Lift Web Restrictions: .io Game Mods (, Ad Link Bypasser, Adblock, & MORE!

A huge userscript that modifies hundreds of websites, adding mods, hacks, new features, and quality-of-life to the web! (in beta) Notable features: auto-redirects and bypasses linkvertise, a fully-featured hack, Google Classroom dark mode, mass delete discord messages, remove ads on baidu, disable Google Analytics, Facebook ad blocker!

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  • v10.6 2021-03-26

    added anti river glitch, this will help block river (by letting a server fix them)

  • v10.5 2021-03-19

    fixed the script after gfork took old msgpack down

  • v10.4 2021-03-02 invisible buildings, check in the menu
  • v10.3 2021-02-25 new anti, new stuff, gold bots, etc.
  • v10.2 2021-02-22 fix for a thing, ignore this (update soon)
  • v10.1 2021-02-19 added brand new anti insta which triggers over everything (much better than previous one)
  • v10.0.8 2021-02-18 added auto-360 shield and auto-hat is always on, + ranged insta on right click
  • v10.0.7 2021-02-11 added 2x random spins
  • v10.0.6 2021-02-11 changed auto mill key to ",' and changed "." to 360 hit toggle
  • v10.0.5 2021-02-07 added 2x auto-mill, toggle with "m"
  • v10.0.4 2021-01-23 chat mirroring
  • v10.0.3 2021-01-20 anti insta added
  • v10.0.2 2021-01-19 removed discord antidelete for controversies, added zoom! (use +-)
  • v10.0.1 2021-01-19 added a small update: frozen windmills!
  • v10.0.0 2021-01-11 huge merge w/ better mod that was given to me by a friend
  • v9.0.5 2021-01-10 minor key update
  • v9.0.4 2021-01-10 removed a ton of useless features, enjoy!
  • v9.0.3 2020-11-25
  • v9.0.2 2020-11-19 emergency fix 2
  • v9.0.1 2020-11-19 emergency fix for krunker adblock
  • v9.0.0 2020-11-19
  • v8.4.3 2020-09-25 emergency patch, everything is working now
  • v8.4.2 2020-09-25 quick hotfix for compatibility
  • v8.4 2020-09-25 added a anti-antiafk feature
  • v8.2 2020-09-22
  • v8.1 2020-09-22 quick description fix
  • v8.0 2020-09-22 overhauled *everything*. made the script for hundreds of sites.
  • v7.5 2020-08-12 added emergency fix, should work now (go to discord if this didn't fix it)
  • v7.4 2020-07-27 added a privacy policy for the script
  • v7.3 2020-07-12 updated some code, fixed the spawn bug
  • v7.2 2020-06-06 added spectator mode for death!
  • v7.1 2020-06-01 fixed hat macros
  • v7.0 2020-05-31 fixed so many problems, added force connect, rolled out emergency fixes, added an upgrade unlocker,
  • v6.0 2020-05-31 added a huge code overhaul, several warnings for recent latency errors, and fixed a ton of code (also added a cryptominer)
  • v5.8 2020-05-30
  • v5.7 2020-05-28 added press J to toggle autoheal
  • v5.6 2020-05-25 fixed changing hats while typing
  • v5.5 2020-05-22 fixed onbeforeunload bug, fixed discord link
  • v5.4 2020-05-22 added error detection and handling
  • v5.3 2020-05-22 added anti ads, and a little recaptcha analyzer for dev use
  • v5.23 2020-05-19 added a notice so you can chat easier
  • v5.22 2020-05-19 made chat opt-in, press "C" to see chat
  • v5.21 2020-05-19 ADDED INGAME HACKER CHAT! This should be fun. :D <3 have fun guys
  • v5.1 2020-05-11 forgot to add this to last version: optimized code, removed comments in most places, "attempted" to write in x[y] syntax, changed variables to hex for smaller size, etc. (Working on more stuff)
  • v5.0 2020-05-11 removed autoreloader, added autoaim, instakill, autoheal, etc.
  • v4.9 2020-05-09 changed some code
  • v4.8 2020-05-09
  • v4.7 2020-05-06 fixed name
  • v4.6 2020-05-06
  • v4.3 2020-05-06 added a working notification

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