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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-04-24
Feature request: add the episode name after the episode number to the filename.

This is an excellent script.
And it would help a lot and make it even better if we could get the episode name added to the filename after the episode number.
Posted: 2021-04-26

It's as easy as adding title += '.' + epInfo.title; between line 163 and 164 but I would have to add some settings like I did for Netflix script. If you want it for the same reason you wanted it in Netflix script - just read my reply to that other thread.

Posted: 2021-04-27
Edited: 2021-04-27

Yes, I am asking for the same reason.
I am pretty sure I am not the only one really happy if you would add the episode name.

I believe it is possible to create a dictionary for each program separately, but it would be a lot of work.
Using the regex you showed in the other discussion it is relatively easy to rename subtitles for any program, as both subtitle and program namings always follow same pattern. And thus same script is usually effective.

BR. ToKu
Posted: 2021-04-28
Hi again.

I modified the script per your instruction above, and I can see the episode name now. Great.

The only issue I have left is that the episode names in the subtitle files are in english and not on my language...

I tried changing language settings, but it did not help.
The episode names in Amazon are in my language, but in the downloaded zip files, they are in english.

All help would really be appreciated :)

BR. ToKu

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