Twitter - clickable links to images and show uncropped thumbnails

All image posts in Twitter Home, other blog streams and single post views link to the high-res "orig" version. Thumbnail images in the stream are modified to display uncropped.

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Review: Good - script works

this works really well. thank you! is there a chance you can look at the div class r-1adg3ll r-13qz1uu which contains a "padding-bottom: 56.25%;" and let us adjust this? i would prefer 100% since the thumbs would essentially be twice as big and show more detail
I assume you ar talking about doing this in the feed view, mostly?
I tried that but it doesn't work right, unfortunately.
-> The Twitter react UI keeps track of "supposed" post heights, internally.
Modifying the height to something different than that internally stored value seriously messes up endless scrolling (in general but esp. back upwards) and navigation between feeds and individual threads/posts.

If you have a tip on how to avoid these nasty side-effects and/or how to get reliably (React IDs are not stable) at the internally stored values -> I'd be willing to give it another try...

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