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Mass Private/Unprivate doesn't work (Chrome, Greasemonkey)

I can't seem to get the Mass Private feature to work reliably, I keep getting the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'post[state]' of null at eval (userscript.html?name=Tumblr%20-%20Mass%20Post%20Editor%20Features.user.js&id=9c4f8d4c-684e-4998-8845-694b814d61a1:6896) at XMLHttpRequest.xhttp.onreadystatechange (userscript.html?name=Tumblr%20-%20Mass%20Post%20Editor%20Features.user.js&id=9c4f8d4c-684e-4998-8845-694b814d61a1:2887)



Jake JilgAuthor
Do you mean Tampermonkey for Chrome? Or also Greasemonkey Firefox?

I can't seem to find a Chrome native called called Greasemonkey, which only would be Firefox, I think.

It seems like Scriptish.

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