :D

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