Qualtrics MK2 DEV SNAPSHOT 10-19-17 646pm


Salem Beats
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This is partially-complete abandonware. Helps with some of the more bubble-hell surveys.

The TL;DR of why I abandoned it is basically that I just don't like surveys, and I'm not using a laptop all the time anymore, so it isn't that painful to point the cursor at things anymore on the rare occasion I find a survey I don't mind doing. Plus, my community was encouraging me to put other projects at higher priority.

BIG HUGE WARNING: in its current version, this script overrides standard keyboard behavior in Qualtrics surveys, including Ctrl+C that you might normally use to copy! I had plans for automatic survey code extraction that I hadn't gotten around to at the point that this project was abandoned. Make sure that you right-click and "copy" your completion codes rather than relying on keyboard combinations when you're running this script.

SECOND BIG HUGE WARNING: Since the vision for the completed project was pretty grand, I overrode default UI behavior in order to pave the way for some serious functionality. So for maybe 5% of the surveys out there that use really weird UI elements that I haven't encountered and can't test for, this script may break your survey experience. YMMV. Use at your own risk.