Gamdom Rain Notifications

Gamdom Rain Notifications.

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  • v2.5.7 2018-11-24 cwos
  • v2.5.6 2018-07-11
  • v2.5.5 2018-05-21 t4
  • v2.5.4 2018-05-21 t3
  • v2.5.3 2018-05-21 RAM
  • v2.5.2 2018-03-05 RM
  • v2.5.1 2018-03-01 Added new script "spam" lul.
  • v2.5 2018-02-26 Removed control panel because gamdom is so funny that detected it and to avoid bans I had to remove it. Thanks Gamdom :^)
  • v2.4.1 2018-01-31 *Removed snowflakes_lib*, *changed version integer*
  • v2.4 2018-01-30 Deleted Xmas things.
  • v2.3 2017-12-10 Fixed weird bug with 3 control panel texts. SHOULD be working fine now.
  • v2.2 2017-12-09 Testing "update check" new feature.
  • v2.1_XMAS 2017-12-05 Added snowflakes, as a Xmas and 1000 downloads 'gift'.
  • v2.1 2017-12-02 Added random ID values for every item created inside the gamdom <html>. All values saved on an array.
  • v2.0 2017-12-01 BIG UPDATE: Added a UI control panel of the script, added TIPPED coins to the rain variable, changed notifications a little bit, changed the function that detects Gamdom rains so it detects thm better and a little bit faster, added a way top change the number of seconds that the notification persists AND the times you hear coin sound when you receive notification. MINOR UPDATE: Removed storms function after discovering they were removed around 2-3 months ago xD
  • v1.2 2017-11-25 Changed rain notification sound. Started to work on a rain tip detector.
  • v1.1.5 2017-11-10 Just changed the name.
  • v1.1.01 2017-11-10 Changed a very little thing.
  • v1.0.1 2017-11-10 Changed license & @match
  • v1.0 2017-11-09