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moomoo vision mod and hat script!! pluse hat cycle and chatmods this works you should try it, it looks really cool lol and click on me then scroll down check out the images.

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Author's Description vision mod and hat mod!
This is a nice vision mod a made and hat mod its two scripts lol but both mine I give credit to flarez and FΣΓΔΠΨZΣΓΛΓ cause I used some help from flarez and use some peaces from their scripts also cumhur
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if you see me playing say hi I am ?ASSASSINbot? in sandbox im ?ASSASSINs Bot? my team name would be

description of mod:
it has a really cool vision mod blocked adds advance minimap change position of the upgrade items hat micros, hat cycles, rainbow hat police mod, and more.

to use script

musketeer and marksman cap-Numpad 3, Soldier Helmet and Bull Helmet-Numpad 2, Bushido Armor and Halo - Backquote , bull helmet and Samurai Armor - comma , for bull helmet and med gear-Numpad one. works with cloudys mod :D

// CHANGER HATS ║ Free animals ─ f8 [ 220 ] | bears/monkey ─ F9 [ 120 ] | Pig / Cow / Sheep / Bull ─ F10 [ 121 ] | Free ─ f9 [ 220 ] | Animals ─ F6 [ 117 ] | police mod ─ F1 [ 122 ] | All hats ─ BracketLeft [ 220 ]
btw the key code numbers are wrong right now i will fix it so u can customize the key code if u were to edit the key code I suggest using

to update chat mod press plus or equal it would open a little tab and you will change what it says press equal/plus
again to close
**some reason the chat mod has stopped working idk y I'm so sorry