Add Links to Reverso

Adds links to Reverso Pages (at the moment, Spanish-English)

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Easy Install

  • Make sure you have TamperMonkey or GreaseMonkey working in your browser
  • Click the green Install button on the script's home on GreasyFork

Feedback Wanted — Please Use GitHub!

  • Please feel free to send ideas for improvements, or reports if the script is broken.
  • Here is the script's home on GitHub

Compatibility List

Tested and working in:

  • Windows: Chrome (with TamperMonkey)
  • Android: Firefox (with TamperMonkey)
  • Windows: Microsoft Edge (with TamperMonkey)
  • Windows: Pale Moon (with GreaseMonkey) (Pale Moon is basically Firefox that works the way it was meant to)

OSX: I haven't had a chance to test, please let me know your findings in the comments.

What is this Script?

TL;DR: The pictures provided should give you... the picture.

The "Add Links to Reverso" script aims to make Reverso more useful. At the moment, it works for English-Spanish. It adds links to definitions in the Diccionario de la Lengua Española (DLE) of the Asociación de Academias de la Lengua Española as well as to pronunciation on Forvo and definitions or context on Linguee, WordRef, the Corpus of the Real Academia Española (RAE) and other resources.

The current version works in two modes:

  • From Spanish (link to the word in the DLE, on Forvo and other resources)
  • To Spanish (DLE links to all the suggested translations)

Comments on Versions

  • Version 2+ relies on direct DOM manipulation, which is slower, but more advisable on dynamic pages
  • Version 1 relied on document.body.innerHTML.replace

In advance, thank you for any feedback.