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Focus on immersive experience, 1. Block ads, directly access popular pictures 2. Use user to enter the way to search 3. Search pid and uid 4. Display original image and size, picture rename, download original image | gif map | Zip|multiple map zip 5. display artist id, artist background image 6. auto load comment 7. dynamic markup work type 8. remove redirection 9. single page sort 10. control panel select desired function github: https:/ /github.com/Ahaochan/Tampermonkey, welcome to star and fo

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Posted: 2021-04-18
Edited: 2021-04-18
最近使用时经常出现图中这种顶部的版式错误,顶部的几个搜索icon都被放大到一整页的大小,排查实验了好几次,应该是脚本的问题,Edge 90.0.8版本,脚本是最新的。在首页偶尔出现,在“已关注用户动态”页面一定出现。
Posted: 2021-04-29


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