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  • v2021.08.13.0441 2021-08-13

    Started adding SleepZees and minor bug fixes. Will update again in the next couple days to add more types for SleepZees as I figure out what virtuals do and do not turn.

  • v2020.06.20.1204 2020-06-20 Better control to show available rooms in destination lists.
  • v2020.06.20.1037 2020-06-20 Made some fixes and added some new features for destination type Munzees with rooms. :D
  • v2019.05.16.1759 2019-05-16 Now also shows caps/day on deploys.
  • v2019.04.16.2259 2019-04-17 hotfix
  • v2019.04.16.2031 2019-04-17 Now indicates which Munzees are eligible for QRewZee status when they're on the map (doesn't filter based on calendar).
  • v2019.03.31.1242 2019-03-31 More specifics in more places.
  • v2019.03.26.0846 2019-03-26 Refined precision and improved results.
  • v2019.03.25.2253 2019-03-26 More specific "seconds/minutes/hours" ago for captures and deploys and improved feed output. Added a line break for easier reading.
  • v2018.11.27.2109 2018-11-28 Live action countdown timers for when myths can be nudged and when they expire!
  • v2018.11.27.2020 2018-11-28 Pages hosting a Myth will now give a countdown timer for when they can be nudged.
  • v2018.11.27.1923 2018-11-28 Added: Now expands when a myth could be nudged if it has the nudge option.
  • v2018.11.26.1639 2018-11-26 Added: More page support
  • v2018.11.26.1340 2018-11-26 Fixed: Display issues on higher resolutions
  • v2018.11.26.1057 2018-11-26 C&P fixes and set proper version and Update/Download URLs
  • v0.1 2018-11-26