Encrypt Discord Token

Encrypts your Discord token to prevent trojans from reading your localStorage files and finding your token. However, there are no guarantees that your account cannot get hacked.

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This script encrypts your Discord token so that viruses and trojans cannot simply copy your localStorage file to get your token.

Set Tampermonkey Settings > Experimental > Inject Mode to Instant to make the script work consistently.

For best results, enable 2FA and use a different encryption password than your normal Discord password. I recommend using a password you don't use anywhere else since the password is visible when you type it. (This is a limitation with prompt being the only way to synchronously request an input and it having no option to obscure the input.)

IMPORTANT: Do not install anything claimed to be made by me unless the PGP signature is valid. My PGP signature is at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Mega-Mewthree/PGP-Public-Key/master/Lucario.asc.

Disclaimer: I make no guarantees whatsoever that your accounts will not get hacked.

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