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Posted: 2018-01-20
Issue since 18/01

On January 18 in the evening, gamdom was in maintenance, following this maintenance the script works partially.
It only works if the browser is open on the gamdom tab and browser is in the foreground.
If you leave gamdom open on the first tab and you do something else on another tab, you will not be notified of the rain (no sound, no slide notification), even if you leave the browser reduced to taskbar.
I have this problem via windows 10 or Ubuntu with Chrome and Tampermonkey (Gamdom set in english).
My friends have the same problems, some of them are on Firefox with Tampermonkey.

Thank you for deleting my previous topic by the way ^^

This problem affects "Gamdom Rain Notifications" well by "AllInRed", there is also the problem in all cases with "Gamdom Notify", this is why I also left another comment on another script.
Posted: 2018-01-21

So I discovered the actual issue...

Gamdom made the chat disappear after some time being outside it...

IDK why it was working for me(probably cache).

Will try to find the exact script where makes the chat disappear...

I could also buy a VPS(Virtual Private Server) running a gamdom tab 24/7 and sending the rains to script and make the rains notify(even if you don't have gamdom open)...The only problem with the VPS is that a VPS costs money and I would need to put ADS(a google ads on a sithe where it doesn not bother)...

So for the moment I'll try to find what script makes the chat disappear and if I find it I'll make my script delete it/change it to the same script but hosted with some changes in another website.
Posted: 2018-01-21
But for the moment, you can create a fully new window that has ONLY gamdom open on it, don't reduce to taskbar and leave other programs running OVER it until I find a way to make it work like before again.

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