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Posted: 2015-07-02
Can't access character screen


Using latest version I can't access the character screen. All I get is a sort box...
Posted: 2015-07-05
Edited: 2015-07-05
Try this workaround :

1- Grant Tampermonkey access to file url ( Chrome-Settings-extensions)

2- Open and save it to your local hdd as GOTA_Extender_Custom.js

3- Edit downloaded file and search ( preferably with notepad++, although notepad will suffice) for characterview to find the line $(".characterview").hide();. Just add // before Dollar char to turn this line in to a comment.

4- Save it.

5- Go to dashboard in Tampermonkey and click Gota Extender script, to access editor.
Line 19 should read "// @resource custom"

6- disable this resource by adding an asterisk (*) just before https:// ( *https://)

7- Add a new line under line 19 and paste // @resource custom file:///C:\GOTA_Extender_Custom.js. This implies that the file downloaded on step 2 is placed in the drive's root.

8- Save and restart game, Main gear should be visible now and the Perm tab back on :D

minor detail : this will make your main gear view tab always visible even when you go to inventory tabs.

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