WMEBR Filter

Filter the PURs results on the wmebr website to only show what we can handle

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  • v2018.12.31.01 2018-12-31 2018.12.31.01 - Username change
  • v2018.09.06.01 2018-09-06 2018.09.06.01 - Adding the level on the right of the title
  • v2018.08.12.02 2018-08-12 2018.08.12.02 - Var Forgotten
  • v2018.08.12.01 2018-08-12 2018.08.12.01 - Suivi des mise à jour
  • v2018.08.04.02 2018-08-08 Update WME-Filter.user.js
  • v2018.08.04.02 2018-08-04 Adding the reset link in the upper menu than come back to the first page, Merge branch '2-reset-editor-level-in-the-menu' into 'master' Resolve "Reset editor level in the menu" Closes #2 See merge request WMEScripts/WMEBR-Filter!2
  • v2018.08.04.01 2018-08-04 Resolve "Add a link to change the editor level", Merge branch '1-add-a-link-to-change-the-editor-level' into 'master' Resolve "Add a link to change the editor level" Closes #1 See merge request WMEScripts/WMEBR-Filter!1
  • v0.1 2018-08-03 Imported from URL